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Djwal Kul      December 18, 2004

Ascended Master Djwal Kul
David Christopher Lewis
December 18, 2004 9:10 am
Livingston, Montana
            Hail, chelas of the sacred fire! I am Dwal Kuhl, and I come this day to impart to you the presence of the ascended masters in your midst. We are come to discourse to you on the next step in your path of adeptship. For I have given to you keys, in the past, to those specific areas in your life in which you can master the energies of self and thereby come into a higher consciousness and a higher awareness of your God Presence. When you have the full mastery of divine love burning within your heart, all will know and feel the fire; for you have truly been a witness unto the glory of the divine Presence and therefore you can assist other lifestreams in raising that flame and fire to accomplish all that God desires for your own lifestream as well as those of your family and community.
            I come this day to impart the sacred fire as a fervent fire, burning through the elements of self that have, for far too long, been a stumbling block to your own lifestream. I come as one of the three wise men to offer you this gift this day during this Christmas cycle of the fullness of the glory of the divine manchild. I come to impart to you my gift of frankincense along with Morya and Kuthumi and their gifts of myrrh and gold, as a witness to that divine presence within the Christ child that is truly the Light of God that never fails and the light which lighteth every man that cometh into the world.
            When you take up your path of adeptship, nothing will stop the presence of God descending into your form to accomplish its perfect work. Nothing will stop the availability of the Light within your heart and charkas that can transform a world. If you believe that we exist and that we are here and that we are ready to empower you with the presence of love, the presence of divine wisdom, and the presence of that godly power that is not impervious to the will of God but transcends all human power and the divine energy of the splendor of the heavens, then you will know that balance, that equipoise, that comes unto all who are ready - yes, who are ready - for the next step on the path of initiation.
            I come a messenger of the Great White Brotherhood, for with K.H. and Morya we did begin that Theosophical movement in the 1870's as the witness that it was time for the truth to be revealed unto all mankind. And after nearly a century and a quarter, we again come to present before you a new dispensation. For in each age we require those whose hearts are pure to release to you the sacred fire in greater measure. And as messengers come and messengers transcend their bodily forms, we require those in embodiment who have prepared themselves through Purity's flame to present to you our new words, our new intimations, and the qualities that we desire to bring forth that will bring to you those gifts and graces that will allow you to continue your path onward, upward into the Light.
            I come in this Christmas season to announce to you my chelas and those who truly will feel this fervor and fire that this dispensation is real; that it is dynamic; that it is in the lineage of the two witnesses. For we have called this one and another and another, and he did answer and she did answer; and thus we can translate to you the flame of the Holy Spirit through this heart, through these hearts. It is time, beloved, for you to take your place within the hierarchy of the Great White Brotherhood, if you so choose. Will you step up and take your place on the path of adeptship this day?
            Yes, we have spoken to the leadership of this church and yet some have hardened their hearts. Some have taken what we have offered and strewn it as if it was not truly from us. We do not despair. We are not despondent; but we must move on. The Mother of the Flame is still in your midst, but not for very long. For Lanello does desire to draw her home, for she is weary of this plane and could have long ago transcended and made her ascension in the Light. What is keeping her here, beloved, but those of you who tug upon her apron strings, desiring her Light, her love? And yet you must be the ones to take up the mantle as Elisha did take up the mantle of Elija, and he did smite the waters and parted them, just as Moses did, and he saw Elija rise in the higher atmosphere. He saw the chariot of fire, and the mantle of fire descended, and he was empowered to go forth to do the will of the Father. So I would impart to you the mantle of the Mother of the Flame, and of Lanello if you would have it. I would impart to you their fire, their fervor, for the Brotherhood of Light; that you would go forth to do all that you know you are required to do to earn your stripes and to make your ascension at the close of this embodiment
            Beloved, how are we going to fulfill the mission if it is not through you and you and you? How are we going to fulfill all that the Brotherhood desires if it is not through hearts like yours who know of us, who depend on us, who call to us and who are ready to receive the next initiation? There are those in your midst who have passed their tests and have earned the right to speak to you forthrightly. And there are those in your midst who would limit you, who would draw a box around the very essence of the Teachings in such a way that they say to you: "Only we can speak. Only we can impart. Only we know the fullness of this Teaching; because we have studied and we have our mantles." And so I say to you, you all have mantles. You have all been called. You all know the truth; and the leadership of this church must recognize that each one is a son and a daughter of God and each one can and should take up the calling and the mantle this hour. For we must have thousands of world teachers; thousands of those who can present the Teachings to the little children and to the grownups; those who have only a basic understanding of the Path and those who are ready for the deepest and highest teaching of adeptship.
            Beloved, we love you with a love that will not die; for we are the adepts from the East who come to give to you our love, our light, our transcendence. Breathe deeply now and feel the fullness of the fire permeating your charkas, your centers. Feel the Light descending from your crystal cord; from your Mighty I AM Presence through your crystal cord into all your centers. And see the whirling action of the sacred fire dissolving those elements of self which need to go now.
            Ee-lo-him (sung). Na-sa-pa-po-rah-na-me, Ee-cu-lah-mo-na-so-fa-a-ah, Ma-ah-re-me. Ee-lo-him, come.
            I am Dwal Kul. I stand on Mount Kailas with Himalaya this hour. I extend my arms, and I send shafts of Light into the very ground, into the very center of the earth for the salvation of the righteous. Sanat Kumara comes now with legions of Light. And they do come forth north, south, east and west, in a mighty whirling action of that wheel as the correct matrix of what has been perverted in the swastika. And the legions of Light march, and they circle the earth in this hour for the contacting of those who are ready for this new dispensation. I, Dwal Kul, come and I impart to you my love. May you receive it in harmony.May you receive it in the fullness of the spirit in which we come. Beloved, learn to love to do well and you shall. For we are with you always, the Brothers of the Himalayas.

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