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David Lewis      February 17, 2018

David Christopher Lewis Sharing
February 17, 2018   12:51 ̶ 12:54 pm PST

2018 San Diego Prayer Vigil

San Diego, California

The Goddess of Freedom Wields Her Sword in the Capitol Building in Washington, DC

            The Goddess of Freedom now stands under the dome, in the very center of that area where people meet when they take tours of the Capitol, right under the center of the dome. And she is turning 360 degrees and wielding her sword to carve away darkness, illusion and all of the swampish deeds of those who do not have the highest spiritual intent for this nation and her people within their hearts. Some are simply deluded; others are actually in the know of what they are doing. Most of them are simply deluded, in both parties—it doesn't matter—based on their educational upbringing, what they've taken in from the media, what they believe.

            What I see in the action of the Goddess of Freedom wielding her sword is the destruction of delusion and illusion so that people can see clearly again and understand all that is at play, because if they knew better, they would do better. But they don't know better because they've been programmed, right? They've been programmed, programmed, programmed. We too have been programmed somewhat, but we are awake to the matrix, and we're taking the red pill rather than the blue, right? Is the red one the good one in The Matrix movie? I think the red one is the good one. And that has no bearing on political parties. [laughter] I prefer to take a blue-colored pill than a red-colored pill, but I think in the case of The Matrix, the red one was the good one. [comment from someone in audience] What, the wakeful one? Yeah.

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