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Surya      November 20, 2004

Beloved Surya
David Christopher Lewis
November 20, 2004 8:20 - 9:00 am
Livingston, Montana
            Elohim, come forth! Cosmic Beings from Sirius, descend to Terra this hour!
            Beloved, we come on the heels of the tremendous release of the Beloved Elohim of the Fifth Ray to interject our light into the very atmosphere and into the very core of the planet. For as you prepare to pray to us in the coming few days, I come to give you certain keys which will make your vigils and sessions more powerful, more insightful and more pleasing to us.
            As I am the charioteer that rides across your skies and I deliver both the judgment and the solar fires that quicken, I see everything upon earth-the good, the bad and the ugly as you would say. I release the fire of Sirius that is both impersonal and yet which becomes personal to you when you accept it, not as a vengeful calling forth down of the wrath of God, but the opportunity for realignment so that you may serve on a higher level.
            Some of you have become so accustomed to seeing yourselves as the instruments of the judgment of dark souls and of their deeds that you have almost, in your own minds, whitewashed away your own shortcomings; the chief of which is your paradigm of yourself as an almost infallible one whose visage is above all others. Well, this consciousness of pride can lead to your own fall from grace, and some of you have already fallen far below that point wherein you can truly act on our behalf as focal points for divine justice and mercy to appear.
            Yes, some of you have become both judge, jury and executioner, impersonally deciding to deliver what you feel are our mandates, which are in no way linked to our plan for the expansion of your activity; but have been created out of the whole cloth of your own human consciousness, issuing from a reactive and fearful mode of response to the misgivings of some of your members. I assure you that we have our misgivings about you and your intentions; for to act as judge requires the perfect vision of Cyclopea and Virginia and the knowledge of the Keeper of the Scrolls, so that your actions do not themselves become a noose around your own neck or a millstone tied thereto!
            Yes, we admonish certain among the very top leadership of this Church to bend the knee and confess to us that you shall allow judgment to be the Lord's, the Lord Surya who I am; for my judgment is just, my judgment is righteous, for I see and know all.
            True judgment must be issued from God alone in a spirit of attempting to raise the soul higher, and not through a point of retaliation for disagreement with one's own paradigm. You must make efforts to resolve your disputes in the spirit of the original community of believers and not using those methods that have become all too common in your culture; which, by the way, are even being dissolved in usage in much of your own society as a whole as being archaic and which don't work to the highest good in the Aquarian fires that are even now dawning.
            Beloved, we warn, for some are making grave karma, and they know whereof we speak. The time is nigh when a new, more youthful and brighter leadership will be forthcoming that will set things straight, no matter what it takes and no matter where the chips may fall.
            Thus, we admonish you to reserve judgment and allow us to adjudicate all matters; for as we say, we see and know that which you cannot see because of your limited view of reality which is based on what you think the messenger would do, rather than what the messenger would do after consulting us.
            The key to your victory is harmony, but not an empty harmony won through dominance and a denial of the facts and of the need for change at all levels. Why, we ourselves are always changing and evolving, as the pulsations from the Godhead always engender us to come closer and closer to those great solar fires that erupted at the point of the creation of the great universal egg.
            I am Surya. As the cycles progress to Sagittarius I ride in my chariot of fire with the great archer who now prepares to launch his flaming arrows into your hearts, accelerating you unto the path of God-Victory and then unto another round of the cosmic clock wherein you may get it right from the start; that apex of God-Power which is your thrust forward for a greater spiral of victory.
            I will ride with you if you ask to come to be by my side. But you must be prepared to stand with me and to stand the radiance of Surya. May you ride one round with me, for you shall never be the same. As you view the earth and the heavens you will see anew the glory and the majesty of God. And from your humble beginnings you will bow to the great God from who all have their origin. Yes, ride with me. Become humble and return to serve, to serve and to serve anew.
            I shall return on the 22nd to see who will ride with me and learn to hold the reins of power in humility.

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