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Victory      July 14, 2004

Beloved Victory & Justina
David Christopher Lewis
Wednesday, July 14, 2004 6:23 - 6:55 am MDT
Livingston, Montana

Beloved Chelas of the Living God,

            Hail from the Court of the Sacred Fire on Sirius! We come to infuse you with cosmic light that is the essential ingredient of your oneness with God! Light, as the alchemical key, is the means by which you transcend your former self and enter into the fullness of your divinity now. For light contains within its center the fully-manifested love of the Father/Mother God, ready for your use in life moment by moment.
            Light is released when you create from the heart of love that you are! Light is sustained when you retain a fiery momentum garnered through millennia but manifest it here and now for the glory of God in you and in all life. Light is your essence, your reason for being. For when there is no darkness, illusion or death spiral within to cause you to waver from your goal of union with us, we can magnify our light ever more brightly, allowing you to magnetize more of the presence of your true reality where you are.
            How can you transcend the lesser self? Through daily focus on what is important-the importation into your conscious awareness of the light of God. Import into your world the fire and light of the cosmic Logos and export to all life that fire, multiplied and manifested as your own colorful self-expression of God's light within.
            Every being must sustain the divine Self through conscious cooperation with pure Being. Being unconscious, you exist in the dream world of the not-self which is unreality, death and nihilism. Being conscious, you exist outside of the time-space continuum of unreality and dwell in the Being-ness of God.
            Conscious cooperation with us takes a turning of the dial of self-awareness so that you see and accept yourself as already having accomplished and manifested pure Being, even as you yet dwell in mortal form. Saint Germain, as your Aquarian way-shower, has sustained his glorious cloud of divine awareness around himself for eons. By desiring to glorify and magnify God, you, like him, can magnetize a magnanimous portion of cosmic consciousness everywhere you co-exist with God.
            When you magnify God through the lens of light that you are, you kindle a greater fire, which every ascended master, angel and cosmic being can also augment and use as an amplifier of the light, plans and projects of the brotherhood of light where you are. Be crystal beacons for us!
            We come to accelerate light within you. Some of you turn this light on and off, off and on; but we would have you become radiating ones, maintaining the lighthouse of love within always-ever shining as beacons of hope to souls in need.
            Why dally one day in human nonsense and the next in divine con-science when through this twist of the dial you can, with our aid, keep the light burning brightly through the day and through the night? As the stars disappear to your outer sight in the day but are still raying their pulsating energy in every direction 24/7, so you must maintain that cosmic pulsar quotient and gentle intensity of light 24/7 if you are to become permanent atoms of God in the molecule of the cosmic egg!
            Why does your light falter and fade? The filament that glows must be strong through a yang-ness of spirit's fire through right diet, conscious exercise, prayerful meditation and the joyful smile of the student who is always moving, self-correcting, accelerating and stepping up and beyond yesterday's accomplishments.
            Yes, there is time for rest in motion, but your shields and swords must be ready for the next thrust forward or the mobilization of the forces of light if you are to win all the way!
            We come to energize and prod you to realize the necessities of the hour to hold fast what you have received, but also to let go of that which holds you back, namely toying with the dweller in all manner of psychic fantasies, mindless games, overuse of your mouths and the laziness of that slothful liar that lurks, at times, within the folds of your garments.
            You shall not surely die, the serpent said. Yet surely you shall if you lie and lay down your life in pursuit of pleasure, seek surcease from striving and play with the not-self, with its subtle pride and arrogance. Step over that pride and ego life through our divine process of self-abnegation and Self-realization here and now!
            We come, we go, and we throw the weight of our causal bodies behind, beneath and all around you to lift you up and quicken you to new levels of God-Self-awareness! Charge forth now and be who you are in love! Charge forth now and be who you are, in love with life! Charge forth now with our legions and you shall win!
            Ever the victors for light, love and God within you, we are Victory and
Justina, your ambassadors of love for a cosmos!

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