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Kuthumi      December 02, 2004

Ascended Master Kuthumi
David Christopher Lewis
December 2, 2004 5:38 - 6:12 am
Livingston, Montana
            Peace Be with you. I am come to Initiate you in the Presence of the Master Jesus who comes with me this day to confer blessings untold to all who are faithful to the Word and the Work of the Lord. We come to begin new spirals of light for the teaching and the preaching of the Gospel of Truth of the Aquarian Age to many souls who have been prepared on inner planes by us, as they have already received our instruction and tutoring in our retreats.
            We look to those who will carry on our work. And although earth's schoolroom is in some arenas becoming more aligned with the etheric plane, there is also much error being promulgated to the children of the sun. We come to bring an exposition of light, revealing the mysteries to those who are ready, and accelerating you who have allowed the stream of light from us to flow through you.
            I Am Kuthumi. I am your advocate for the resolution of the two faces or sides of being, for you do wobble back and forth between being within the glory of your divine reality and within the infamy of your human unreality. Balance at all levels through walking the middle way, the way of peace, the way of comfort, is our way, beloved.
            Much has been taught about being centered. We would bring a new focus on this subject this day. Being centered is being seated in the presence of Christ Peace. Being centered is being seated in the lotus of the heart. Being centered is being in the equi-distant point of the Libra scales such that you do not wobble as a top that has lost its spin; but that the spinning is so true and fast that from an outer point of observation there is no spinning at all, simply the pure image of being. Thus, you are both active and passive, yin and yang, God and man/woman, complete, undisturbed, Real. This centering requires the resolution of the known and the unknown. It requires the identification with the All and the Nothing simultaneously such that you have no ties to either, no strings attached to hold you down, to bind you to the not-self.
            In this non-reactive mode of being there is resolution, ablution and the 100% solution to all your dilemmas, which no longer are so daunting; but which simply are your opportunities for being Who You Are.
            As Masters of Silence, we move in Peace. As Masters of Peace, we Silence all. If you would be Peace, Master the Art of Pure Silence, for in the Presence of God, the Awe-Commanding All, there is nothing but pure Love, pure Being, pure Light.
            I Am Light. And I did provide you with my mantram because Light is the alchemical Key to God. If you would be God, be pure Light.
            Initiating the golden ratio spiral of light within you is our mission. We initiate it at the core of self and then do observe how the spiral does turn and the full expression does come forth. As you become the observant one, you know light, its spiraling, its expression, its fullness within.
            Periods of complete silence are necessary for you to disengage from the noise of self and the din of the mass consciousness to become the Self-observant one, dwelling in and on the point of True North, True Self. Awaken early when all is still and feel our Presence with you. Become Light. Become stable. Center in our Oneness and you shall know.
            I have come. Jesus has come. We shall continue our discourse if you would have us be with you always in the Silence of true Selfhood in God.
            Peace, beloved, all-ways.

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