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Padma Sambhava      November 27, 2004

Padma Sambhava
David Christopher Lewis
November 27, 2004 10:15 - 10:36 am
Livingston, Montana
            Ommmmmm I am come, a Buddha of wisdom's fire to impart the essence of my very being, my life to you. I come in the lineage of the buddhas, for we have held the thread of knowledge and of wisdom as a strong rope for centuries. This rope is meshed of many fibers won through the acceptance of wisdom's fires into our beings, weaving this rope of strength whereby we may pull you up into our abode. This action must come about through your own acceptance of wisdom's fires as a tangible outpouring of God's Mind into thine own. When you merge with the Mind of God, you have access to all the wisdom of the ages instantaneously-that wisdom being the universal mind of the infinite one who does see all, who does know all, who does witness all as the Silent One in the center of the cosmic egg of being.
            I Am Padma Sambhava, and I stand on Mount Kailas as a witness to the path that leads to the summit of being. If you would walk this path, then surrender completely to the walk, the silent walk wherein you observe all that is as part of self. When you are one with what is, you are the self-observed one, who sees God in self and thus in all. As God is placed at the center of self, then all else is displaced. As God is the self-observant one within, God is the self of you where you are, observing God within all as the one.
            Energy is God. God is energy. If you would be God, observe your energies and how you expend energy. Observe how you retain energy and life through oneness. If you would retain immortality within, then expend not the energy of self, but contain the energy of the all in all. Mortality is not. Immortality is. It is as simple as that. That which is not is not, and therefore be that which is.
            I am a teacher of teachers because I have listened. I have listened to the Buddha and in the silence of listening have taken in that one fully in the process. When you listen in silence and observe the truth behind the sound and the truth behind the silence, you shall know all. You shall know Buddha because you have witnessed the truth. Truth is. Ignorance is not. Be Truth. Be the Buddha. Be thy true self.
            I am come, and I deliver silence as the highest truth of self. The silent watchers observe all. They are because they know. They witness the space and the timelessness of space as the presence of the all. We would have silent witnesses to the all.
            As you invoke the word in the soundless sound behind the word, the word is manifest in the now and there is no space between the sounding of the sound and the sound. Do you see? Do you know? Therefore, before you utter the word, sit in silence and become that word, for then when you sound it, it will be. And you will become.
            I create silence as the sound of the OM unsounded yet full of the all. Be the all and you shall know me.
            I am Padma Sambhava, teacher of teachers. Know me. Know thyself. Know all.

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