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Sanat Kumara      December 18, 2017

Beloved Sanat Kumara
David Christopher Lewis
December 18, 2017   12:00–12:11 pm CST
2017 Mexico Winter Solstice Event
The Holy Family Blesses Mexico with the Light of Freedom and Justice: Saint Germain and Portia Come to Illumine Families Everywhere
Cuernavaca, Mexico 

Love Is the Divine Order of the New Day

Love is the divine order of the New Day and you live within it, precious ones. Love is the answer to every dilemma and you may discern it, if you choose. Love is the way out of your issues, your problems, your burdens if you are willing to enter into that divine-love state of being, integrated in God, affording God the opportunity to breathe through you, to live through you, to emanate through you love.

The family unit is the love unit of beingness. We of Venus discerned this tens of thousands of years ago. And so we have a culture of perfect equanimity and understanding, of compassion and kindness and all of the virtues that originate from love, that emanate because of love to our planet and her people. Earth, too, can know divine love when she is ready, when all her peoples rise in awareness to accept love as the new norm of the New Day.

Where love is present, all division ceases. Where love is bestowed, grace is fulfilled. Where love is taught, truth prevails. Where love is co-created by man and woman in unison, new life emerges.

Love is your origin. Love is your destiny. Love is the means through which you evolve, you grow, you transcend. When love is at the center of your life, your life has meaning, and unless your life is rich in love, you have not yet discerned your purpose for being here.

Love is at the center of every divine plan and holy mission, for in fulfilling love, you fulfill all. Love is the fulfillment of the law of beingness, and all laws will dissolve into the singularity of the one eternal law of love when every man, woman and child lives the golden rule and sustains the love-fires of God within, emblazing and embroidering that love within every creation as an anointing of the Holy Spirit's grace.

Every culture that understands love is victorious in the estate of the new birth, the regeneration, the acceleration of light. Every culture that ignores love as the focal point of God-beingness within every man, woman and child is doomed to self-destruct. You see this upon Earth in many realms. And yet we are here to remind you, O mankind, of your destiny in love, the nondualistic nature of God, even within the Alpha and the Omega currents commingling in that unity field of beingness in love.

Oh, how great is the love-fire of the initiate whose sole desire is to serve God, to know God and to enter into the field of light who God is. Have you desired only love in your life to be your wayshower, to be your purpose? Love will lead you along your path to the victory spiral of loveliness in God's Presence. Love will lead you through every obstacle. Love will deliver you from every temptation. Love will seal you from the wiles of the wicked. Love will rebirth you in the resurrection fire of the living Christ and the light of the Buddha and the essence of the Mother Divine.

When love is shared within family, love is expanded to new realms and dimensions of being. When love is expressed in a new reality, universes unfold in a new representation of creativity with God. When you speak words of love, cherubs surround you and angels abound in the glory of your consciousness wed to Spirit.

We now inscribe within you a new level of love that you may live within as you choose to be godly, to be compassionate, to be reverent, to be empathic toward all life. This level of love is Venusian love commingled with you upon Earth as you seek your true stature as God-men and women.

Arise and shine, O soul, in the light of love! Arise and shine, O spirit, in the grace of amour. Oh, rise and shine, O mankind, in the power of love to recreate Earth now in its pristine glory, in its destiny of light, in its nature of godliness, holiness, purity. As you arise and shine each day, you give birth within the Earth to divine love when, through your angelic nature, you simply are that love—as a child knows that love in its infancy at the breast of its mother and in the simplicity of beingness, in that purity state of new life.

Your new life begins now, O Mexico, O Americas, O Earth, in the light of living love, in the light of divine love now manifest through you. Thank you for being true to love and to your purpose as lovely hearts, radiant hearts, glorious hearts of fire. Bless you.

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