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Melchizedek      August 13, 2017

David Christopher Lewis Discourse (overshined by Melchizedek)
August 13, 2017   12:33–12:54 pm PDT
2017 Meru University Event
I AM the Light of the World: Jesus and Saint Germain Share New Aquarian I AM Teachings with Their Disciples
Mount Shasta, California

Melchizedek's I AM Discourses

Our final HeartStream is from Melchizedek, and this is a discourse—Melchizedek's I AM Discourses. This could be the first in a series of twelve discourses. We'll see what he has to say.

The ancient priesthood of the Order of Melchizedek is a sacred brother/sisterhood, because the priesthood includes priestesses of this order. And this brother/sisterhood is meant to reinstill within the Earth the initiatic path to the heart of God for sons and daughters of God who have lost the way or forgotten their source, and also to provide for all mankind a resource of hope, inspiration, truth and wisdom to assist them in their evolution.

We are evolving constantly through love. If you take the first four letters of the word evolve and you look at them backwards, you have the word love. So we evolve through love. And how do we evolve through love? When love is employed, is articulated, is shared and is very reverently and artistically enumerated, wherein that love glorifies God, then that love helps the soul to expand through the enfired heart. If we choose to evolve Godward—and this Godward is always inward—then we will choose the path of love and the initiatic path, which leads us higher and higher on the steps to our perfect oneness.

The Priesthood of Melchizedek, as an ancient holy order, is one that has sent great teachers and avatars to the Earth, such as Jesus the Christ, John the Baptist, Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov, Peter Deunov, Mark Prophet and others who have impelled the evolution of mankind forward through the light that they released, the teachings that they were privileged to give to their disciples and the formulas that were inspired through their higher minds directly from Melchizedek. The formulas of the ancient Priesthood of Melchizedek are very important for us as initiates to learn, to utilize and then to master.

Saint Germain, of course, is also in this priesthood. And he is, for this time now—this two-thousand-year period of Aquarius—the key Melchizedekian priest of the sacred fire, whom we should both revere, study, call to and also assist to help the Aquarian Age to come forth. So Melchizedek's command to us, as initiates—if we choose to hear and obey—is to work for this master, Saint Germain.

How do you work for him? You ask for assignments, spiritual assignments. You give your violet-fire prayers, songs, mantras, meditations, visualizations daily. You go out on a limb, if necessary, to speak about him to people whom the Holy Spirit inspires you to share with. “Have you heard of Saint Germain?” Some of you in this audience have probably said those words to hundreds, and some of you to even thousands, of people. “Have you heard of Saint Germain?” If you say it here in Shasta, you will probably get 30 to 40 percent who say: “Yes, I know him. He's appeared to me. He's my guru, my teacher, my master.”

To work for Saint Germain means that we are initiates and alchemists, because he teaches the science and art of alchemy. And through this teaching and the spiritual experiments that come for true alchemists, we are constantly using the refiner's fire of the violet light, and now the violet-laser light—an accelerated version of the violet light—to do those spiritual works that are required to hold the balance for the Earth; to help enlighten people; to help people to unfold in their Christhood, their Buddhahood, their Divine Motherhood, and to be Self-realized and then fully liberated in their Buddha nature. Don't be timid about sharing who Saint Germain is, because his name must be known throughout this Earth.

I heard a story last night of someone here who first heard the name and thought maybe this was a Catholic saint and did the research. And no, there is no Catholic story about Saint Germain. He's a different type of saint. He's the New Age saint of the violet light and alchemy, and all of the graces of God that flow through the use of the violet flame and light. So he may be a conundrum to the Catholics, but he's not to us because we are the true catholic, or universal, students of light, who find truth everywhere that the Great White Brotherhood desires to share it and anchor it.

The I AM Teachings of Saint Germain, as given through Godfre Ray King (Guy Ballard), through previous dispensations and now through this one, are teachings that we should know. We should know them inside and out. We should experiment with the violet fire daily in our alchemical experiments so that we prove that it works. We prove that when we call to the violet fire and it does do what Saint Germain says it will do. So if you haven't proven that it works in your life, go out and ask the Master to show you, to demonstrate its veracity. And do something miraculous. Call it forth into situations that others feel are helpless. Accept that it is real, dynamic, true and so physical that you can actually see it when you invoke it.

Now, you may have seen it with eyes closed. Imagine invoking that violet light and seeing it with your physical eyes. Maybe some of you have had this experience. Some of you have taken photographs and you have seen beautiful orbs in them that are violet! That's a demonstration of the violet fire coming into physicality through the modality of photography, which has captured in a moment of time the violet light actually precipitated in our dimension.

When you wear the color violet, when you use amethysts—now your new talisman—you are participating in Saint Germain's alchemy to anchor that light in this planet. And as more and more people get accustomed to the use of the violet color, frequency, ray and flame, the energy will continue to grow. And guess what? The violet light becomes even more powerful. The more that initiates around the world use it, the more momentum it gets. And then you, as a disciple, tap into the new greater momentum because more and more people are finding out about it. And the more we all invoke it, the greater is the gigantic reservoir of it in the etheric plane, based on the use of it by all of the initiates. And therefore the power of the violet light grows, and it grows arithmetically and then geometrically, logarithmically and exponentially.

So when we use the violet light daily, liberally—and it's not possible to overuse it, Melchizedek says; there is no way there can be an excess of it—this reservoir will continue growing and expanding. It's always available, yet the Master requires more of us to use it. And then every time we use it in our services, there's a new pool of light available so that it can do even greater work.

When we collaborate with others who use the violet fire, as they do here in Shasta, on Saturday nights or Monday nights once a month, or every week, and there are different movements giving their different prayers—whether it's the I AM people, the Bridge to Freedom, The Summit Lighthouse, us, or even the Radiant Rose—and we give our violet-fire prayers, taking turns so that everyone gets to learn the prayers of the others, there's an amazing alchemy! And you're tapping into the momentum of all the people in those movements who have given those prayers when you're with those others, and there is magic.

Now, Melchizedek says he is a magician, who was there even before Saint Germain, And guess who Saint Germain learned a lot of his magic from. Melchizedek. The words are almost interchangeable—the magic of Melchizedek. I think we should be invoking the magic of Melchizedek, because he is one of the original magi of the Earth, a very powerful being. And this priesthood is also one in which alchemists and magicians, true white magicians, work their divine magic for the Earth.

What is divine magic? It is all based on divine love, divine wisdom and divine power in balance. So if you feel that magic is part of your path, let it be that magic spelled m-a-g-i-c, and not with a k. I've seen those who use the k, and these are the ones who typically do the dark magic, the black magic. So avoid the dark side. You don't desire to go there. Yes, there's power there, but it's power derived through the perversion of the white light of the living Christ. And if you ever misuse the power vouchsafed to you, it will eventually be taken from you and you will be lifeless, powerless.

The masters, in the first paragraphs of the first page of their alchemical treatises, always warn the prospective alchemist to only use this science for good and for God, not for ego, not for personal glory. It is not for the vain ones, the vile ones; it is for the lovely, inspired and beautiful hearts, like you.

Divine magic is something that we can learn in the retreats and utilize physically on Earth through divine experimentation. “Be bold in your experiments, everyone,” the Master says. Don't go for just the little things. Go for the great things: planetary peace; harmony in all communities; the resolution of conflict, wars and strife; and the impositions of negativity through the media.

Let's have a yearlong focus on divesting the media of the fallen angels of Jophiel's band, who, when they embody, seem to like to use the media to fool us and to pull the wool over our eyes. And we're going to pull the wool back from our eyes now permanently, right? Do it! No more wool over our eyes. We wear good clothing with wool; we don't have to have it over our eyes. Maybe occasionally in winter, with a nice hat, but that's it, okay? Be clear, be aware and be awake to the truth. Don't be ignorant. Ignorance is actually a choice. It's a choice—it's not just a passive thing. You choose to be ignorant by not being observant, awake, aware and alive to what's happening around you. Open your eyes.

Can you imagine doing an experiment with your eyes closed? You wouldn't see the effects of what was going on in the exchange of different elements, heat, combustion, whatever. When you do an alchemical experiment, write down that you are doing it on this day, at this time. And if you desire to see the results of your experiment by a certain time, write it in your calendars or in your notebooks, or whatever, and check back to see if indeed something was precipitated or fulfilled by that time. If you give orders to the heaven world in the right way, with humility of course, and you assign the elementals, the devas, the great hosts of masters to work for you and with you, then expect that they will and see to it that that alchemy is actually arrived at with conclusivity, with victory. “Expect it,” Melchizedek says. We expect too little of God from our words and our prayers.

You can say a prayer one time with total acceptance, belief and faith, and it will be so. We don't have to drone on for hours and hours. Yes, we build momentum through that and it's good sometimes. Be firm in your resolve that your words are true right now, and then get on with your other work. Melchizedek will teach us more in these discourses on the higher sciences, the I AM teachings and the I AM sciences. These are higher sciences of the Spirit that are already taught in the retreats of the Great White Brotherhood.

Many of you go to these classes. Some of you get inklings of them. Some of you remember in the morning. Some of you remember just in flashes throughout the day. “Oh wow, now I recall something that I know that I already know.” It's a déjà vu. “It is a déjà vu all over again,” as someone says. And write it down so you don't forget. How many of us have woken up after we've had an amazing dream and we didn't write it down, and then ten minutes later we have forgotten the whole thing? Write it down. These are keys to your victory.

When you leave from this conference, which will end in just a few short minutes, be bold. It's time for the bold ones to walk the Earth fully integrated in their I AM God Presence—without any fear of the future, what is now or what will be— dauntless in your approach to life and expecting the best, the brightest, the most beautiful and beloved to occur. And know that your words, your alchemies will be the new order of the day. This is our call to action. And Mighty Victory stands now, as we stand in a circle of fire, to bless us in our final circle of oneness. So please form a circle around the room and hold hands.

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