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Chamuel      November 29, 2004

Archangel Chamuel and Charity
David Christopher Lewis
November 29, 2004 11:30 pm - 12:07 am
Livingston, Montana
            Ho, we come, the Archangel and Archeia of the third ray of God's love into your midst! And our love is a burning fire that will not be quenched. For we come in an action of sacred fire for the judgment upon the forces of anti-love in the earth and certain lifestreams that have waged a war of hatred against the woman and her seed. These aliens have come to dethrone the very power of love within the temple of man manifest as the flame of divine love-that heart fire that does elevate the soul through the magnetic attraction unto the Godhead through adoration, beauty and the culture of life, not death.
            You see death and destruction all about you. Meditate on love; for love is the burning fire that destroys death at all levels and raises you up into the arms of the Mother, who always cares for her own. Yes, mother is noble, mother is beauty in form and mother is life itself when she is allowed to express as the shakti of the father light and the guardian of the womb of mater.
            You have been called to love! Where is your love of God manifest this day as that worship and adoration of the Christ child? The three magi came because of their devotion and they did drop all else-all involvements, all projects and all attachments-to travel to be there for that one who came to embody the fullness of God's light for an entire lifewave-the chosen Messiah whom God did send for the salvation of souls. And these three did understand the cycles and the necessity for obedience to the laws of life, for they also did guard that one through obedience to the angels' directives to outfox that fox Herod in his attempt to snuff out the great light that had come
            And so, you must be careful not to snuff out the aborning light of Cristos within yourself as you gain entr�e to our abode through that surrender and atonement for past mistakes; proving yourself worthy to be our mouthpiece through the total sacrifice of the lesser self on the altar of change.
            Dear ones, we would change you into the fullness of your real self if you would have it so, but we pause in the process for you may not yet be ready for the fires that were experienced by Shadrack, Meshack and Abednego-that very trial by fire that you must experience if you would be worthy to be a pure and chaste vessel for the light of infinity and of immortal love to flow through you!
            Come unto the ruby fires of love this day, for although you may feel a temporary scorching, your soul will get used to the heat and thus you will be able to bear more and more of our love to earth, which is the requirement if you would be messengers of God's love to our children everywhere!
            Love God with all your heart, mind, soul and spirit; for God loves you with all of His own being and desires no less of you, his beloved.
            We come to impress upon mater the living fire of love, for nothing else will do for the transmutation needed in this hour in your dimension for the release of the light needed for the sons and daughters of God to come up higher! Yes, we have many foci for the release of light, but few have been schooled in the use of fohat and of the sword of the ruby ray as you have, and so give that decree 33.00 to us; for you will thereby release that action of the ruby ray that will deliver you from the very ones that clutch on to an archaic mosaic outworn for the thrust forward that we would have at all levels of society, both spiritual and secular.
            Dear hearts-you are the ones we depend on to give the calls, to name the specific names we will inspire upon your lips and to call us into action daily; for the archangels would come with their legions to deliver another round of the judgment of serpent and his seed, this time going deeper and deeper into the dregs of those dens of the denizens of darkness whose time is up and who must be taken ere the clock strikes midnight on New Year's Eve.
            We appreciate your acceptance of this our message and ask you to implement a worldwide vigil with the archangels during the final month of this year, for, as 2004 gives way to 2005, a new dawning of freedom from the fallen ones and their consciousness and modus operandi must come to earth through your hearts wed to ours!
            We come from the Midwest in the city of the angels-St. Louis-and we travel across America in all time zones in an action of creating rings of fire that you will feel for 24 hours as an intense action of ruby fire; for this fire will be seen in the sky and known by those whose inner sight is open, preparing the way for the next release of fire by the archangel and archeia of the first ray on the morrow.
            We have come. We have spoken. The dawn of love is nigh. Aquarius shall soon be in full manifestation if you can bear the fires of love; purified and strengthened by a love most holy, a love most pure, a love that will propel you into the very living presence of love itself-the very God of Love to the earth.
            Saint Germain stands now with us to proclaim God-Love to the earth this day. May you receive him, may you proclaim his message and may you win all the way, with love.
            We bless you and we seal you in the fires of living love this night. We are Chamuel and Charity. We love you always, ever; and will never leave you, so long as you do love the God-flame within, without and all about!
            Perusha! Amen!

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