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Lanello      December 14, 2004

Dear Friends,

              The following message was dictated by beloved Lanello to me on December 14, 2004. When I asked him what I should do about the missing message #28 he stated that this message should be used as a placeholder until the day that I find the original message. Thank you for your understanding and acceptance of the frailty of the human element of my person in receiving the words of the master and in being obedient to his directives. I beg the Master's and your forgiveness for not safeguarding the original message carefully so that it could be included in the original 33 releases.

              Very truly yours,

              David Christopher Lewis, messenger-in-training

Beloved Lanello
David Christopher Lewis
December 14, 2004 4:00-5:03 am
Livingston, Montana

              Into your hearts I come. I Am Lanello, your ever-present guru. And I am here to deliver to you a portion of my Selfhood in God.

              God is grateful to you when you are grateful for all that you have. When you are gracious, light beams issue forth from you in the ray of God-Gratitude and you bless all. Gratitude is an unguent and a calming light because it mirrors acceptance of the divine gifts and graces that God bestows. When you accept joy, when you accept wisdom, when you accept love into your keeping, you are then able to give from the sacred fount of your expanded three-fold flame, for you have fanned that flame through the humble acceptance of God's offering to you.

              God is always offering Himself to us, beloved. The predicament of life and of living in your plane is that you do not always realize this and continually seek to be receptive, with an open heart, to God's offering. You see, light is continually flowing to you from your Presence, but most do not receive it as the greatest gift of each moment, and so the cosmic flow recedes and then you have sin, disease and death.

              If you will look up and allow the light to flow, all your problems and concerns will be as naught, for then you will have all you need at any hour to fulfill your mission, your daily work and your sacred calling to serve all who come your way seeking from that same fount of effervescent joy!

              Dear ones, if you would truly be our hands and feet, learn to let go of some of your preconceived notions about the path that have caused a breaking down of your ability to receive light, to receive our intimations and to then progress upward into the light continuously. Some of you have become hardened in your hearts to the extent that you cannot even feel or see or hear us when we are near you, begging for you to simply be silent, listen and communicate with us. Yes, we ever seek to communicate with you, but then we cannot get through if you are caught in the dilemmas of life, for communication is a two-way street and there must be not only a sender but a receiver.

              More than anything, Elizabeth and I learned as messengers to be humble receivers of the masters' words. Our training was in learning to still the mind and to listen and then to be able to convey what we received without hesitation, without interference and without judging or seeking to alter the message. In this mode, we ever sought to maintain that state of holiness and listening grace that allowed the masters' entr�e to our world and to our auras at any hour or moment, for they do see clearly from their octave and vantage point-ever more clearly than we did in our embodied state.

              It is time that we have many messengers for us, for our words, our assignments and ongoing work. This does not mean that we will have dozens of psychic channels who pretend to speak for us, but it does mean that we will have thousands of devoted chelas who are receptive to our daily promptings because they have prepared the vessel of self through constancy, holiness and that gratitude that allows the flowing of God's light to occur without abatement, without the clogging of the pores of consciousness through doubt and fear and all the poisons that cloud the mind, the heart and the eyes of the soul and of your solar awareness.

              Yes, we need messengers for us, Lanello and Mother, for this 2000-year period is our dispensation to be the Two Witnesses for the Seventh Angel-your Knight Commander and his twin flame, Portia-but this does not mean that you cannot be messengers, evangels and communicators of our word to the world!

              I have already admonished you to study my dictations from beginning to end, for you will find that golden thread that is woven throughout my discourses that ties them all together as a sacred gift from my magnanimous heart. You will discover certain secrets and consistencies behind the worded release that will filter into your consciousness, giving you those graces of the Holy Spirit that I was able to receive because I prayed to the Comforter daily to be able to comfort all of my friends throughout the earth.

              Beloved, I consider you a friend if you would have me as your friend. I consider you a brother or a sister if you would have me as a brother. I consider you as a fellow saint if you would have me as your own Saint Lanello, that jolly fellow who did bellow for God at times, but who was nearly always mellow for I anchored the yellow ray of wisdom for my own!

              I stand now to bless you. For I have been sitting in my great, comfortable armchair this night discoursing with you. It is time for you to receive from my bag of gifts. For I come as your own Santa to pull out of my bag one gift for you, each one. It is a gift from the Holy Spirit, beloved. I have pleaded with the Maha Chohan to be able to extend to my own one of the sacred gifts that he is able to dispense. Each gift is personal. Each gift will contain a certain percentage of one or more of the nine or the twelve gifts from the Lord of the Seven Chohans. And the amount of light contained in this gift is dependent upon your own acceptance and of your ability to both retain the essence of this gift while also exhibiting the ability to give it without dissimulation to all those in need with whom you come in contact.

              Some of your gifts fill only the palms of your hands. And some fill the entire expanse of our aura, for you have proven yourself as a worthy vessel through the continual giving of yourself to others in the mastery of the path of the ruby cross.

              Do not be concerned about your gift in relation to others, but be accepting of it in the spirit of love that we share with you in this hour, and realize that you may expand this gift by your own desire to work to give more of yourself each day to God.

              I Am Lanello. Feel now my radiation. For you will not miss it if you will simply relax and receive me now. (Pause to receive Lanello's release of light.)
                    "Oh sweet child Jesus. I have come this night to bestow my
                    gift to your own. I kneel now before you, dear one, to worship
                    anew the light of the Christ that you bore to the earth. I receive
                    you, dear Jesus, as my Lord and the savior of my soul. I accept
                    your love anew and I now truly know what child is this that has
                    come to grace the earth. I sing to you, beloved Jesus, the sweet
                    melody of my keynote as my lullaby to you, dear Lord. For I do
                    love you so and would have these, my witnesses and my
                    messengers to be, know that I, Lanello, do continue to serve you
                    all the days of my life as your own son, John Mark, now Lanello.

                    I ask you, dear Lord, for forgiveness for all. I ask you for your
                    blessing upon these, your own. For in this holy season we do
                    come to renew ourselves in your presence. We are grateful for
                    your offering and for your supreme sacrifice. And we pledge
                    anew that we will walk all the way with you unto eternal life."

              My friends, I seal you in the love of the sweet heart of Jesus. May we sing to him now this sacred melody, as we meditate at the cr�che of light this hour. (Sing song "Sweetheart of Jesus." Then sing Lanello's keynote, "Greensleeves" or "What Child is This?")

Note: During Lanello's prayer to Jesus I could barely contain the light that was pouring through me and tears of joy began streaming down my face. I could feel the most intense love of Lanello for Jesus that was as profound a love that I have ever felt in my entire life. I Am grateful to Lanello for his words of love shared with me early this morning. I was somewhat consternated to have fallen asleep on my couch very early last night before doing my normal evening Astreas, so I found myself awakened shortly after 3 am and did my prayers then. I guess it was all planned, as the stillness of the pre-dawn hours was needed to receive this most precious message from our beloved guru.

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