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Buddha of the Ruby Ray      November 24, 2004

Buddha of the Ruby Ray
David Christopher Lewis
November 24, 2004 8:27 - 8:45am
Livingston, MT
            Out of the Silence I come. I am the Buddha of the Ruby Ray. And I sit in the lotus posture before you and ask that you sit in meditation today within the ruby heart of God. The ruby heart of God is a pulsing orb of fire whose needle rays penetrate all. This heart God would have as thine own if you would have it, beloved. For the earth must receive the impetus of fire that is the 8th ray action of sanctification ere Aquarius be fully manifest. First it must manifest in you, for you are the seed of Buddha where you are.
            Silence is golden but it is also ruby. The ruby stillness of the Buddha quenches all fear, all perversions and poisons that attempt to lie in wait to trip you up just at the point when you are gaining ground on becoming the Buddha where you are. When you master the Ruby Light, you are invincible because the diamond presence of love which has been accelerated beyond this plane becomes that hardness that cannot be broken, for it is the very substance of God as his heart fire magnified over and over until it is truly crystallized as the Rose of Sharon within.
            The silence of knowing is a silence that is won through pure thought. Pure thought is the entering into the Mind of God, whose stream may merge with thine if you would Be. If you would Be, then arrest all spirals of unknowing, and Know God as Self.
            Beloved, as I have traversed the earth from the core to the center and back again, I have witnessed all. I have become the all because the all has become me. Do you see that to become the Buddha does not require "effort" as you think, but the supreme entering into oneness that says "NO" to all that is not, all that is maya? Touch the ground with the vajra mudra to say no to all that is keeping you from your oneness with the Beloved, the very heart and mind of God. Say Yes to the pure stream of that Mind which would be your mind by congruence, by the confluence of love as thine own.
            I Am the Buddha of the Ruby Ray. I convey light. I convey the heart fires of God. I convey love as the purest love that you can know, supreme love that cannot be quenched, for it both consumes and creates, creates and consumes, consumes and creates until your heart is that pulsing heart that knows all. Yes, your heart knows all. Know your heart and you shall know all.
            I have come. The rippling of the light will continue from this point, and the waves of love will continue to expand and expand. May you feel them and know me as Self, as Heart, as the All, Beloved. Aum.

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