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Hope      September 21, 2017

David Christopher Lewis Discourse (overshined by Hope)
September 21, 2017   4:20–5:25 pm CDT
2017 Autumn Equinox Event
The Twelve Archangels Illumine Chicago with Cosmic Joy
Techny, Illinois

The Many Facets of Hope
Hope Springs Eternal

When we consider the angels of the fourth ray of purity and of the ascension light, we of course consider Gabriel and Hope. Gabriel appeared to Mother Mary and announced the imminent birth of Jesus. And Hope, of course, as part of the triumvirate of Faith, Hope and Charity, is a very important angel.

We may not call to Hope as much as we could. Hope is saying now that this is a great time to invoke her presence because so many people lack hope. They lack hope in what? Our government. They lack hope in our leaders. They lack hope in themselves sometimes, and the suicide rate is very high.

We have to have an infusion of hope in this world to see things through this cycle of the transition from one age to another, where everything is being highlighted, amplified and intensified. When there is intensity, that's the time to invoke Hope, because we don't desire that intensity to manifest as war, the eruption of egos and the psychoses and neuroses that happen because of egos.

What I am seeing from Hope and Gabriel now is that Hope is also a very healing angel, even though she works primarily with this beautiful virtue that gives people faith in the future, which hope is. It's very healing and soothing to the psyche to have hope. When people lack hope, their psyches are on edge. Their emotional bodies become very distraught and they don't see a way out.

So Hope is actually a very healing angel who nurtures the soul. And when we have that nurturing of our souls by Hope, every day can be better and we can move out of depressive states, which we all at times can get into a little bit. We may not think we're depressed, but sometimes if we're not living according to our highest calling, if we haven't decided to really do our mission, I think we're depressed.

If you have said to yourself, “I am dedicating my life to God and therefore I'm consecrating my day to the Divine One,” then all heaven breaks loose. You've heard the opposite, right? Well, we don't want the other thing. We like all heaven breaking loose and showering its light, its virtues and its love upon us so that as we consecrate and dedicate ourselves to God's purposes, God's will, it can happen—we have the energy to do it, we have the resources to do it; we have the alchemical gifts to do it. And it can magically happen when you do that, when you say, “God, I am going to do your will.” We could hear stories from every one of you in this audience about how when you have said that, somehow the resources came to you, right? Things that were necessary for you got provided because you said “I can and I will.” Not just “I can,” but also “I will.”

So Hope comes to those who do have faith, who do believe, and she accentuates that virtue so that they can give it to those who lack faith and hope. We have to be the ones who are so brimming with light, love and virtue that we can offset the darkness that other people are feeling and beset with because they don't know that God loves them. They don't know that they have God inside of them. They haven't realized who they are and that they even have a mission or purpose in life to do something that is divine, that is beautiful.

Hope primarily works with those who require her gifts. Yet she also works with us so that we can be extensions of her love and light to help the depressed, the depraved and those who have entered very dark states. Has anyone here been an instrument for saving someone's life from suicide? One right over here, two of you. It was a miracle that you were in the right place at the right time, sent by God as an angel of God to prevent self-destruction. That is love. You were the instrument for a great nurturing love, whether it was a little coercive, if necessary, or just very comforting, it allowed that person to make the right decision to not snuff out their own life.

Many people are snuffing out their lives every day, though they do it gradually—which is not as dramatic as suicide—through their choices to indulge in habit patterns that are self-destructive, like alcoholism, drug use and other things. This is where the adept who has training in the art and the science of psychology—both human psychology and divine psychology—is important.

Now, what do I mean by the divine psychology? It's the understanding of the soul and the nature of people beyond what science says. It's what divine science says. And when you mystically know and you can tune into the essence of a person and help them to move beyond self-destructive states or the gradual lessening of their energy field by wrong choices, you are a kind of God's savior or savioress for that one.

One of my favorite prayers is the Prayer of Saint Francis: “Lord, make me an instrument of thy peace. Where there is hatred, let me sow love. Where there is injury, pardon. Where there is doubt, faith. We can give that prayer. Let's give it, because in this prayer there is a key to hope. It's in the sixties section, 60.002, “Prayer of Saint Francis.” Notice the fifth line. This is what we're going to talk about more. So let's give this together, 60.002:

Lord, make me an instrument of thy peace.

Where there is hatred, let me sow love.

Where there is injury, pardon.

Where there is doubt, faith.

Where there is despair, hope.

Where there is darkness, light.

And where there is sadness, joy.


O Divine Master,

Grant that I may not so much

Seek to be consoled as to console,

To be understood as to understand,

To be loved as to love.

For it is in giving that we receive.

It is in pardoning that we are pardoned,

And it is in dying that we are born to eternal life.

            “Where there is despair, hope.” Now, what helps people to move out of despair is understanding—an understanding heart, someone who listens, who cares, who decides to get involved and be an intercessor or a mediator. As a trained psychologist or a trained physician, you can help people to make those right choices to get out of this sense of despair, where they can embrace hope, embrace life, embrace joy. To hope for the future is to be bathed in a type of cosmic expectancy that allows for heaven to illumine you and to illumine your path forward.

If we can't see the forest for the trees, if we can't see the path ahead of us, we're dazed and kind of befuddled about what's coming. We don't know where we're going. We have to have that light on the path. The Christ provides the light on the path, shines that light clearly in front of us.

I have to tell you about a miracle that occurred on the way here. My first flight was from Bozeman to Minneapolis and then Minneapolis to Chicago. On the first flight, there was a lady already on the plane in 12B, and I am in 12C. She has a hat on: “I (big heart) love Jesus.” So I knew I had to talk to her, but she was talking to the guy next to her almost the whole flight, so I got maybe the last ten minutes. She told me that she is an Episcopalian minister. At twelve years old, her parents put her in a Catholic convent. She grew up in Philadelphia and was in the convent for a number of years. When she was sixteen, some priests did some stuff to her that wasn't righteous. So later she ended up moving out of that tradition and into the Episcopalian faith. She studied and went through all the training to be an Episcopalian minister.

She's an amazing person. She told me that poem about the two sets of footprints on the sand and then suddenly there is only one, and how the person is questioning Jesus and saying, “How come you left me?” There is only one set of footprints. And Jesus says, “Oh, my dear, that's when I carried you.” This woman that I sat next to wrote that poem in the 1950s.

So from then on, in the last ten minutes of the flight, we were just praising God and talking to each other. I told her a little about of what I do and I gave her my CD Sweet Heart of Jesus because I figured she could relate to that. So here God provided this wonderful woman to sit next to me. She's 87 years old. She can hardly walk. She has a cane and she had to be helped, but what a beautiful soul. And I just thought it was a gift.

The last paragraph actually speaks a little bit about the divine aura. When you manifest your divine aura rather than just your human aura through being righteous, leading a virtuous life, praying, meditating, fasting, sacrificing and giving, you dwell in the house of the Lord, which is the greater auric field of God's Presence. This house of the Lord is what you see in this picture behind me. The tube of light that you dwell within, which is your protection. You are sealed in that; you are energized by that. And God's dwelling place becomes your habitation, within his/her Presence, because you have put God first in your life. And then because of that, goodness and mercy shall follow you all the days of your life.1 How can that follow you? It follows you because it is around you, because you have invoked that tube of light, or that sphere of fire.

Remember when the Israelites went traveling, the pillar of cloud by day and a pillar of fire by night2. This really was the mighty I AM Presence. Its flashing radiance and solar brilliance can be yours when you are attentive to it, invoke it, are sensitive to it and feel it. How many people feel their mighty I AM Presence virtually all the time? Pamela, okay.

Would the rest of you like to feel your mighty I AM Presence all the time, like Pamela? How do you do that? You do it through love. Love is the greatest of all the virtues. To feel your mighty I AM Presence, you go into your heart, you invoke the fire of God, the love of God and you wait upon the Lord until you can feel that living flame burst forth, until the energy of it, the radiance of it becomes so powerful that you are engulfed in it. And then you live in that, which is the habitation, the living place, the house of the Lord. But you have to go within to access it, and you do that through love.

Now, I know many of you feel it at various times, but you were honest with me and to the Master, through me, by saying, “Well, I don't feel it all the time.” It takes spiritual practice, attentiveness, devotion to be able to come to a point in your life where that Presence is a flame within you and you are not missing a beat in that love-fire of God nurturing you all the time. It is your true bread of life. “Man shall not live by bread alone but by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God.”3

So the Word is the living Christic awareness that Jesus manifested as the Logos in incarnation, the Son of God. If you desire to have that same experience that Jesus had, you invoke his Presence, you clothe yourself in that light through meditation and prayer, and then that same feeling that he was able to generate through his love of the Father—and I will say Father-Mother God—will allow you to also feel that flame and feel your mighty I AM Presence all the time.

It takes practice, practice, practice. Remember the book The Practice of the Presence by Brother Lawrence? You have to practice being in presence, practice loving God. What I like to do in the Paneurhythmy is to go through the whole thing and silently say, “God, I love you with my entire heart, mind, strength and soul.” I'm constantly saying that to God—God inside of me, God outside of me, God everywhere—as I dance the Paneurhythmy. And then the whole forty-five, fifty minutes becomes an amazing alchemy of loving God.

If this is the first and greatest commandment, how about if we make this our primary spiritual practice? These prayers and decrees are great; they're aspects of that love of God. They're formulas that remind us of why we are here and what we can do to help people. But all of this unfolds from the primary directive, which is love of God with our entire being. On Star Trek, what they call the prime directive is to not interfere with life on other planets who are of a lower evolution. Our prime directive as initiates is to love God with our entire being. Then we can't go wrong. We can't really err, because when we are in love with God, we are also in love with God within every person. We are in love with God within nature. We're in love with God within ourselves in the right way—not egoically, divinely. We reverence God's creation within us by virtuously living, glorifying God in our every breath and heartbeat so that we move through life in this state of constant equipoise and harmony, where we're not making karma either.

So the way to get out of being in a karma-making situation is to be in the Presence, in the center of the circle, where there is no reactivity and we're just living in beingness. And when we're living in beingness, we're in God's heart. We can't make negative karma; we make good karma. Karma is just karma—it's just cause and effect.

So Faith, Hope, Charity—Hope is right in the middle between Faith and Charity in that invocation of “Faith, Hope and Charity.” Why is Hope in the middle? Anybody?

Participant:  You have to have faith in order to have hope, and then you get charity.

David:  Right on. You have to have the faith, which is very close to hope. You have to have the faith in the future, the faith in God to draw that hope into your world. And once you have hope, you can truly love. You can receive the charity that you deserve and that God will give.

Can you have charity before you have faith? Hardly. I mean, you have to believe there is God. You have to make that connection with God through faith to really access true divine love—because to love God with your entire being, you have to have faith that there is a God. People that don't believe in God don't have faith. So how can they really love in the greatest way? They can love other people, but to love with divine love, you have to also believe and accept that there is a God and have faith in the Divine.

Hope springs eternal. You've heard that. What does that mean? It never ends. Hope springs forth from the Eternal, and hope also generates its own spring of eternality—this beautiful fountain that's like a wellspring from beneath the Earth. Hope springs from the Eternal and it also allows there to be eternality, or the light of the Eternal, from within its spring, this beautiful fountain. So it has a number of meanings, hope springs eternal. I see all of you on this little dais that has a spring underneath it. And you press the button of hope and then you get catapulted up into God. [laughter] Hope is springing you into eternality, into God!

So if you have no hope, how will you get there? It's like going on a journey and not knowing the final end of where you're going quite yet, because you're just going. But you know that you're going to get there. And you have hope that you're going to get there, and you are going to get there. Even if your jeep is destroyed in fire, you're still going to get to the conference.

I'm reading Peter Mt. Shasta's books. The latest one that I'm reading is about his trip to Tibet. Has anybody read that one yet? Well, I have to tell you this funny story. They're in Tibet and they are climbing this mountain, and by the time they get up there, it's snowing like crazy. They're probably at twelve thousand five hundred feet or higher, maybe fifteen thousand feet. Their vehicle has bald tires. They get up to the top and they can't even see in front of them anymore because it's snowing so hard. So Peter Mt. Shasta calls to Hercules. He learned that in the “I AM” Activity from Godfre Ray King, to call to Hercules. So he makes this fiat to Hercules, and within seconds this black Ford Bronco with huge tires comes roaring up. And four Chinese guys with Chicago Bulls' hats get out of all four doors and they come up to him and say, “You called?” He tells this story; I have to believe him.

So the Ford Bronco gets on the other side, has to maneuver around and basically go downhill and shove this car so it gets back from where it came. And once they get down to where they are safe, the Bronco just disappears. That's how fast the call compelled the answer. And it just happened to be these four guys with Chicago Bulls' hats, with a raging bull, a red bull. Back then they probably didn't have Red Bull drinks—that was later. But the Red Bull—Hercules answered the call through these four guys in a Ford Bronco in Tibet. I mean, what are the chances? I think that call precipitated the whole thing. And after they shoved the vehicle down, it probably just disappeared. So that call to Hercules was his cry for help and hope.

You know the word hope is close to help, right? If somebody says “Help!” maybe Hope hears “Hope!” And Hope answers because she is a little deaf. [laughter] Not really, but you know. It's good to be a little quirky in your hearing, because if you say “Help!” she's hearing “Hope!” [laughter] And then she comes down and helps out. So hope springs eternal. Help is like hope. We've learned some neat things today.

What Hope would also like to share is that we all have a seed of light inside of us that is part of the eternal spark of God's energy, God's consciousness, God's own essence, which we have to revere in ourselves and in others and never let it be snuffed out or blown out through anger, through inattentiveness, because the flip side of anger is indifference. The flip side of hatred is indifference. We've heard that the flip side of love is hatred, but the perversion of love is really indifference.

So hatred and indifference can work to snuff out this special essence of God that is the spark of light and life in us. Indifference means we don't care anymore. We basically have no energy to show our caring about ourselves or anyone else. It's actually an ignorant state. You can be in an active role of ignoring; ignorance is not just a passive thing. It's actually a very profound active thing to consciously ignore God or ignore light or ignore good and well-beingness. Indifference is really one of the greatest aspects of ignorance. People that make choices all the time to ignore God and are indifferent to God are gradually snuffing those things out. And the masters would like us, as initiates, to help people reach out to God again, to respark them, to reignite the love within them through the gifts and talents that we have. Some people don't know that they're God. They don't know that God lives in them, and we have to remind them.

Now, why don't they have that knowingness? Well, they may not have grown up in a religious family. Yet even in Catholicism, there is this: “Lord, I am not worthy to receive you.” We're beating into ourselves this unworthiness. So we have to undo that and say: “Lord, I AM worthy. I AM, God in me, is worthy. You, God, are worthy within me to be that essence of yourself so that I can merge with that and be that on your behalf.”

To undo the unworthiness that has been projected upon us through false teachings, such as the teaching of original sin, is really important. Original sin is a false doctrine. It is false theology. It is actually black theology. God created us in God's image and likeness, not as sinners. But what does perverted Christianity tell us? We're lowly sinners. We have original sin. That is all black theology. It's not even really theology; it is deviltry. Did you know that? It's a false teaching. It is really black magic against ourselves. So we have to uproot that. Yeah, we all come short of the mark. We are not humanly perfect, but we can't dwell there.

So Hope would like us to focus on that seed element of God's essence in our hearts, in our inner core and fan the fire of that so that we can help others to do the same. And once you help one and you're enriched by that other person being saved or helped in some way, you can do it with another and another and another. And it becomes a beautiful thing.

So now we will seed Chicago with all these seeds of hope. Okay, we're going to do this: spread these seeds of hope all around Chicago, downtown, all of the suburbs. And we see them in Austin, in Garfield Park, in North Lawndale, Inglewood, Grand Crossing, Humboldt Park, South Shore, Brighton Park, Auburn, Gresham, New City, Near West Side, Chicago Lawn, Roseland, South Chicago and West Pullman. And thousands and thousands of these seeds of hope are springing forth eternal to help all of the youth and children, all of the families and even the unborn children to have the nurturing love of God in their futures so that they can get out of poverty, racism, all perversions, drug use, and sexual perversions and abuse and move into the living light of the Christ consciousness.

Do you accept this? [Audience responds: “Yes!”] Do you really accept this? [Audience responds: “Yes!”] Do you accept this with all your heart? [Audience responds: “Yes!”] Are you willing to change your life to make it so for thousands and even millions on Earth? [Audience responds: “Yes!”] How will you change your life? [Participants respond: “Love,” “Prayers,” “Meditation,” “Fasting,” “Devotion,” “Songs,” “Kindness,” “Service,” “Visualization,” “Compassion,” “All of the above,” “Joy,” “Hope.”

The Holy Spirit is empowering you through your own words to make this so. And now we will watch Jean-Luc Picard in that video “Make It So,” if you can find it on YouTube.

1. See Psalm 23:6.
2. See Exodus 13:21–22.
3. Matthew 4:4; Luke 4:4.

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