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K-17      April 29, 2018

Beloved K-17
David Christopher Lewis
April 29, 2018   8:28–8:33 am PDT
San Mateo, California 

K-17 Sends an Emerald Ray of Light into Our Third Eye for the Acceleration of Higher Vision

Divine Friends,

I, K-17, come to infuse you with light, with divine joy and the instantaneous release of etheric fire within your memory body to consume the cause and core of ancient discord within your own being that you have brought to the present moment in your lives, which must go, which must be dealt with, transmuted and released permanently for our collective victory in the light.

There is much that is transpiring at this time, as many of you know, regarding what has been called the Deep State. And the forces of light are on the march, and the archangels and many bands of angels have been very busy answering the calls of lightbearers and of those of you in this movement. El Morya is pleased with your efforts. And there is an initiative of the Great White Brotherhood that is essential to be concluded and victorious in this moment, which we, together, are invested in. And we pray that you, each one, will be a nexus for its fulfillment through your harmonious life, through the light of God that flows through you and through all that is ready to be completely manifested, which you will see outpictured in coming days, weeks and months.

I cannot fully reveal all that is transpiring, dearest ones, at the deeper levels of being. Yet I say that many, many dark spirits have been removed and are in the process of being bound and removed so that this victory may be accomplished. Keep on with your calls to El Morya, for he is at this hour instrumental in this great cosmic initiative. And if you choose to add a greater momentum, then I say call to the cosmic being and Elohim Hercules, with his beloved Amazonia. Sing to them, pray to them day and night to remove discord upon this Earth, the shadow government and all aliens who are involved at any level in the plans of mechanization man upon this Earth. The work of each of you is essential in this, dearest ones. And lest any of you think that you are not important or that your calls are not required, let me assure you that you are essential to this victory.

Now I send a ray, an emerald ray of light, into your third eye for your illumination, for the acceleration of your vision, your higher vision, in coming days, weeks and months so that you can be aware and awake to all that is transpiring and see into the etheric plane at times and also into those areas that require your attention in the astral plane so that a great fortification of light may occur through your calls, with pinpoint accuracy, to deal with the exigencies of the hour.

Thank you, blessed ones, for your attention this morning, for your love and devotion. We were (and are) winning, as Morya says, from the beginning. And now that we are spinning higher and higher in the ascension current, we intend to be victorious in all things and for Saint Germain and the Divine Director's plan to be fulfilled for America and the world.

Thank you for assisting us and making it so. I bid you good day and adieu.

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