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David Lewis      September 24, 2017

David Christopher Lewis Discourse
September 24, 2017   11:05 ̶ 8:20 am CDT
2017 Autumn Equinox Event
The Twelve Archangels Illumine Chicago with Joy
Techny, llIinois

Buddha Breathing Techniques, I AM Affirmations and Paneurhythmy

Recently we had Buddha breathing. How many people heard that teaching? So a number of you didn't. We have learned different techniques for breathing and meditation, and one of them was Djwal Kul's, where you breathe in for eight counts, you hold for eight counts, you breathe out for eight counts and then you hold for eight counts. It was always a little difficult for me after breathing out to hold eight counts, because after you expel the breath you hold, so you are waiting to be able to breathe in again.

I read in the lessons of Paramahansa Yogananda through Self-Realization Fellowship that in their technique you breathe in, you hold, you breathe out, you don't hold, and then you breathe in again. It was much easier. This is a technique that the masters talked about through me. They call it Buddha breathing. They also added the concept that you are breathing in light, prana, chi and the virtues of God through the inbreath. And you hold for the same number, whatever works for you. It could be four, six, eight, or more after you develop a greater ability to hold that light and the breath in your lungs. And at that point, you are absorbing all that light, all that chi, all that prana and the virtues of God deep inside of you and in all of your cells—both the physical cells and the spiritual chakras and cells. And then you breathe out light and love and all these virtues to the universe.

So you do that for a while. Then the second part of the Buddha breathing is that you breathe in the darkness of the world, the illusion and maya. You have to do the first step first because you don't start breathing in the darkness before you've built up a reservoir of energy of love, light and virtue through the first part. Then you breathe in illusion, maya, darkness. Then in the holding part, you are transmuting it inside through the blazing violet fire in your heart, in your being. And all that darkness is being transmuted into light. Then when you breathe out after the hold time, you are breathing out light, breathing out the opposite of that darkness—light, love and all the virtues again.

When you are breathing out, you are always breathing out good and blessing, and then you go back to breathing in some other darkness or illusion, maya. You process it, transmute it in the holding part, and then when you breathe out, you are breathing out love and light again. Then the third step is the same as the first, where after you've done the cycle of breathing in illusion, maya, you go back to holding the light, the love, the chi, the prana, and then you are whole again in terms of not carrying any of that darkness. So you always begin and end with that. And the purpose is for you to come up higher and be stronger through that whole process.

So this is a technique. Many spiritual teachers have taught it a little bit differently, using different words, but the concepts are pretty similar. At a certain point on the path you become a nexus for the transmutation of planetary karma and darkness because you've worked on yourself long enough that you've built up a field of energy and divine radiance to now be able to handle what's coming for transmutation. Many of us have, let's say, been decreeing for twenty or thirty years. If we stop decreeing, what happens? We feel terrible, because when you've been decreeing or meditating for twenty or thirty years, you've built up that reservoir. And if you stop doing it, the energy still cycles in for transmutation, but if you are not there to decree or to meditate, you are not in the transmutation mode.

Now, that's one way of looking at this. Eventually you get to the point beyond all that, where you are light, you are a sun and you don't necessarily even require any rituals whatsoever to manifest your divinity. However, I caution all of us that most of us are not in that state yet. We have to really have, in my opinion, full Self-realization and the experience of complete oneness with God and then be able to sustain it.

This last thing that I just shared is really for saints and walking masters; most of us are not there. We have to be very careful that we don't egoically think that we are and then leave off of the beautiful rituals of pranic breathing, prayer and meditation and just walk out and then lapse or fall down on the path. Most of us require the ritual of meditation, pranic breathing, stillness, prayers and devotion to God. So I would caution all of us, even if you are at that higher level, to still stay engaged in the daily rituals of mindfulness practice, of heart-centeredness. Because of the entropy and darkness in the world, most of us require that boost, that daily charging of light. It's the rare walking master or messiah or messenger who is able to do the last thing that I shared.

So this Buddha breathing is a beautiful ritual. I know that I've done it in past lives, and I know that many of you have done it in past lives. You may have come into this life already knowing this inside of yourself. And then when you hear the teaching, you think, “Aha, I know this. I've done this before. I've practiced this to help people on the Earth.” So it's kind of second nature to us because we've done this in the past, and then when we hear the teaching we re-remember it.

Now, we can use I AM affirmations. In the books by Peter Mt. Shasta, he talks about traveling all over the world, to India, to Tibet. He always comes back to his foundation, though, the teaching from Saint Germain of using the I AM name of God and making affirmations: “I AM the Presence manifesting now for this purpose.” We realize that when we say “I AM,” we are coming from the point of the I AM Presence, not the human self—we are not speaking from ego—and this is another dynamic way of inscribing the perfectionment, the beauty of the I AM Presence and of the nature of God within the Earth, in the world of form in which we live, move and have our being.

So we use decrees and affirmations in our prayer books for this very reason, because we feel that this is an authentic, beautiful, up-to-date Western approach to spirituality. It doesn't mean that we don't meditate. It doesn't mean that we don't do pranic breathing. We do all of the above. The affirmations and the use of the name of God, I AM THAT I AM, and the shortened form, I AM, are important for Westerners because we are not always able to enter stillness through meditation due to our upbringing, our cultural heritage, our conditioning and all of the environmental influences of the West.

Some have done it through years of practice. Most of us, though, have done it in past lives in the East. Now we are in Western bodies and we're using the affirmations of Saint Germain—first through the “I AM” movement, then through the Bridge to Freedom, The Summit and The Hearts Center—and also these beautiful, beautiful cosmic thoughtforms within our prayers to anchor light in the world and bring heaven to earth: “Thy kingdom come…on earth as it is in heaven.”1

I believe that we have the best of both worlds in terms of the highest teachings of the East—Buddhism, true Taoism, the higher Hinduism, the higher Islam (which is Sufism), Zoroastrianism, and even elements of Confucius's teaching, et cetera. And we have the highest teachings of the West through what Saint Germain has delivered to the audience of the West, primarily, through the Saint Germain Foundation and then subsequent organizations that had living true messengers.

When we use the teachings of East and West appropriately, we have the perfect balance of East and West within ourselves. So we are both prayerful and meditative. We can be dynamic when it's required using fiats, just as you've heard through the masters in their dictations, even in the last few days. And then we have the magnificence of the Great Silence and stillness through their messages, which also bring us to a very high state of presence in that stillness.

I don't see this as a dichotomy, that the masters deliver some HeartStreams that are blazing fire and others that are very calm, cool and collected. I see it as the Alpha and Omega of the East and the West manifesting through this dispensation. I see it as a grace of God that we have the beautiful aspects of the highest teachings—the mystical teachings of East and West.

There are teachers that we may not even know of who have beautiful experiences and concepts to share with us that we don't know yet. Twenty years ago, even fifteen years ago, I didn't know about Master Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov or Peter Deunov. I didn't know about Peter Mt. Shasta. I didn't know about Flower Newhouse. Now we've learned about these great beings—Peter Mt. Shasta, Pearl—and we're using the teachings that they received to augment what we already know to bring us higher.

The Paneurhythmy is a beautiful, beautiful ritual and dance. It took my wife and me three months of dancing it almost daily, from our summer class until recently, to master those twenty-eight steps. We know them by heart now. Some of you are just learning them, but I can assure you that once you know the steps, you can meditate and emanate while you're very gently doing them. And it becomes a deep, profound spiritual experience every time.

We are not all there yet. The reason Mona and I decided we had to do that every day was because if we only do it when we come to conferences and don't practice, we forget, and then we have to kind of relearn it. So now we're thinking of maybe having classes in Livingston for people there that I feel qualify to teach it—I can at least demonstrate the steps. I may not have incorporated every concept perfectly in how I outpicture it. Mona read Ardella Nathanael's book on Paneurhythmy, The Dance of the Soul, and I choose to read more of that.

I think that as we keep practicing at every class, we'll come up higher and higher. And then eventually we'll all know it, and we'll have a lot more fun because we won't be stumbling around trying to figure out the steps. We will know them, and then we can emanate so much more light through the dance. So that's another topic.

1.  Matthew 6:10.

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