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Kuthumi      December 16, 2017

Beloved Kuthumi
David Christopher Lewis
December 16, 2017   5:45–6:08 pm CST
2017 Mexico Winter Solstice Event
The Holy Family Blesses Mexico with the Light of Freedom and Justice: Saint Germain and Portia Come to Illumine Families Everywhere
Cuernavaca, Mexico 

Nature's Kindness Is Yours to Enjoy and Employ

Nature is in a constant state of prayer through the movement of the wind within the trees, the acceptance by all plants of the warmth and light of the sun, the movement of all worlds in space, the little caterpillar as it moves across a leaf, a mother robin as she brings a worm to her child, a newborn horse suckling at her mother's breast, a lamb as it bounds in the field, and the fish swimming within the ocean. All of this, dearest ones, is nature's kindness manifest through the light of peace for you to enjoy and then, through your meditation on peace within nature, to employ in your peaceful lives.

Yes, nature is always in prayer, and prayer is what brings peace. When you are in a prayerful mode, you expand the light of peace where you are. When your heart is at peace, when your emotions are at peace, when your mind is at peace, your whole being is in a prayerful experience.

I encourage you to slow down your prayers sometimes, for then you will experience more peace. And your prayers may actually have more power, for you reach deep within your soul to say these words with reverence, sincerity and authenticity. Don't utter your prayers like those in many churches who say them out of a sense of obligation, without contacting the God-light within their hearts. Give your prayers with your entire being. Let the prayer speak itself through you; let the prayer exist and manifest within your heart. Then it will have its desired result, for the prayer is a living being. It seeks a voice to share its import, its message to the universe, its petition to the Almighty.

 Every prayer can be a mystical awakening within you of the light of perfect peace. Every prayer can be an aspect of the eternal Now manifest, whereby you contact the Divine and you feel within that prayer your reconnection with your Source. And through that reconnection, the prayer becomes a reality. This is the mystical nature of true prayer. The prayer is answered within your own heart as the words are real within you. The words dance within the atmosphere for the prayers of the righteous, the saints upon the Earth and those who know their connection with their God. The peace that manifests these prayers is undying and expands to all nature, and nature reflects back to the prayerful one the reality of that prayer's message.

Oh, if you could experience my love for God within nature in just a little way every day, observing the birds around you, their calls, their communications, meditating for a while while looking at a flower and actually discerning how it is itself speaking to the sun. When you enter into nature in this way, you experience nature's beautiful prayer, which is ongoing and beautiful. It is a continuous mystical awakening of life. It is life being expressed through life's own prayer, and each of you is a part of this eternal prayer.

You see, dearest ones, your entire life is a prayer. Every inbreath and outbreath is a part of this prayer. When you truly experience God in this way, there is no longer just a regimented time for a prayer—all twenty-four hours in every day is a prayer. And even while you are asleep at night, many angels are praying with you.

Especially observe the little babies and young children as they take their naps and they sleep. How many times, O beloved mothers among you, have you seen a little smile upon your baby's face as they were in communication with angels or other divine beings as they slept? How many times have you remembered your deeper experiences in life within your dreams and visions? All this was a type of prayer, yes? Just a little different type of prayer.

Prayer is communication with God. Talking to God through the intimation of your heart's experience, feeling God through those inner desires that you express in your prayers, knowing God's eternal Presence within and all around you, there is no demarcation of God's Presence here and yours there that is different, where God's energy field ends and yours begins. Your aura is a part of God's, and God's great aura is a part of you, includes you. If you really know this truth, dearest hearts, that you are a part of God and that God's being encompasses you, there is no more sense of separation. And in that feeling of oneness, everything you utter becomes a prayer.

How you speak to one another is expressive of your true nature. Are you reverent with everyone that you meet? If so, your communication is a type of prayer. Do you tell your dogs and cats and pets each day that you love them? I can assure you that they feel your genuine love toward them in how you speak to them, as well as how you touch and pet them, take them on walks, enjoy nature and all that you do.

Now listen for a moment to the birds. What do you think they are saying to one another? Listen to the little children. What are they feeling? Listen to the wind and, if you have great, great, great hearing, to the movement of the little grasshoppers or other imperceptible life-forms. They are all living and moving and having their being in God. Nature is all around them and they are part of this eternal nature—and you are too.

Now I give you one little secret. When you return to your homes and even during this retreat, take time to take off your shoes and socks. Walk upon the grass and the soil. Feel the Mother Earth beneath your feet. What is she speaking to your soul through your soles, the soles of your feet? Even through your feet you can discern the truths of Mother Nature's love for you. And for some of you, this may even really help your physical health, and especially your emotional and mental health.

There are very important spiritual essences that permeate your feet from Mother Earth through the pores of your skin. These enter into your being, and the essences actually go into your blood and into other liquid and solid systems within your body temple. These essences affect your nervous system and bring peace to your actual neurons. They affect your lymphatic system and help your white blood cells to become stronger and more virile to counteract all the little bad guys that somehow enter your blood through the foods that you eat and what you take in through your mouth.

You see, Mother Nature extends many miraculous essences to you, yet you do not always contact her to allow her to do this. Walk gently upon the earth, breathe deeply the air around you—especially in areas where there are many plants and trees that radiate out that wonderful oxygenated air—and allow your body and your entire being to feel and experience this life-energy field. This will soothe your soul, bring peace to everything in your life, allow you to heal from deep within you and reawaken certain higher spiritual powers.

Did you know that through your feet you can develop greater intuition? Many times the Master Jesus walked upon the earth and received from within the soles of his feet understanding that he required in that moment to help deal with a difficult situation or person, to prepare for a miraculous healing that he was about to experience, and even, upon the Mount of Olives, to deliver one of the greatest sermons of all time, which you all, hopefully, know so well. Yes, that Mount Olivet was very special to the Lord. He walked there as often as he could to be recharged by the Holy Spirit's Presence and the mystical whisperings of the trees unto him.

And of course you all know my story, dearest ones, how the blessed animals came to me because they were truly my friends. I would not ever hurt any one of them, only revere them as my precious brothers and sisters, even as I revere you now as my own.

I pray that you feel this oneness now. I pray that you will discern who you truly are a little bit more each day, until that day of glory when, truly having known yourself finally as God, you return to the heart of God in your ascension in the light, forever free in that joy—in that joy and love of God.

I love you all. Be at peace. Let your prayer be peace. And I am with you always in this continuous prayer of peace for our planet. Thank you.

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