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David Lewis      January 07, 2018

David Christopher Lewis Discourse
January 7,   10:57 ̶ 11:10 am MST
Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart
Livingston, Montana

Working Together for Community

I had a dream on December 30 that I wrote in my journal about, and I'd like to share this with you because I thought it was very telling.

This was an amazing retreat experience. There were numerous initiates who were co-creating a community of light and specifically a sacred temple—some of us. And I saw many of you there working on an upper room with various focuses and sacred ornamental recesses for points of meditation, prayer and reflection. Everything that we required just magically and mystically appeared as we required it and were ready to facilitate its positioning, et cetera, with beings appearing out of thin air to deliver these items or to help us position them. Some required painting or embellishing, and they were lovingly presented—adornments, statuary, paintings that were really alive.

You've seen movies where the images and the pictures come to life. Well, this is the way it was—the images of these great divine beings were actually alive in their representations. Each one was perfectly timed to come into place, in position at its appropriated time. And every position was alchemical in that there was a reason why everything was where it was placed. That was part of the dynamic of creating this hallowed space of this retreat.

Many items seemed to be previously lost or they were not available until that moment, and now they were found. And they were just miraculously coming forth, and it was like, “Oh yes, I remember this.” It was like we had all revered these iconic talismans and now we were able to access them and utilize them in co-creating both this community of light and this sacred temple. The grand scheme of this entire endeavor was perfectly overseen by the Divine Director himself and Saint Germain and Portia, and it was just an amazing alchemical experience that we were all engaged in on the inner.

Some of you may have had experiences like this in the retreats, where you were actually working to co-create something amazing, alchemical, beautiful. And if you remember these, please write them down and keep them in your journal because they really do give us hope for the future. And I think what we already do on the inner—which we'll be continuing to do as ascended beings after we ascend or maybe between lifetimes in the etheric plane—gives us a sense that we're doing a lot more than just what we think we do on Earth.

Everything here relates somehow to things in heaven—as Above, so below. So as we co-create heaven on earth here, there is a direct proportional relationship between what we put our efforts, our energy, our time, our money and our love into here with what is also simultaneously and synchronistically, I believe, actually occurring in heaven. So it is a wonderful dynamic; nothing is really ever lost. The effort that you make on Earth ascends, in a sense, in spiritual vibration, in akasha, and actually is registered there in the etheric, and it's a beautiful thing.

Just as an example, let's say John Bluefeather's beautiful photography and his poetry—these are living realities in the heaven world. And that feeling, that divine experience that he had when he captured, let's say, a photograph of a mountain or a beautiful eagle or a precious elemental that was doing something amazing in nature, is never lost. It is vibrating and still manifesting in the etheric as a blessing that John, in his higher bodies, can share with ascended beings, with the elementals themselves, with other humans who are not yet ascended but who dwell on the etheric between lifetimes or when they go there at night when they sleep.

The same with Jerome's images, his beautiful photography; the same with all the images that Lisa Delaney, David Kyle, Nancy Badten and Maria Min create through all their representations. I can probably go to each and every one of you: Dean's music; Mona's love that she puts into the food, every meal that she prepares for me and for us and for our families when they come; Nancy and Stephen's care that they put into helping people in the store; and Jeanette—I can name all of you—Ken's work on the website. Nancy Kolze has helped us for many months working on titling HeartStreams that didn't have titles and putting key words in there, the key elements of what those HeartStreams were. What Maydell has done at her home, creating that beautiful, beautiful sanctuary of light and, really, this retreat under Mother Mary's retreat in the heaven world, over that area of the Paradise Valley where the Healing Light Retreat is; Sonya's work with the finances and keeping everything in order. All of these have co-relational realities in heaven. And Patricia Murphy over here and her love and hosting The Hearts Center early on, and the vibration of the HeartStreams that occured in that mobile home where she was. And then all of the experiences that all of you have had from the beginning of your spiritual life, actually from the beginning of your first incarnations, and then coming to the present day. All of these things are living realities; they're never lost.

The love, the light, the joy, the cherishment, the camaraderie, the friendship, the brother/sisterhood, the unity field that we create—these are essences and divine quintessences that live on and actually feed the universe. And as I'm seeing it now, these crystalline frequencies we actually draw from in akasha to co-create these retreats and this sanctuary of light in the heaven world. So lest we think that when we do something that nobody sees but God, it's lost, not witnessed, let me assure you, it is witnessed. Angels of the sacred fire, recording angels witness your love, your givingness, your co-creativity and it is caught up into heaven, so to speak. And the energy of it actually feeds the etheric plane, as I'm seeing it through the lens of Saint Germain's consciousness today.

So this gives us hope. Yes, we at times lower our vibration, forget all the great things that we've done or been associated with or helped to co-create, but when you have your life review, I can assure you that all these beautiful things will come to life again; they will be sparkling and magnanimous and colorful and energetic. And you will see and feel, from the vantage point of all beings who were impacted by your love and your givingness, just how awesome God wrought love and light through you, through your experience as a conscious being on Earth.

And I just hope that we never have the sense, any of us, that we are less-than, that we are not worthy to ascend or to be here on Earth to give our gifts. We are all worthy, every one of us. Revel in that sense of divine worthiness, not in an egoic way, of course, but in a humble and virtuous and authentic way. As Saint Germain said in his HeartStream, we have to stake our claim. He said it a couple of times, stake your claim to your divinity and toward your ascension. It's like when you're cross-country skiing. You've got to put that pole down as you're moving forward, and each pole is like staking a new claim as you move forward on the path. Or if you're climbing a mountain and you're using those poles to get yourself up that mountain, or you're climbing on the path. Or, let's say, you're one of these amazing climbers who hammers a stake into the side of a cliff and then he/she pulls him/herself up. I mean, talk about staking your claim to get to the top, those guys are phenomenal in their strength, in their agility, in their tenacity to be victorious.

So at every point of initiation on the path we have an opportunity to make a difference and to stake our claim. Let's make this year 2018 one where we support each other, we root for each other, we congratulate each other, we celebrate our individual and collective victories and we move forward. Near the end of Saint Germain's HeartStream I was seeing how he was, in effect, congratulating us for this unity field that we create, which actually sustains our family, our spiritual family. It's created every day by our love, through the love we share in our services, our broadcast services, the collective work that we do, the prayers for each other.

All this praying for Adrie Min, and now he's home. Yea! [applause] So, Maria and Adrie, if you're watching, all I can say is, I knew the miracle was going to happen. I proclaimed  it. I saw it. Mona and I prayed with all of our hearts, and all the knights and ladies prayed with all of their hearts for you, and now you are witness to the power of this collective prayer. And we are awesome, aren't we? I should say “Yes.” It's conscious language. You don't say “aren't we,” “are not we.” We don't want the “not.” We say, “We are awesome, yes?” [Audience responds: “Yes!”] We are awesome, yes? [Audience responds: “Yes!”] God in us is awesome, yes? [Audience responds: “Yes!”] Okay.

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