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Fun Wey      October 31, 2004

Ascended Master Fun Wey
David Christopher Lewis
October 31, 2004 8:05 - 8:40 am
Livingston, Montana
            Into your hearts I descend to quicken each one who would receive me. I am Fun Wey, and I am here to show you how to experience the path of the ascension through the Way of Love. Yes, love is the key not only to the ascension but to the experience of oneness with God that is always the way of the fohat of union, "fun", you see?! For as we must all become as a little child, knowing the humility of self in complete surrender in the arms of God as Father-Mother; so, when you live in the Now and know the oneness of Love, you are the child, the son or daughter of God in the fullness of the Christic, the Buddhic Light.
            Sing and dance and be merry, as long as you retain the purity of heart of Fun Wey; for we would accelerate you as the ones whose chakras are spinning and who are winning all the way through simple acts of kindness and love, with that twinkle in your eye and that smile upon your face that reflects the joy of
God pouring through you. Why be so serious when you can experience the
blue-fire, white-fire joy of Sirius while also laughing the laugh of the conquering
ones, holding those dour fallen ones in derision as you climb the steps of
attainment through self-mastery?!
            Become the shining ones who will say with me,
            "I am winning all the way with Fun Wey and I am having fun in the process. For this path is a path of joy, of service, of surrender, sacrifice and the
selflessness of that Ruby Cross Path that is now known as the Path of Ruby Joy; for we have transmuted the Via Dolorosa this age through the action of the violet
transmuting flame of Saint Germain! And so we seek to have this sacred
alchemical ray known throughout the world as that action of the Holy Spirit in our
midst that is transforming, transcendental and truly the wine of the Spirit
that Christ brings to the wedding of our souls with the Spirit of the I AM within
us! And we now dance the dance of the whirling dervishes who know that
alchemical key to immortality through the spinning, the continual spinning of the
atoms and molecules of self as all become one with and return
to the Source through this sacred dance of joy of Fun Wey! Yes, smile the
smile of the child, of the Mother and of the Buddha; for you have been far too
serious in your deliberations and we admonish you to retain that joie de vivre that is a must for all who truly know God."
            God desires you to walk the joyful path that leads through colorful and
bountiful fields of floral expressions and crystal dewdrop patterns that reflect
the fullness of the rainbow of eternal promise in your lives. Awaken each day
with that joyful spirit that knows love, that seeks love in all you do, and
smile that smile that is infectious in spreading the joy of Fun Wey where your are!

In the fullness of the spirit of cosmic wonder and the smile of the Infant of
Prague, I seal you with my kiss of love and the everlasting joy that is known
by all who have returned to God through the Path of Peace and the Way of Fun.
            Become as a child this day, for you will learn the secret of my heart and
thereby know me as that little one within that is the key to your victory.

Be Peaceful
            Be Joyous
            Be Generous with your Hearts

I AM Fun Wey
            Gently I tiptoe to you to
            tickle you and awaken you
            unto everlasting Joy!

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