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Jophiel      December 06, 2004

Jophiel & Christine
David Christopher Lewis
December 6, 2004 10:48-11:41 pm
Livingston, Montana

            Illumination's angels come forth! Angels of wisdom's fire come forth! Angels of the Buddhic light descend! We are Jophiel and Christine and we come to implement a strategy to bring about the infiring of the minds of the youth through a special action of the mind of the Buddha within their chelas worldwide.
            Wisdom's flame is a bright yellow-white light that expands the mind and the knowledge of higher truth. When you open your mind to new concepts of God, you allow God to conceptualize and ideate through your mind, because you have allowed God's mind to be in you. All avatars have tapped into the universal mind of God, for having raised the light to the crown, they were fully illumined. Thus, they could receive the most delicate intimations of God's heart as well as grasp the loftiest concepts of the creation of worlds because their brains were receptors of the highest purposes of God and their minds were not clouded by worldly intent.
            When you meditate upon the higher thoughtforms, images and icons of holiness, you draw forth those spiritual forces which utilize divine symbology, sacred sounds and radiant energy to illumine all within your sphere of influence. Thus, the light is kept on, so to speak, within every avenue of your consciousness-both your higher mind and your brain functions-so you are more sensitive to light in all its gradations. Thus you begin to know when you are receiving inspiration from ascended beings, from the angelic realm, from your own higher self or from the higher selves of others. Sensitization is the key, just as it is in the photographic process, and so your mind can be a receiving station for many frequencies.
            Thus, you learn to tune into the specific frequency of a particular master by praying to that one, studying his or her dictations and lives and calling for the electronic presence. This presence is the key, for when you make the call and feel that particular presence, you become familiar with the specific vibration, mind, feeling and even the scent of that master. And once you have the gift of vision, you will also begin to see that one, often first as a sphere or ovoid of fire and then eventually taking the form and countenance of that one.
            I am giving you this teaching and training so that you can not only familiarize yourself with the hierarchy, but so that your deep friendship and communion will build a two-way trust that will allow the chelaship that we need with greater numbers of you in order to carry our plans forward in a more dynamic and integrative way.
            I must also admonish and warn you to be careful and to always invoke protection, your tube of light and the discernment of spirits so that you are protected from the projections of the false hierarchy, who will come to attempt to fool you and lead you astray into astral byways and psychic involvements! Call to me and to the Maha Chohan for that discernment, for we will provide it when asked!
            Beloved hearts, it is imperative that you begin your chelaship in a more concerted effort, for we have literally waited thousands of years for some of you to come around and to be illumined to the point where you are now-hoping with Gabriel and Hope that you would finally make the choice to go all the way and scale the last steps that will lead to your ultimate reunion with God! Why it is within your reach if you will simply let go of some of those final constraints that you have placed upon your soul. And the way to do this is through the overcoming of those little ignorances which do dull your mind and your responsiveness to us and our calling and our specific requests of you.
            Dear ones, wisdom's fires are joyful! They are full of divine excitement, for aren't you truly thrilled when you learn something new about the spiritual universe in which you abide? And aren't you even more thrilled to share this divine knowledge with those just below you on the rungs of hierarchy or to the novice or to your children who are often above you in spiritual attainment)? For your joy is rekindled anew when the fire is transferred heart to heart and Christ mind to Christ mind, and you are spiritually renewed and even physically rejuvenated during each transmission!
            Yes, become transmitters of the mind of the Buddha! Become those who light up a world because your minds have become enlightened! Become teachers and mentors and aides to those who would do better if they knew better, for they will only progress if you first progress and then decide to leave footprints in the sands of time, to leave your mark of excellence-always the sign of the striving one, reaching ever higher toward true adeptship!
            Beloved, you can do it if you are wise, if you try, if you pick yourself up and brush off the dust if you fall, and if you rely on us to lead you. We will lead you if you believe that we are there when you call to us and invoke us into action.
            It is rare that my legions are invoked into action these days in the west. We are comfortable among those Tibetan monks whose crowns are dripping with the golden fires of the Buddhic light, but we seek you who have the ability to retain that mother light of the raised kundalini in your crown, even amidst your daily work and interactions, for this is the practical mastery that Confucius and Lanto and Lao Tse have sought among the Western chelas. And we will use you for a mighty purpose-namely, the very awakening of an entire culture and a generation of youth!
            Ah, how the youth have been fooled into believing the lie of those fallen angels of my bands in the media, in higher education and in all levels of society! But they will soon be fooled no more, for the truth is out and about, the young mystics are marching, and you are making inroads through your work on the internet. Create those cosmic links! Expand your base and geometrize your efforts by utilizing the newest technologies at your disposal, including voice recognition, your own search option on your website and most importantly the image and voice of both of your messengers on streaming video projected 24/7 through every possible outlet! What are you waiting for? Just do it, even if it is not sponsored by or condoned by those who would control the very Silent Watchers if they could!
            Dear ones, we have given you much to chew on and digest. May you take it and do something practical today. Be decisive. Be receptive. Be in a state of listening grace and attunement, for then you shall continue to hear our inspirations, our words of encouragement and to feel the fire that we kindle within you, tingling that crown chakra and giving you ideas which you think are original but which truly have already been thought of by God Himself!
            We are grateful for the wisdom of your hearts, for when you lead by this inner wisdom born of the love of a Mother's heart, you shall not fail! We are always victorious, for we believe and trust in God's illumination pouring through us. May you do the same, beloved.
            We are Jophiel and Christine. Sing our song now and also sing to the beloved Lanto, for we would inspire you anew to be the Buddha where you are. Yes, go be the Buddha. He is waiting, that Golden One, to greet you with a smile of peace and welcome you to Shambhala again.

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