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Buddha of the Ruby Ray      November 02, 2004

Buddha of the Ruby Ray
David Christopher Lewis
November 2, 2004 6:33 - 7:08 am
Livingston, Montana

Devotees of Light,
            Truly you desire oneness with God. Truly you desire the total experience of being within the very heart of the creator wherein there is nothing else but love, light and the fullness of the divine presence. Truly you would merge with and become a permanent atom in God's being, for all else is illusory, temporal and of unreality.
            To know the presence of God is to become God. The leap of faith that this requires is one that few are willing to make, for it involves both the ultimate humility and trust that God will never forsake you, and yet the supreme love of Self as the divine ego wherein you allow that pure ego to be expressed through you. Claiming your divinity is a process and an event that only the bold ones may win, because most of mankind desire to retain something of that human non-self and nonsense that will not require of them the supreme sacrifice upon the altar of the World Mother.
            Would you be truly altered this day in the image divine? Would you be carried away upon the winds of the spirit to that holy abode where buddhas and bodhisattvas dwell, where angels of mercy communicate the very violet-rose hues of the Mother's love to all her children? If you would be moved to dwell with us, then first expand your sense of self to accommodate the living, vital awareness of the spirit most holy where you are! When you abide within that spirit, that fire will abide in you until it is permanent, unceasing and eternal-a spark that has become a conflagration for all to see, which may warm many a weary traveler along life's way.
            Beloved ones, when will you claim your eternal birthright? You have often uttered the words "I Am Immortal" but do you truly believe it and live with these words as engrams of fire ensconced upon your hearts? If you be-lieve then you will be and live as God.
            I am the Buddha of the Ruby Ray, and I come this day to call all my sons and daughters unto the living presence of that ruby fire which is both a purging fire and a fire of the intensification of love that will never leave you the same-that will goad you to dwell in the very bosom of the Mother and experience both the extreme pain of her caring for all life and the bliss of the oneness with Brahma as the All-the Omnipotent One.
            You have been blessed—some of you many times—with a focus of the ruby ray, and yet many of you have not surrendered fully to that path that requires the all of self, the full purging, the complete surrender spoken of by Sanat Kumara. I admonish the worldwide body of chelas who truly desire immortality to study the beloved Sanat Kumara's words released in 1979 in his stupendous treatise on the Path of the Ruby Ray; for I do bow before and serve this one, who is the very living presence of God to this earth and solar system. When many will take and ingest his words as the highest communion with my heart and his heart, then you will know that transformation, that sacred transubstantiation that will literally change you into beings divine!
            Yes, the winds of the Maha Chohan blow this day! Enter the wind and ride on wings of fire, climbing higher in your chariot with Elijah and the immortal ones until your view is new and you understand the path and all that must be done to win hearts anew to God's grace. And then, upon your alighting back upon Terra, you will know what you must do to carry the message far and wide so that all may abide within the very ruby fires of my heart!
            I am the Buddha of supreme love. Enter my heart now as I carry you to the center of the earth and back-to experience that Sun of Even Pressure that is both steely white-hot and yet cool-that is the very focus of Helios and Vesta within the earth body that one day will become that point of expansion of the Christic and Buddhic light when earth shall become a star!
            Yes, earth shall become Freedom's Star! And earth shall be a star of charity, a star of the ruby and violet light for this system! And this "third rock from the sun" shall rise above the densities of the molten lava and rock wherein these elements both within the earth and within you are transformed into the living light of the one element of love, the hydrogen factor of the one supreme light of Brahma, and earth shall become a sun.
            Become sons and daughters of the One! Become suns in the earth if ye would have earth become a star of love.
            I am the Buddha of the Ruby Ray. I have spoken! And my fire is transferred to you this day. Employ it and know the consuming action of love forevermore!

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