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Uriel      September 22, 2017

Beloved Archangel Uriel (Discourse and HeartStream)
David Christopher Lewis
September 22, 2017   11:36–12:06 pm CDT
2017 Autumn Equinox Event
The Twelve Archangels Illumine Chicago with Cosmic Joy
Techny, Illinois

The Art of True, Spirited Prayer

David:  Uriel and Aurora would like to share on the art of true spirited prayer. When we are mindful within our prayer time with God, we really contact the Divine. We can't just rattle off a prayer rotely and expect that the angels will be sincere in how they would like to respond. If we aren't sincere, do you think the angels are going to say, “Let's get right to it; this chela, this disciple is earnest in what he or she is praying to God about”? Yet when they feel that sincerity, that authenticity, and that prayer rises as an energy to God and to them, then of course they're excited about responding.

If there isn't sincerity and authenticity, we rotely pray in churches, “In the name of the Father…”Now, we don't do that. We may have done it in the past. I pray that never in this activity will we ever devolve into rote, because the angels really aren't ecstatic about responding to that. When there is sincerity and there is the pressure of the light that goes through your heart in your call, in your cosmic demand—which is a righteous demand, not an unrighteous demand—of course God, feeling this SOS from you, responds.

So righteous prayer has an art to it. It's not about flowery words. Many of our decrees are beautiful. They have rhythm and they have rhyme, and that's meant to key us into higher thoughtforms and higher patterns of light. Yet it's the sincerity, the authenticity and the devotion with which we pray these decrees that brings them right to the throne of God, brings them right at the nexus of cosmic alteration and change, where God says, “Okay, it's time for us to intercede and mediate in the world of mankind because of this true, deep, abiding presence of sincerity.”

In the Bible, when various prophets would prophesy destruction and then people put on sackcloth and mourned, that destruction was averted because of their sincerity. And I can assure you that they were sincere if God heard their prayers and the destruction—let's say of Nineveh—did not happen. That was a prophecy of Jonah. And now there are many prophets out in the world saying that this is going to happen and that's going to happen because of all of this darkness and nefarious stuff that's happening on Earth.

We can still mitigate a lot of it, maybe not all of it. We can mitigate a lot of it through righteousness and through prayer—deep, reverent, holy prayer. I think that one or more times during our conferences, we should allow people to get on their knees and call upon the Lord, or stand up, as Pentecostals do, and raise their hands and do whatever they feel called to do to invoke God's Presence and intercession.

I remember a time in my life when I was doing my morning rosary on my knees every morning. And the sense of that holiness came upon me because I was so earnest in the words that I was saying. I'll tell you a story. When I used to do my rosary, I would pray for every one of my brothers and sisters, and name them, and for my parents and everyone I knew in my extended family. I did this for months and months and months and years. One day when I was on the staff of The Summit Lighthouse in Pasadena, where we had a campus, I was walking down the hallway and was about ready to go out the door and it just so happened that Elizabeth Clare Prophet walked in that door. And she stopped and looked at me and said—I'll never forget this—“You really love your family, don't you?” And I said, “Yes, I pray for them every day.” That's all she said, and then she walked on and I walked on. She saw in my aura the sincerity of how much I was praying for my family and naming every one of my brothers and sisters and my parents. It was so evident to her just through her attunement with what was going on. I probably had just done the rosary an hour before that.

So what the masters are telling me through this experience is that when you pray with the depth of devotion, earnestness, sincerity, honesty and truth, you know that the words that you are saying are actually reaching God's ears because you are putting your entire being into them, and you know that they are answered. It may not always be in the way that we desire them to be answered. You heard what Gloria just shared—the miracle of her son's stage-four cancer being consumed, and he is still alive. That intercession had to come from deep, complete, sincere prayer.

So lest we ever get caught in the mode of thinking that the rhythmic prayers and decrees are what will coalesce cosmic light in the world—yes, they can—let us also remember that it's the heart, the energy of spiritual fire, even in our gut, in our solar plexus, our feeling world, that empowers the feeling aspect of those prayers to take hold and to actually then receive a response.

Now, I've heard people pray and I've heard people pray. And I can assure you that when some of you pray, the Earth shakes—in a good way, not an earthquake. The Earth is quickened by the power that flows through your voice and the sincerity of your heart. And I would like you all to emulate those who demonstrate this ability because of their hearts being on fire for God. There is a female disciple here in our midst today that I asked to give invocations for various things in Chicago, and she did it and we played them and we're continuing to play these, I think, on our radio broadcast. These are powerful fiats of light. You can emulate this person. I won't call her out today; she knows who she is and many of you know who she is, but it doesn't matter. That's what I'm talking about.

In The Summit we would give the preamble and then our calls and invocations before we gave the body of the decree. We would sit there and shout our fiats. And even that sometimes became a little too ritualistic, to the point where I don't know if people were really completely in league with what I'm talking about, because it became kind of a norm. What I'm talking about is something that most of the time you probably almost have to do in private, because you make your contact with God, your Presence and you pour out your whole being.

This is part of the reason I like to go around the room in some of our morning broadcasts and to let every person give a prayer, an invocation. And when we do it the next time, I'd like to hear the power in your voice. Now, the power may not necessarily manifest as a loudness, although it typically can. The power comes from within you, from the core of God inside of you, where that desire to be of service to humanity through that prayer is so authentic and so concentrated that it's clear to everyone. They feel the Holy Spirit speaking through you when you speak. That's what I'm saying.

I've heard various Christians pray who have this power of the Holy Spirit, and I can tell you I feel the action, and I know many of you do. It really doesn't matter what religion someone is, what spiritual group they are in. What matters is the authentic sincerity of your hearts and what you put into anything that you do, especially prayer.

In the book The Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell, he says that it takes ten thousand hours of practice of something to really get to that point where something clicks and you are in a new orbit, such as with the Beatles, who probably practiced for ten thousand hours before they became famous. He has all these insights in that book. A lot of us have put in ten thousand hours of either meditation or prayer or both, right? Let us use the tipping point of our sincerity, authenticity to make every word that we speak empowered by our Presence and ennobled by who we are as sons and daughters of God.

Sometimes many of you can do this same thing in total silence. You can do what you do prayerfully in silence, because in total silence you actually connect directly with the Great Silence, where God exists everywhere and there is an amazing alchemy that manifests beyond human words. You actually contact the Word, the Logos, even in silent meditation, where your prayerful attitude and beingness is right there co-creating with God in that space of stillness, where the energy field is just as dynamic as a spoken prayer—and sometimes even more so when you reach that level in meditation. Boyd has spoken about this, and the masters have spoken about it through me, and I know that others of you have experienced this.

Now, all of you are commissioned today by Uriel and Aurora to be ministering servants, and many of you already are. It's a recommissioning if you are already. And if you don't feel qualified to be, get rid of that sense of shame or whatever that you are not qualified. You are all qualified, those here and on the broadcast, to be ministering servants of God for mankind, both physically and spiritually. In other words, some of you actually do this in your work, in your vocation and you nurture people; you help them. We heard yesterday from Pamela about the amazing alchemy that she does. And we can all do that if we are authentically sincere—maybe not all, with the talents they have, the training they have, but we can do it. Just be there for people.

When you give yourself to God fully in surrender, as we heard earlier, the angels are right there ready to support you. Mother Mary said it earlier and Uriel and Aurora say it: when you give yourself to God in sincerity, the angels are right there. You have nothing to fear. The Holy Spirit can work through you and a miracle can ensue. And if it doesn't look like an outer miracle, it can be an inner miracle. There are many inner miracles that occur through our prayer services that we never see outwardly, yet I know are occurring. And some of you do see them with your inner vision.

So we're going to now be silent and go into a prayerful mode of inner stillness. And we're going to expand the wings—our own angelic wings—around Chicago and just be here for Chicago—lightbearers, lightworkers, lightsharers—to infuse this entire environs, all of the people with light, love and levity. We'll give that prayer1 first and then we'll enter into the silence: 

I AM light! I AM light! I AM light, light, light!
            I AM love! I AM love! I AM love, love, love!
            I AM joy! I AM joy! I AM joy, joy, joy! 

Om light! Om love! Om joy, joy, joy!
            Om light! Om love! Om joy, joy, joy!
            Om light! Om love! Om joy, joy, joy! 

            I AM THAT I AM
            I AM THAT I AM

Now we'll be silent for about five minutes and pour this love, this devotion to all of Chicago. Just signal me after five minutes, please, Boyd.

[Participants engage in meditation for five minutes.] 

Uriel and Aurora Project a Stream of Light over Chicago 

We, Uriel and Aurora, now project a stream of light from our retreat over Cracow to Chicago, and we utilize the Polish community here as a resource of prayer to the Blessed Mother and to Jesus, the living Christ. And we accentuate these prayers, these devotions, this integrity of these hearts of freedom on behalf of the heart chakra of America. And there is an infusion of this light now through every suburb, every home, every school, every business, all the hospitals and all the churches, synagogues and temples and on behalf of all the children.

This infusion of the purple and gold ray flecked with ruby is a manifestation of God's love for humanity and does bring about, through the light of peace and brother/sisterhood, equanimity and a pause to all discordant energies, divisiveness, dissension, division. And the unity field of beingness projected through this ray this day is delivered to every man, woman and child for them to access this new light, this new field of divine joy, presence and peace.

Peace, be still and know that I AM God. Know the I AM within you as God. Know the I AM THAT I AM above you as the Lord God. For in that knowingness of God within and your understanding of God everywhere, you are whole in this divine feeling, in this eternal essence of God-good.

As the light continues to flow from Cracow and swirls now through all of the streets and avenues, all of the waterways where the buses and trains travel—both above and below the surface of the streets—there is an action of transmutation and of deliverance, the transmutation of darkness and the deliverance of light. And this will continue for a fortnight, blessed ones, into the month of October. And if perchance you desire to continue praying with great intensity and dynamism on behalf of the youth, on behalf of the families here, you will see mitigation in murders and violence. This is the only means by which it may be forestalled—through holy prayer, surrender and sacrifice of initiates and lightbearers.

Now this cleansing action manifests in the downtown area. And there is an exposure of certain corruption that will occur within the next two to three months. And those who are not fulfilling God's will within their lives on behalf of the people, through their offices—both elected and nonelected—will have to come to terms with this dynamic and give answer for their past sins and for the misuses of the light and of the abundance and energies vouchsafed to them by the people.

This is an action of cosmic justice in this cycle of justice, an action of cosmic judgment through our hands; for we are the angels of both justice and judgment and of peace. When judgment comes, it brings about a new level of peace. For none can stay the hand of the Lord; none can stay the hand of the archangels commissioned by God to conduct divine business upon Earth.

So it is fulfilled now. Live in the light of integrity and unity, and you shall see heaven at the close of this lifetime. For heaven is one; God is one.

Thank you, blessed ones, for your love and devotion this day to the holy cause of the One Eternal God.

1. See The Hearts Center—Prayers, Decrees and Mantras, prayer 50.027, “Om Light, Om Love, Om Joy!” in The Hearts Center Prayers, Decrees and Mantras.

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