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Maitreya      December 16, 2004

Lord Maitreya
David Christopher Lewis
December 16, 2004 6:34 - 6:59 am
Livingston, Montana

Beloved David my son,
            I am grateful that you have fulfilled the matrix that Lanello and we set forth for you to accomplish, for you have indeed anchored within the earth a mighty light with the aid of others who have assisted you.
            This assignment was necessary to be completed during the cycle of Sagittarius (over which cosmic sign, as you know, I preside) in order to anchor the light of God-Victory for the setting of the sail for this new dispensation. For you see, many of us have come to the aid of Morya and Lanello, who so desire to save the Summit Lighthouse activity; and though in many areas it is still making great strides, yet the full mission has been compromised due to the intrusion within the ranks of certain rebellious souls who have inveigled themselves into the very structure and walls of the Summit fortress, thus diminishing our ability and desire to fully anchor our presence within; for that light would flow into matrices which would later have to be broken in order to allow the fullness of our plan to come forth.
            This new dispensation is just that-an opportunity for all chelas to begin anew in their sacred quest to come up higher. And although some, like you and those we chose to assist you, have never left the path, there are many that we would woo back to their first love-God-in the very presence of us ascended masters who do love them and have, in the past, sponsored them.
            Beloved Mother Mary comes now to bless you, her son, and to bestow upon you a certain golden-teal cape which you may wear from this day forward. It is a tangible cape and a replica of the very one that Juan Diego did have when the miracle occurred in Guadalupe. You should travel during this coming year to her shrine in Mexico to anchor light there and to gather with our chelas, Mother Mary's chelas, to sing praises and to release light on their behalf. We will tell you and show you our plan as the days progress, but you may choose to honor her on some sacred feast day; for she will deliver a powerful message then through you for the entire Latino community worldwide.
            I come this day to bless and seal you, Marsha, your family, your twin flame and Judith, our daughter, who have been so very instrumental in providing you and us with the spiritual and moral support to accomplish this task! This tome is a statement of truth to those serpents and those who have fallen from our grace within the Summit that their time is short, their days are numbered, and our plans are moving forward in spite of the delays that have occurred due to their pandering to the fleshpots of their human nonsense!
            You would do well to heed Archangel Michael and to ramp up your calls to him, for they will attack you and your family. Be careful, be watchful and give powerful fiats both at home and while you drive and in all places to avert a backlash most dangerous and most deadly. I send legions of the God Star to your aid to strip from those who would attack you the very sting from their stingers, such that, though you may feel a temporary "thud" as if someone were hitting you physically, there will not be the actual concomitant effect of that attack upon your physical body.
            It was necessary to receive Michael's message yesterday, for the forces of darkness were angry and desired to run you off the road on your way home; but he intervened on your behalf. Again, be careful and put on the whole armor of God daily.
            We love you and we seal you in the light of Victory this morning. May you have a most joyous day of service as the light continues to shine brighter upon your countenance each day.
            Vondir! I Am Maitreya, the Great Initiator, your Friend and your Father.

Notes: The outpouring of love I felt from Maitreya when receiving this message is truly miraculous. I could actually feel the cape he mentioned being placed over me as he spoke of it. And shortly after receiving his beautiful blessing I went outside to witness an incredible sunrise with billowing pink clouds surrounding me on all sides. You'd think it was a Monday, for the energy of divine love was truly all around!

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