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Helios      December 08, 2004

Helios and Vesta
David Christopher Lewis
December 8, 2004 8:30-9:00 am
Livingston, Montana

            ELOHIM! ELOHIM! ELOHIM! [chanted slowly in a deep voice]
            We are Helios and Vesta. Our presence is now superimposed over the earth. We bring to earth a new ray of hope. This ray contains within it the seeds of immortality. And our rays descend daily for the sustaining of life—all life—on earth, as well as on other planets in this system. For you were born of us and shall continue as our children so long as you maintain that tie through the acceptance of our rays.
            We come to give earth a spin. Yet this spinning is not so increased that it will cause major cataclysm, but it is for the acceleration of some among you who are ready to throw off the garments of mortality that you have worn for tens of thousands of years and in some cases thousands of lifetimes.
            We drape you in living fires of love from Vesta's heart. For simultaneously with the release of the currents of illumination's flame from my heart, Vesta does initiate you in the fires of God's love, for she does serve on the pink ray. And so, you do witness the fires of creation as the golden-pink glow ray from us each morning and evening when we are visible to your outer sight. And yet, this effulgence flows continuously to earth and to you every hour and every day and night, sustaining life, sustaining love, sustaining God's energy as conscious awareness for you.
            We speak of the deep things of God, yet those simple ideations that result from the first ray of God's being. And so, the intensity of our ray is felt by you within the deep recesses of your soul and not necessarily by your outer awareness. For the change that we deliver is at a core level that will change you from within, out. For permanent change is never wrought from without, in. Yes, we offer who we are to you and to all beings of earth this day. We offer a ray of hope, a ray of change, a ray of everlasting joy. For when you dwell within the sunshine of our love, there is always joy, a smile of peace and that upliftment of your spirit and your countenance such that you can continue to beam our rays outward to all in your sphere of influence.
            We seek those who will be our suns in the earth. Yes, we must have focal points of the light of Helios and Vesta at many points in the earth to sustain life as you know it, but to also sustain higher consciousness as we know it, and we would have you know it. Suns ye must be where you are, balls of fire, spheres of living love, infired by us to sustain the few and then the many around you who need you to illumine them until they can become the self-illumined ones-sustained by the sun of their own being.
            When you are a sun-center of love, you sustain life. And the world changes around you. And the very elements and particles of un-life, of non-life, of un-reality begin to cycle into your heart center for repolarization. And when you remain centered within the sun of your reality, our reality, the repolarization is not painful but glorious to behold. For you simply allow those points to be dissolved within the sun of your heart with no major reaction, no upheaval of your spirit, your equanimity, your solace in the Sol of Us as your mentors and as the very core of your life.
            We are Helios and Vesta. We have been worshipped in the past, both by the learned and the ignorant. We would have you see us as we truly are, simply suns of God in our own right who have witnessed to the light of the Father/Mother God in the center of all life. We are not special. We are not beings to be worshipped, but we simply are here to sustain life where you are, where we are. And in this sustaining process of life, we have become God's witness to this system of the love and the light of His grace.
            We have come. You have been blessed. Earth has been blessed. Blessing is always available to you when you call to us. For this is our joy. This is our reason for being. We bless you and we keep you in our embrace, in our ray of hope forever.
Eloi            Eloi            Sat            Ram            Mundi            Et            Sol            Eloi            Eloi
[Helios chants slowly in a deep voice.]

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