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Holy Spirit      September 24, 2017

David Christopher Lewis Darshan
September 24, 2017   10:55 ̶ 11:05 am CDT
2017 Autumn Equinox Event
The Twelve Archangels Illumine Chicago with Cosmic Joy
Techny, llIinois

Darshan with the Holy Spirit

Would anyone like to ask a question now to the Holy Spirit regarding this path of initiation, regarding what I've just shared—anything to illumine this a little bit more?

In our Hearts Center, we are brothers and sisters; we are real; we are not about creating a new religion and not really even an organization per se. We are a movement, and we do change and we do shift and we are ready to accept higher truth when it comes to us through many sources. And this has happened throughout our thirteen-year history.

We've absorbed beautiful teachings from great masters East and West that we have not formerly known about. We have many books, and some of the books are on the table—Peter Mt. Shasta, whom I consider a holy brother. From the books that I've read by him—and I think I have read four now—I feel like he's speaking my language. He's speaking what I've been through, and a lot of the spiritual concepts that he elucidates in these books I've learned over the last forty-two years through my studies—almost all the same teachings. He just had a different pathway of finding the same teachings.

So are there any questions that you'd like to ask the Holy Spirit before we move on? Boyd.

Boyd:  As we take our turns being presenters and presenting our gifts to the community, which I and others have done, at times I've had an amazing amount of new things come to me in my own experience, and I have then been impelled to include them in my teaching. It took a lot of courage on my part at first because I thought, well, I lived this and I think it's true, but I've never, ever heard this. I've never read it anywhere else. So it took courage. I wonder if the Holy Spirit can speak on this, how to find courage to present something that you've never heard anybody else say, but it's your truth, so that we all have more courage in this respect.

David:  Yeah, it's a great thing, because God is using every one of us as an instrument when we are humble and when we follow the divine principles and precepts and the virtues. We are all co-creators with God, and so God can use any of us to bring forth a new, beautiful teaching, a revelation, an understanding. The nuances that flow through every heart in the cosmos are specific and unique for that lifestream, right?

We all have a different perspective on how we view life, how we experience life, how we experience the initiatic path, and every person's path is valid. So when you have insights that come through your striving, through your true deep spirituality, write them down, record them and then when the time is right, when it will edify someone to then also make progress, with permission from the Holy Spirit, you can speak.

Some of our deeper spiritual experiences are very personal and private and may be too sacred to share, and if we speak them it kind of diffuses them and then makes them less holy for us. However, other things that will edify people, in the right spirit, are important to share in audiences like this, in gatherings like this or in local study groups when we together are striving to understand the path, make greater progress, raise each other up and support one another. That is the time when you ask the question silently: “Is this okay to share?” And when you get a yes, then share it, and then allow others to reflect on it. Maybe they've had some more experience that can edify you.

This is the great thing about our events where we have questions and answers and darshans in which different people can come from different angles and share something that we never saw that way because they have experienced it uniquely. And that builds this aura of understanding of the path. It helps us to become more universal in our approach, in our thinking, in our analysis of things—divine analysis rather than the analysis that brings us to paralysis. The perversion of true divine insight is analysis paralysis, and we don't desire that. We desire mindful and heart-centered consideration of all of the aspects of the path so that we feed on the understanding that comes as we process the path, as we experience it. We feed on the understanding through meditation. Meditation is so crucial for absorbing and feeding the ongoing understanding that's coming to us every day of new aspects of the law—the laws of life, the laws of eternality, the laws of beingness.

So, yes, be bold in how you authentically share what you've experienced uniquely through your heart, through your mind, one with God, in those sacred moments when a revelation has come, an insight has come that will edify. That's the legitimate time to share. You do this for the purpose of helping others, not to puff up your ego. And you will know when you speak something from the ego because you'll have this little self-correction from your Higher Self that says: “Whoa. I've had that happen, right?” And you'll know: “Okay, I misspoke” or “I shouldn't have spoken.” You'll know it. Many of you have had that, if not all of you.

So you will know by the Holy Spirit. And that's why it's so important to invoke the Holy Spirit, because the Holy Spirit will give you the discernment to know what to speak and when to speak, with whom, and how. So, yes, when you're commissioned to teach a class in Meru University, that's the time. God said: “Okay, here you go. It's your class; it's your opportunity to shine and to share some of these insights.” So this is the time.

We have many study groups in The Hearts Center that are studying different books. That's a time to allow God's glory to manifest through what you've experienced, so long, again, as you're humble about it. That's the key. I've seen people in the past in different organizations who were not always humble about it and they desired to be thought well of and to have this one-upmanship on others. And I tell you, they don't last long. God brings them low because pride goeth before the fall.1 And I've seen it over and over and over.

I was waiting in the wings for thirty years, really, to keep working on myself. And then God said, “Okay, now is the time.” Fine. But I wasn't one who was at a very high level within the previous organization—teaching or as a minister, blah-blah-blah. I was just humbly working on myself, doing my spiritual work week after week, month after month, year after year. And then when the time was right, the cycles aligned themselves and heaven said, “Okay, here you go,” and things clicked.

Maybe it hasn't clicked for you like that yet, or maybe it has. You will know when the time comes, if you haven't quite reached that state, that you have really locked into your divine plan in terms of teaching and sharing. I think a lot of you are there now. Some have been there for years and decades. For others, it may just take a little bit more effort or a little bit more humility or both. And then the time will come, and it's almost like you are now awake. Before that time, you were a little bit half asleep, and then when that time comes, you are awake. That's almost the best way to describe it, because when it happens it happens, and then you are so aware and awake that it's a different world. So those who have experienced it know what I'm talking about.

1. Proverbs 16:18.

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