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Zadkiel      December 04, 2004

Archangel Zadkiel
David Christopher Lewis
December 04, 2004 8:05-8:30 am
Livingston, Montana
            I Am Zadkiel and I come to send the seventh ray action of the violet flame into the very core of the planet this day! For when that action of the seventh ray does penetrate the earth, earth WILL be changed! And you will be changed in the process as you accept into your being this gift of the Holy Spirit that does cause a chemicalization of the very substance of unreality within you which has contributed to the malaise that depresses the very earth in this hour.
            My angels come to inquire of thee if you are ready for the most wonderful ride of your life? Yes, we take you by the hand this day and lead you into the sunrise of eternal promise that God has bestowed to each son, each daughter of His heart. And within that sunrise is contained the elements of the golden-pink glow ray and the violet flame that allow each new day to be better than the previous one, charged with that light that impels you higher, for it is the very love of God as light-energy, as a quotient of sacred fire that is given to you at the same time that you are given a portion of that substance untransmuted that you can choose to let go of. Yes, let go, beloved. For you have held concepts of yourself and of others that it is time to let go of—namely, that you were born of the earth instead of in the very heart of God in the heaven of his love.
            When you let go and let God act within you, you are free. And freedom is our byword and should be yours because it is, don't you know, the core of the seventh ray and the very reason why we choose to do the will of God clothed with that love ray that translates into violet and mercy and forgiveness that embody the essence of the Holy Spirit's mystical path of alchemy for you. Yes, you can be alchemists, but you must know the symbols and the elements of divine intervention. You must know the processes whereby transubstantiation does occur, first, within the self, and then within the laboratory of the world where you can influence thousands and millions through your love of God and your knowledge of the sacred fire.
            I, Zadkiel have witnessed Beloved Omri-Tas' call for the Order of Zadkiel for those who pledge to give ninety minutes of violet flame calls daily. I am grateful that this fiery one has come to increase our ranks! For when millions are invoking this flame daily, earth will surely be able to bear the great light that we would see shining within the very core to the periphery of the outer reaches of its aura and even blazing that light in space as a witness that love can win and earth can become a star of Freedom for the entire solar system. For you who would join this order, simply write a letter to me for acceptance and begin your decrees in earnest. Look for and record those alchemical changes that will occur in your life, for I can tell you that if you truly do stay constant in this work, you will work wonders within your own life and the lives of many, not the least of which is your own community.
            The Family of Man must know of the violet flame, beloved hearts. For freedom is the birthright of every soul. And freedom only comes when those who know the freedom from the lesser self demonstrate that mastery to others and share the blessings that they have received with the many. You know those who have our interests in mind by the clarity of their speech, the unwavering nature of their work, their positive mien and, most of all, their joy of spirit. For, though their work is serious, they do not require of others that serious disposition that can create a hardness of heart which then causes the stifling of the violet flame in its action to buoy up souls into the light of the sun.
            You are blessed to have the knowledge of this flame. But it is only in its use and constant invocation that you will utilize those blessings to the fullest. Those who will set aside that time, that sacred time when nothing comes between you and your God and the invocation of the word, will know not only the knowledge of what we will offer, but will truly become wise in the highest use of this flame, which, by the way, we are still learning new uses for and always transcending ourselves in finding beautiful ways to pour it unto the people for the highest purpose for each one.
            I call you higher. Can you aspire to master this ray, even if you normally serve on another? For your mastery of it will accentuate your masters on your natal ray and allow a greater acceleration of your divine plan and your full adeptship on that ray. Try me. Try Saint Germain. Try Omri-Tas. Call to us. Use us as resources in any and all ways that you can. For we are here and we shall not leave this planet unless and until our work is done, beloved!!
            I seal you in the alchemical fires of Victory. I AM Zadkiel. Stand now and claim my mantle, for I would drape that royal robe of victory upon you this day. Wear it in honor and in humility for we are with you all the way, beloved.

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