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Serapis Bey      November 15, 2004

Ascended Master Serapis Bey
David Christopher Lewis
November 15, 2004 6:00-6:45 am
Livingston, Montana

            Legions of Purity come forth! Seraphim and Cherubim from the altars of the Most High God come forth! I, Serapis, stand now upon the very soil of the Middle East and anchor a light that shall not be denied, that shall not be gainsaid. For the time has come for the flame of peace through the light of the Prince of Peace to be established in the fertile crescent and the entire region, which is the ancient focus of light but also of the coming of those who came from other worlds both to save and to be saved.
            Legions from out the Pleiades and from the star system of Orion the Hunter descend now in answer to your calls to wage war-spiritual warfare-against those whose day has come and shall soon be gone from your planet. For the destruction of this very civilization that they seek shall not come forth, for the Lords of Karma have decreed the salvation of the remnant through the mercy of the law and specifically in answer to the calls given to the Elohim of the fourth ray, beloved Mighty Astrea and Purity.
            So I come to purify. So I come to cleanse the earth of all that is anti-purity. For purity must return as a virtue and as a cloak of innocence worn by the youth, yes both the youth in your nation and the youth of all nations. For we decree that the forces of anti-purity attacking the youth are bound. And I say: "Thus far and no farther! in your attempt to debase the light of these little ones who are coming into their maturity and must not have placed before them the images of decadence, of extreme license to engage in those practices and movements and even exercises which engage the sacred fire of their lower chakras prematurely and in a manner that is both displeasing and utterly abnormal to the lives of humans, who are meant to be spiritual beings!
            I come to pronounce the judgment upon those in the music and motion picture industries who continue to attack, attack, yes attack the sanctity of life through their proliferation of images of violence, decadence, horror and despair; for now, using the multiplication of that imagery through television and through theaters and especially through videos and DVDs shown at home, they have taken their cause of darkness into nearly every hamlet and home, where the average household in America has now become a haven for the airing of multitudes of videos of darkness, death and destruction!
            Wake up and do something about this abhorrent trend, for we see growing anchor points of darkness in your culture that is even darker than during the last days of Atlantis. Were it not for the flame of purity that some keep, including those much maligned fundamentalist Christians, you would already have seen greater cataclysm in your countries and on the North American continent.
            Those of other cultures, especially in the Middle East, abhor this decadence, and those who are keeping the true light of Islam do not wish to allow entree' into their cultures of this perversion that they attribute as being the very culture of the West. And so it is no wonder that they generalize and classify America as the Great Satan, for they see the perversion of the true culture of Saint Germain being exported en masse to infect their own youth and to unwind the strands of purity of their own culture!
            What is our answer to this dilemma, beloved? We enlist your aid and your calls to Purity and Astrea nightly, for earth must have that circle and sword clearance across the globe during each 24-hour period if the hosts of Purity are to make greater inroads into the dark regions and establish bastions and anchor points of purity in the earth. You cannot defy us, so please do not deny my humble request to return to the giving of those 36 calls to Astrea; for you will see miracles and more miracles when that whirling sacred fire is around you 24/7 because you have built that momentum of fire that will not be denied!
            I, Serapis, applaud all those who are taking steps to bring forth the culture of life through the establishing of the right to life of the unborn-for greater adoptions, greater support of unwed mothers and for the charging forth into your culture of respect for life, reverence for life and of the image of the mother and child, most holy.
            Yes, your beloved Mary, Joseph and Jesus came to Egypt and anchored the light of the Savior in Luxor, in Cairo and Alexandria, and the Coptic churches have carried forth the mysteries of that Christic seed even unto this time. So, let the image of the Holy Family resting at night by the Sphinx be a focus of Serapis in your homes and sanctuaries as a point of remembrance of me and of the sanctity of life; and how the Holy Family came to the cradle of civilization for safety from Herod, the waters of the Nile nurturing that little Christ and the teachings of the hierophant illumining that young one until the time of their return to their native soil.
            So, the seed of Abraham-both Jew and Arab and Christian-must come together at the table and work out their differences in a spirit of brotherly love, realizing that all descended from that same light and seed; that beloved one, now Morya, your Master and wise man of old, who knows the very sands of this region, who knows the stars and the comings and the goings of many lifewaves, cultures and of the Son of Man.
            Oh Egypt! Oh Israel! Oh Palestine! I would bring you under the very spell of the love of the Mother of the World if I could, to distract you from your warring, brother against brother, so that you could receive the proffered gift of forgiveness, acceptance and grace!
            May the mother light of purity be your guiding light as your leaders come to the table and as new leadership is chosen to represent the Palestinian people. May the forgiveness and mercy of the Christ, forgiving the harlot and writing the sins of the wicked in the sand, be the starting point of your discussions; and let the Prince of Peace himself be the arbiter of your deliberations for safety, sanity and peace to reign in this region and in the earth.
            Beloved ones, I thank you for your presence. Yes, I thank you for your Mighty I Am Presence and for your attunement with and desire to become that presence in action 24/7. We are one when you dwell in the purity of the mother's heart and in the mother light.
            I am Serapis and I ride my white steed this day around the Middle East-looking for a righteous man, a righteous woman, here and there, who will accept the challenge to be purity in action! Will you accept that challenge too, beloved?
            I thank you and bid you good day!

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