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Omri Tas      November 14, 2004

Ascended Master Omri-Tas
David Christopher Lewis
November 14, 2004 7:20 - 8:05 am
Livingston, Montana
            I come to you to proclaim a new day of God-Freedom in the earth. I am
Omri-Tas and I come with a retinue of those who have known the action of the violet flame for eons; for these are those who have become violet flame pillars on the Violet Planet and desire to assist you in doing likewise on earth.
            What transpires when you become a living pillar of violet flame? You become a focal point for transmutation of world energies-energies of darkness funneling in for resolution through the two-fold action of the blue and the pink, merged as the sacred flame of transmutation. When you are truly that focal point, our legions can count on you and you become an emissary, as it were, of my emissaries. Thus you are a messenger and an electrode of the violet flame on which we can count; not only on the 2nd and the 3rd of each month, but each day and each hour; for your aura is filled with that alchemical light that is the signet of the mystical one who has learned that eye-magic of Merlin to dispel darkness and bring about the spiritual action of the washing of the earth in transmutation's fire!
            Beloved ones, is any goal more important to you than becoming a pillar of violet fire in the earth? Then why not take up this sacred calling, whatever your calling or whatever ray you serve on, and assist both your Knight Commander and me in our action plan to save the earth?! Many of you gave your sacrificial gifts of time in recent years in invoking the action of the violet flame to forestall world cataclysm during the dark cycle. I tell you that our work is not done just because 2002 has come and gone, for the children and youth are still bowed down by the machinations of illusion foisted upon them through the media and the culture of shock that has come upon them from the bowels of the pit; and through those fallen Atlanteans who have come again to parade their wares of darkness before their eyes and ears.
            We would snuff out this darkness in a flash if we could, but we must utilize the free will choices of you who know better to first pray for and then teach the youth the higher road away from perdition and into the tradition of light, light, light!
            We come to make the violet flame known among greater numbers of souls, extending its reach and effect to portions of the globe where there is virtually only a whisper of its action and positive influence. We seek those who can take our message to countries in Eastern Europe where the ravages of past wars has left records of death and infamy that must be consumed by a concerted effort to bring forth a culture of the Seventh Ray of true freedom from oppression. And yes, we need those who will traverse the globe and bring the violet flame to the darkness in Africa, the Middle East and the Far East. For when campfires and then glowing bonfires of this alchemical ray begin to glow in those nations, then you will begin to see the cumulative effect that will literally catapult your world culture into a new age of freedom so sought by all those who have not yet experienced freedom from war, strife and want.
            And so, we need missionaries of the violet flame message whose sole mission is to preach and teach this tool which will bring a smile to the faces of the little ones whose auras already are tinged with that light, but who need you to bring the techniques and the modus operandi to their outer awareness to call it forth!
            Beloved, you who have been given much are responsible, as priests and priestesses of the tribe of Levi, to share the teaching you have with those less fortunate. And so, create a fund for violet flame missionaries and do not hold them back from going forth, for the return on your investment will be great; and I will personally sponsor you and multiply your decrees and the action of your work by my own causal body. And I give you each three angels of the violet flame to assist you in your work, for you will need their help when you begin to contact those records of darkness in those regions whose energies are not familiar or comfortable to those in the west who have dwelt in the lap of luxury during their entire lives.
            Beloved ones, gain a new sense of comfortability in the intensification of the violet flame in your auras; for if you would perform those feats of sacred alchemy required of those who will be our messengers of truth, then you must increase the whirling action of your electrons and the spinning of your chakras so that you can be those electrodes of fire through which greater and greater darkness is consumed on contact.
            Why, I even suggest that you create an Order of Zadkiel of those who are willing to invoke 90 minutes of violet flame each day-preferably 30 minutes 3 times daily—who will help to hold the balance for the changes in the earth that we desire to bring forth. May I say that this order will be one that is most sought after by those of the Seventh Root Race, for they will know that they are the ones who will be responsible to keep their finger in the dike during the years of tremendous change that are coming. And a certain quota of these devotees should be the support team around your new messenger, who will help lead the way in being the proponent of my message of the need for the violet flame; for he did walk that dark continent as the explorer and missionary, David Livingstone, and learned to bear that greater portion of darkness, tapping into the fires from Arcturus' retreat over Angola and tuning into the resources in the etheric realm from the retreats over Madagascar and Africa in anchoring the light of Christianity on that continent.
            May your missions begin in earnest today, and may your sacred calling include the calling forth of that action of the violet light which always invokes protection and love at the same instant that transmutation takes place.
            I love you and support each of you who have been faithful to me, and those who would be. Now let us rain down upon the earth a greater action of violet flame than has ever descended since the days of Zadkiel's sacred invocations on Atlantis.
            I bless you and seal you in the light of the Violet Planet. May earth's refrain be that of those who have decided to be freedom's proponents. For today I hope that I have inspired you to no longer be amateurs but to become those pros, those professionals, who know that their job is to be the fiery ones; always available, always ready to bear my light to a world in need.
            Invictus! We are winning, beloved!

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