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Gabriel      December 03, 2004

Archangel Gabriel
David Christopher Lewis
December 3, 2004 11:43 pm - 12:24 am
Livingston, Montana
            I, Gabriel, stand in the earth in Livingston, Montana this night as a witness unto the ascension flame that does burn upon the altar of St. Mark's Church; for we have, this night, kindled a release of these currents for a mighty purpose. And that purpose is to draw souls to this city for an acceleration of their hearts and lives toward their ascension in the light.
            You have heard the prophecy that Livingston would become the breadbasket to the world. This prophecy will begin to become fulfilled in a greater spiral from this day forward because some do keep the altar of our God here and the light is forthcoming 24 hours a day through the action of the playing of decrees and songs at those times when you may not be physically present to decree with us.
            Yes, a greater spiral has begun and this ascension coil shall be felt throughout the earth in polarity with the fires kept in Luxor. And I do announce that those Resurrection fires that were kept at the Retreat of the Resurrection Spiral in Colorado Springs are now also anchored here; for many of those who kept that flame there have ascended and do choose this day to lend their own momentum of ascension's flame to the spiral that I have begun, including beloved Ruth Farnam, Evelyn Dykman, Helen Ries, Ella Amber and others who did keep the flame in one or both of these cities.
            Your Lanello has walked every foot of this focus in Livingston, for you have empowered him to do so through your calls, prayers and attention upon him. And he now stands as your messenger ascended to convey to all Keepers of the Flame the need to come together, to blend their voices and to serve the Brotherhood in a new and important way through an ongoing spiral of community that will be built here.
            The very earth upon which this church was built is an ancient focus for spiritual fire to be released to this entire environs, and so it was the first Christian church built in this town. This forcefield has indeed opened a portal to our octave that allows us to easily descend into your midst; and thus some have felt our tangible presence and even seen us walk the aisles, blessing your communicants and spiritual devotees and witnessing the grand light that you have invoked, especially during the services broadcast over the airwaves through your internet broadcasts on Saturday night!
            We would see many more live services being broadcast from this altar, and eventually you may even witness this messenger delivering the very words from our lips to you, when all opposition to its free release is cleared away by your calls.
            Dear hearts, angels of my bands do now draw close around you as you read or hear these words, for we would have you feel the very currents of ascension's fires as we raise you a little higher this night so that you can shed certain snakeskins of former identities and begin to know more of your true God-identity! Identification with your true self is the key to your victory, for once you can identify who you really are, God's light flows through that focal point of your attention to energize and maintain it over you, truly as a mantle of beauty that you have earned through love of God in all things.
            The ascension should no longer be a chimera to you, but a very real and living possibility and eventually the very goal you seek for with each dawning day, each opportunity to serve, to pray and to study all that leads directly to that goal: namely the mystical teachings of all religions.
            I announce to you the immanence of the ascension for at least 12 souls who reside in or near this town. As this circle of 12 is maintained, as one is taken and another comes forward to fill the void, you shall truly keep that round table for us that will provide the wherewithal for us to continue to support this ascension flame that I ignite this day. Thus, seek to secure the pledges of 12 to keep an ongoing vigil-not around the clock, but using those cosmic clock teachings to hold the light for at least one line of that clock in your daily prayers and service in this town or local environs.
            I, Gabriel, have set my seal upon this altar this night. Because some have kept the flame, we also choose to keep these souls in our embrace, for they have earned the comfort of our love through devotion, constancy and their attention upon the light.
            I seal you in perfection's light. Nothing can take it from you as along as you remain pure and true to your calling and sacred mission. Kneel now and receive God's grace this night, for you have received the touch of Gabriel; and you shall never be the same, as long as you choose to remain in the love of your God.
            Eloi Lo Eloi Ray El Ee Zee Vee Aa Ah Loo Ee Ray Sah To Nu Bey Vee No Ah Eloi Fah Tah Ishvara            OM

(Note: I've written this chant phonetically.)

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