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Victory      December 18, 2017

Beloved Victory
David Christopher Lewis
December 18, 2017   9:25–9:36 am CST
2017 Mexico Winter Solstice Event
The Holy Family Blesses Mexico with the Light of Freedom and Justice: Saint Germain and Portia Come to Illumine Families Everywhere
Cuernavaca, Mexico

Victory Speaks of Honoring Our Children and Sends Ten Thousand Angels
to Embed Divine Love within the Earth

I AM Victory, and I come unannounced to proclaim the victory of your family and of our communal family!

Dearest ones, it is a time for the light to descend throughout the Americas for the victory of every person within every family, within every community; for the victory of light within our hearts, the victory of love within the family!

You see, blessed ones, this conference was long ago foreseen, and I petitioned Sanat Kumara to come unto you this day to clear the way for his coming. And he assented and allowed me to be with you this day to charge you with the light of cosmic victory so that you can feel this light blazing within you, so that from this day forward you will always have my Presence with you to be victorious in everything that you do and to never look backward, always forward, dearest ones.

Now I tell you something dear to my heart. The precious children within this community are the hope for the future. And we are gratified that during this event your children have come and allowed their light to shine. It is important, dearest ones, that children be a part of all of your efforts and affairs, for they have that inner victorious sense already within them. They have no sense of limitation until it is put upon them by others. Honor these great souls by allowing them to give their gifts, for by doing this you honor your own families. For they are a part of your families and they come into embodiment within your families for a holy purpose. It is often to help you as adults to evolve, to grow in your own spirituality.

They come fresh from heaven with the victorious sense that the angels have embedded within them. And if you are you are sensitive to their needs and to their holy desires, you will honor them by offering them the highest opportunity for them to become who they are in God as God Self-realized victors. As you take their hands and walk together in nature, the angels of Victory commingle with the elemental spirits. There is a refreshing of your entire soul and enlivening of your spirit, and you are always moved upward and onward on your path of light.

Dearest ones, you have seen the effects of the dark ones in their attempt to quash this event, even delaying our representative's coming from Montana. That dark fog over the airport in Bozeman was an attempt by the evil spirits to prevent this event. Yet they could not prevent it, dearest ones, for your prayers and your righteous calls rose to heaven. That fog was finally cleared and our angels escorted your airline jets to Mexico City. And we even saw to it that our representatives were in first class! We consider all of you first-class citizens of heaven, dearest ones, for you are our hope for the future, for America and the world. Consider the value of your souls to heaven in this hour, how important you are to the full realization of America's divine plan.

Now I send ten thousand angels across the Americas—to North, Central and South America. And they embed within the cultures of these peoples the great light from the Central Sun to embed within the Earth divine love on this Monday, the day of love. You shall see love growing within the Earth now. You shall see the resurrection of the culture of the Divine Mother. You shall see miracles manifesting through all manner of occurrences within the Earth. And this simply requires your call, your belief, your acceptance.

Through your faith in us, God is realized within you. Through your faith in the Lord, he descends into your midst to co-create heaven upon earth. So accept who you are in God this day. Feel the blazing love-fires of God within your heart and always know that you are validated by God, who lives within you. Maintain that victorious sense every day, every hour, for nothing can affect you except you allow it. Therefore do not allow it. Allow only God's light within your world, and it shall be so. I proclaim it! I deliver it!

Say it with me now: “I AM the light of Victory! I AM the light of Victory! I AM the light of Victory! I AM the light of Victory!”

Thank you, blessed ones, for being here. And now that you are fully charged with this love-light from Venus, I ask that you give that great ritual of light whereby more angels may come into your midst, the glorious Rosary of Faith—en Español!

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