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David Lewis      November 02, 2017

David Christopher Lewis Sharing
November 2, 2017   11:29 ̶ 11:36 am MDT
Livingston, Montana

Sharing from David and Baltimore Heartfriends

After Lady Master Nada's HeartStream

Donna and all who may be listening or watching a replay of this, I consider this one of the most magnificent HeartStreams on love and service that I have been privileged to receive, and I give glory to God and Nada for her great teaching and her love today. And I hope that you've been touched, and I know that the answer to your three questions was included in the HeartStream. So I think that we're done and we can reflect on these words. And whatever else you would like to do for the remainder of this half hour, you are welcome to do.|

Participant:  David, one of our people was operated on this morning, John [unintelligible], if you could later just give a prayer for him. Nine o'clock. He was hoping his wife would be able to come from Nigeria, but she was not able to, so he—

David:  At your request, the prayer is fulfilled now.

Thank you. Thank you so much.

 The angels are already attending to him in preparation for—is it surgery?

Participant:  He had his surgery at 9:00 o'clock this morning and he's planning on going home.

David:  Okay. Well, don't have any fear. Everything is according to God's will and the angels are with him.

Participant:  Thank you so much and thank everyone for being on today. We appreciate it.

David:  And you're welcome to stay on and express your reflections on this HeartStream. If there is anything that you would like to tell Nada of local activities before I get off, you are welcome to say a few words.

Participant:  Basically we have four—is it three book studies? And of course today, our service that we always have, and we have a service on the telephone—a decree service on the telephone every Thursday night. And I was hoping that we might be able to have a class on angels at the comic book store—I haven't been able to get an answer from him yet—and have the art related with that, perhaps draw angels, create angels. There [unintelligible] and a lot of heroes that they like. It's a comic book store. But of course angels are heroes also. That's what I wanted to—

 Well, just keep up your vision and keep asking and doing the alchemy for that, and I'm sure that if it's meant to be—which I see it happening—it will happen according to the cycles if they're able to offer the opportunity. So just keep on keeping on and believing and accepting and visualizing. We know the law: what we place our attention upon we become, and where we focus, our energy goes. So as you together focus on it, so it shall be.

Participant:  And also the 2018 conference that we are going to be having.

 Yes, it's awesome. Looking forward to it.

Participant:  Thank you so much.

David:  And we hopefully will be able to do paneurhythmy. And we're negotiating about bringing someone who can teach and lead us. And of course our beloved Boris is wonderful. What I don't know is if there's anybody locally who can teach, that we wouldn't have to pay for transportation. But at this point, unless you know someone who's very adept at it in the area, we hopefully will have the money to have Boris come.

 We can look into it.

David:  It would be nice just to see if there's anybody locally. And even if we end up bringing Boris, if there are people that do do it locally, they may desire to come to our event.

Participant:  Okay. We will get on it immediately.

David:  Now, I did share with Cathleen last night that because of my schedule I'm only going to be able to do two of these sharings with Baltimore per month, even though you have four or five different groups. Two to Baltimore is enough for me. So you can combine maybe five different groups or whatever—just combine them into two. One can be facilitated by you and one by Sharon, as you're kind of doing now. So that gives an opportunity for me to also share with other groups so my schedule is not too over-maxed.

Participant:  We appreciate everything that you do. Thank you.

David:  Well, to me this was worth three or four sessions. It was so beautiful. I consider this just like a meditative HeartStream on love and art, which was like Rumi or Gibran or the poetic writers and saints of the past. To me it was magnificent. So I give glory to God and Nada. And she is so beautiful. And the fact that she said she's an artist I think will also help us consider her in a new light.

 We love her and we have her picture that Tom created on the table.

 Great. Okay, dear hearts. All my best to you, and I hope everyone's doing okay and recovering if you ate any sugar on the 31st. Just kidding, just kidding. So have a great new day and a great November.

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