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K-17      November 05, 2004

Ascended Master K-17
David Christopher Lewis
November 5, 2004 7:30 - 8:13 am
Livingston, Montana

Dear Students of Truth,
            I come to proclaim victory and yet to caution all students of the light. For though the world may have its opinion of America and its current leadership, we have the inner perspective of truth and of the workings of governments and their agents which most of the people do not have. And therefore we match the agenda of the Brotherhood with the agendas of the 12 tribes and the nations and their leaders to see what we may do to influence the leadership toward those decisions that will move the earth closer to the plans of Saint Germain and Portia toward world freedom.
            We see all. And we, through the all-seeing eye, see the foreshadowing of events through the karmic interactions that are coming due and ready to surface based on the free-will decisions of men. We applaud the closing of certain gaps in your security services' work to prevent terror and the proliferation of evil deeds through those who are the tools of the sinister force, no matter what name or religious or secular persuasion they may be attached to. Yet we warn you that those whose long-term plans are for the subjugation of the lightbearers are still moving their plans forward, even if at a seeming glacial speed; so that the very souls of the people may come under their dominion.
            Although the gathering of intelligence is necessary to prevent certain cataclysmic acts by those who have embodied from Maldek, you should call for the proper and appropriate safeguards to be set up so that your sacred freedoms are also insured. The Bill of Rights is truly a sacred document inspired by the governing councils of heaven, and therefore the people must first be aware of and study the laws of the land and then guarantee their right use through the court system which is the appropriate check and balance to those in the executive and legislative branches who would wield greater power if they are allowed.
            Currently we are focused intensely on the search for those candidates sponsored by the Great Karmic Board who will be up for appointment by this president to the Supreme Court of the United States. Much of your future and the descent of good or bad karma depends on the major decisions made by this select body, and therefore I assign all lightbearers to give fiery calls for those true arbiters of divine justice to be nominated and swiftly approved by your Congress to this sacred office. Just as you make calls daily for the president and the executive branch, so you should give equal time spiritually in your prayers for the other two branches of government.
            Thus, those among you who are well versed in the history and structure of government should provide those specific fact sheets on this most important process of the selection of your Supreme Court justices, so that all of you may go to bat for and assist us in doing our work at all levels to influence the outcome for the good of all. I can assure you that the forces of darkness are already waging an all-out battle on this front to prevent the most qualified candidates from being nominated or even be willing to allow themselves to come forward, as they know the consequences and how important the stakes are.
            Beloved ones, the other major focus of our legions is to assist in the situation in the Middle East, to stabilize the region so that ongoing terrorism may not become the rule of the day. You must pray for those true leaders of righteousness to come forth who have the best interests of all peoples in mind and in heart, and for the arresting of the spirals of the training and arming of fanatics who are ridden with the entities of revenge and retaliation that will never say die. As you move from Scorpio to Saggitarius, be most careful that the energies and entities of revenge are bound before they can act in your world.
            Beloved hearts, we are grateful for your ongoing marathon on Monday evenings, giving the calls to beloved Cyclopea, for much has been averted through the constancy of those who have taken this time to work on our behalf. Keep the flame, for we are making great strides in certain realms, and when you do give those calls in rounds of 144, we are able to act in the physical plane in a very efficient and proactive manner.
            Remember that both Lanello and Lady Kristine work with me and my legions; for having recently been embodied, they are key to the precipitation of specific needs of the ascended hosts, including the incisive calls into the cause and core of situations and conditions in your realm.
            For those of you who desire to be of greater service to our cause, I invite you to my retreat where you may learn how to use the cloak of invisibility in your work; how to project your consciousness into secret meetings and circumstances, and how to assist in reporting your observations and the tactical information that will help to make our operations victorious. Use our legions and the legions of Victory, Archangel Michael and of the Pleaides in your calls and fiats; for we are ever ready to move into action at a moment's notice to serve and to enter the fray in this battle of light over darkness.
            I am your servant and the servant of the Elohim Cyclopea and Virginia. May you meditate on that all-seeing eye of pure light, for in the gaze of God all are one; brothers and sisters of light are ye all, and the victory of love is already won.
            I am with you always when you dwell in the heart of God in whom we all dwell and to whom we must return. May your victory be won through love.
            I am K-17. I enter the secret chamber of your hearts this hour if you would have me.            

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