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Rose of Light      October 30, 2004

Rose of Light
David Christopher Lewis
October 30, 2004 8:00 - 8:40 am
Livingston, Montana

Radiant Ones of the Mother Light,
            I come to release fresh fragrances of the roses from my heart to you who keep the vigil of love in the earth. Love is so needed, for the forces of anti-love have impressed their wares upon the hearts of men to the extent that many become disenfranchised and insensitive to heaven's love, seeking instead a human love fraught with the vibrations of materialism, relationships of temporary pleasure and a numbness caused by the pain of separation from the God-flame of true love.
            I am here to rekindle love within you as a flame that will not die, for it has never been lost within the pulsations of the light carried by your Holy Christ Self and Divine Presence; and yet you may not feel it fully within your breast due to non-attention and a lack of God-Self Awareness.
            When you meditate on love, meditate on the ruby rose of light, a fiery rose that burns and yet is not consumed, for this rose is the very essence of the Mother's love for all her children! Roses have that scent sent from heaven because their gentle petals exude the creative aroma of the caring ones on behalf of those who need love, who need tenderness, who need the warmth of the caress of the Mother.
            Many are in need of your care and of our care expressed through you. When you embrace one who is in duress or pain, we will embrace that one through you; and when our hearts merge, a portion of the essence of love from our roseate heart will be transferred to that one for the uplifting, the assuaging, for the flame of comfort to be extended.
            "Comfort Ye My People"* is the need of the hour; for the Great Comforter, the Maha Chohan, is in need of many who will carry his mantle and flame to assuage the hurts, the lacks and the needs of many-those who sense a certain helplessness and hopelessness because of war, strife and their failure to possess what they perceive as the necessities of life.
            Beloved, if a people is to be comforted then abortion must be curtailed as the appropriate means of birth control in your culture. When caring and the sharing of the gifts of the Spirit are present, this tragedy of the premature death of the infant in the womb will cease; because the sensitivities of the soul will be known, and all will see their responsibility to nurture life and care for life and to protect the full flowering of the rose of self in the creative process of the conception and birth of a child.
            How will we win and turn back this plague upon the earth? Through the rose of my heart and the hearts of the lady masters of heaven. Petition the ladies on the Karmic Board and offer your prayers, your works and your concerted efforts to do something to turn things around. A perpetual vigil is needed, wherein, if you add my name to every preamble and see me acting in your world, I may enter the auras of those who are contemplating abortion and impress upon them their responsibility to bear life and to bow to the law of their own being in honoring and bringing forth what God has created through their union; no matter in what vibration or through what means that life was conceived.
            I will place in their hearts a petal from my heart to be that focal point of love that will remind them of their inner vows to extend the open arms of love to the soul who has chosen to come into their life, if only they would welcome this grand opportunity, regardless of the financial burden. And I will uphold and support that one in many ways who does choose life over death, so that angels of caring from my bands will be with that one through good times and bad.
            Beloved ones, invoke this dispensation, and place a single pink rose on your altars as a reminder of this, my offering. For we need you in this hour to be our voice, our heart, our love to many who know not the way to go and who would do better if those support systems and programs and friends were available to them without compromise, without condemnation and with no strings attached for financial gain through political or other means.
            You are the roses in the garden of God when you see yourselves as arbiters of compassion, reverence for life and the kindness of the Christ, the Buddha and the Krishna that never condemns, but always raises the soul into the light of oneness with our love.
            May you learn to depend on and dwell in the rose of my heart, for in that relationship of humility and of surrender, you will know the fullness of God's deepest love for all life.
            I Am Rose of Light. Call to me and call to Nada, for together we would weave a garland of roses around the earth for the salvation of all children and sons and daughters of love. I breathe the breath of the scent of God's love upon you now. Breathe it in and know our eternal caring for each of you, my little ones.

*Isaiah 40:1

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