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Djwal Kul      November 19, 2004

Ascended Master Djwal Kul
David Christopher Lewis
November 19, 2004 6:36 - 7:23 am
Livingston, Montana
            I come, the Tibetan Master, to train you on the use of sacred energies for the glorification of the divine light within you and unto all of creation. I come to tutor you in the release of fohatic power through the use of both mantra and mudra; for earth must be quickened by the quickened ones who are progressing on the path of fire which leads to the union with grace and the heart of the Beloved.
            Dear ones, we come to help you ingest those solar fires which nourish the very sun of your own being. How do you take in this solar energy? Through an activation of greater spiritual fire through the combination of breathing and invocation, as I have already demonstrated in what has become known as my breathing exercises. As you become proficient in the use of this technique you will be able to invoke and retain more solar fire; for fire must have a place to continue residing within you, and that place is the solar plexus, purified through the energizing first of your heart and upper chakras.
            When you master the solar energies, the emotional energies of life that come from both your own subconscious and records of the past as well as the planetary energies of the astral plane, you are able, with the Piscean Master, to calm those disturbing storms and turbulent seas that would, if they could, alter your equilibrium. Thus, when you are centered, as we say, nothing can take you away from that point of mastery of the spiritual pressures that are resident within the very sun of your being.
            True mastery, true God-Mastery will no longer be a mystery to you; for in the peace-commanding Presence you will be able to command atoms and molecules as well as solar systems into alignment. For they are one and the same energy, though simply of differing proportions, don't you see? Thus, the master alchemist was able to turn water into wine and to walk upon the sea using the same solar mastery. And you will be able to use fohatic power to heal, to raise the dead and to cast out demons when you have mastered the very core of your emotional body; which necessitates the balancing of at least 75% of your karma and the overcoming of that astral substance through dominion of the 2, 6 and 10 o'clock lines of the cosmic clock, as well as the conquering of the perversions on the 6, 7 and 8 o'clock lines of that same clock in the emotional quadrant.
            This messenger did take the vows as a Son of Dominion back in 1976, which dominion is of the mastery of the waters of the astral seas; and so the gracious Mother Mary has tutored him in this path, and I announce to him and to you that during recent weeks he has indeed balanced over 75% of his karma through the anchoring of the ascended masters' words in this dimension; truly passing that 9 o'clock line of karma and now ready to deal with those very physical energies coming due and utilizing the fire of cosmic beings to assist him in overcoming those lines.
            Beloved, when you desire to master the solar fires and solar winds through a constancy of prayer, balance in the four lower bodies and direct service to us by accomplishing those assignments and projects, you will know the surcease from struggle that does result in greater union, greater attunement and the ability to draw down those gifts of the spirit; which to some seem supernatural, but are truly and simply the natural flowing of those solar energies unabated into and through one's being.
            I direct you to utilize the visual meditation that your beloved Lanello has given you of the fiery snowball at least weekly, for this powerful thoughtform will allow you, if used correctly, to speed up your attainment of adeptship. Yes, your beloved Mark was an adept because he invoked those gifts and then used them wisely in the pursuit of that cosmic consciousness which he bore in his gallant mien, and in all that he did on behalf of this evolution during what was one of the most turbulent times in cosmic history. Yes, he gave his very life at the tender age of 54, having mastered the power of nine (3x3) in the secret ray action (of the 5) and then going beyond to the 6-pointed star of Victory, and so, we took him into our realm so that the Mother would have that focal point in heaven from which to draw forth greater mastery to tutor the children of the sun.
            Dear ones, as you pass from the Piscean flame of God-Mastery to the Aquarian flame of God-Love, you shall know a joy that is truly the acme of all your striving and the apex of your attainment through all your years and lives of service. But you must truly first gain that God-Mastery through the sun of being before moving on to anchor that violet flame deeply within the very soul of the planet which will be the springboard to those Aquarian waters which shall surely wash the earth clean with renewed hope for Saint Germain and Portia.
            I have come to give you a kernel of understanding, that, when used by you, shall surely grow to be the fullness of that victory that you have sought in all of your words, works and projects for us. I now seal you in those mighty solar fires which now stream through my heart unto yours for your strengthening, for your deliverance from every force that would delay your adeptship and your attunement with the sun of Helios and Vesta within you. Call to me and I shall reside with you where I shall resume my discourse with you, beloved, spinning that Tibetan prayer wheel until you have scaled the Himalayan heights to be suns; yes, to be those sons of the solitude, and win. Virya! Virya! Virya!

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