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Kuthumi      August 13, 2017

Beloved Kuthumi
David Christopher Lewis
August 13, 2017   9:15–9:33 am PDT
2017 Meru University Event
I AM the Light of the World: Jesus and Saint Germain Share New Aquarian I AM Teachings with Their Disciples
Mount Shasta, California 

Kuthumi Speaks on the Psychology of Oneness

Beloved Ones,

            I, your Kuthumi, come to speak on the psychology of oneness. From our perspective, the resolution of duality within self is the nexus and core work of initiates, divine psychologists, all spiritual aspirants. How does this resolution occur? It is through the science of stillness and peace that manifest through the nexus of the heart trued to God.

            Mankind en masse lives in the dual state, which from our perspective is somewhat schizophrenic. For you see, when there are the opposing forces within that cannot be resolved within the unity field of God's beingness within you, then there is the constant interplay of light and darkness—of what has been called good and evil—and one cannot fully embrace that still state within the center of perfected beingness.

            To resolve the crises that come to the soul when there is an ongoing fracturing or dissipation of light within the self, one must receive from on high that energy divine, that blessing sublime that quiets the lesser self so that the greater Self may fully abide, be present and prominent within the heart, mind and soul. Meditation allows there to be, through the quiescent state of stillness, a repressurization of light throughout the entire vehicle of the self; and the processes of perfection begin to unfold naturally. And there arises within you higher mindfulness, and there alights within the aura that peaceable state where conflict does dissolve, and the psychoses and neuroses of the lesser self no more hold sway within your world, your consciousness, your life.

            To abide within the Presence is your key, now and always, dearest ones, to maintaining that equanimity and poise of perfection whereby your divine Self emanates with great care for your soul and its evolutionary cycles. Many so-called disciples, thinking that they can somehow grasp the highest manifestations of light from our realms by simply asking for this or that to arise within—without having done that work over decades, centuries and lifetimes to maintain presence and to resolve the inner conflicts of the soul—are somewhat deluded.

            Therefore we encourage you to go to the beginnings of the path. Put your trust in your Presence. Ask God to teach you from within your heart daily what is necessary for you to make that steady and constant progress. And let go of all preconceptions, often brought about by the dual state, where something less than the Higher Mind continues to tell you this and that of who you are and keeps you bound in mortality.

            Dearest ones, it is time that you indeed resolve all of the elements of self so that your greater work may ensue and so that your path may be walked sublimely, with us—as your elder brothers and sisters—guiding you gently, reverently and in a spirit of true holiness. For in this, there is the establishment of the kingdom of God—first within and then without; first inside, through that state of perfect presence, and then outpictured in the world of form around you.

            You declare and aver that your mission is to bring the kingdom of God upon Earth. Have you fully accessed it and allowed it to manifest 24/7 within your own being, without the conflicts that arise when you attempt to do so? Yes, the forces that oppose your true becoming and acceptance of your I AM God Presence as your true reality continue to dance and play in your minds and affect many of your thought processes. Yet if you meditate with us and resolve these issues, I can assure you that the divine psychologists will inspire you as to how to progress to the next step and the next step with great care and attention.

            Some think they have much greater attainment than they have actually embraced and manifested. And let me say this about channeling, dearest ones. It were better for many of you to leave off of what you claim is your job or mission or attainment to do this or that from this or that master and to simply learn the art of stillness and abide in presence for months and years. And then, if heaven chooses you as a vehicle for the transmission of truth to lightbearers around the world, it will arise naturally, without your having to profess or claim outwardly that you are indeed this or that.

            As you all know, the true masters are often hidden in their work, and they only proclaim what is necessary when prompted by the Lords of Life in order to draw those souls sent to them by heaven for the graces that they provide through humility, constancy and love. Yes, there are many channelers in this area, and channeling is taught as something that anyone can do. Let me assure you, blessed ones, that the true messengers of light are few and far between and that it is actually easy to assess whether the truth is coming forth from an anointed and sponsored vehicle, an amanuensis, or whether the voices that speak arise from some other plane of being not so rich in the light of spiritual grace.

            Humility is the byword of all true messengers. And each one must continue to work on self, even during their commissioned time of offering our truths to the world, lest they be caught up in a web of self-deceit, ego and self-aggrandizement, which then often, through misapplication of the light, can be heaped upon others through some form of judgment, dearest hearts. Be careful, be humble and be at peace with who you are, for God within you will judge and assess your progress at the conclusion of this life.

            O holy ones, I come because it is essential that we clear the air here permanently and that many falsehoods and lies, deceptions and untruths be dissolved and transmuted by the full blazing light of the Presence of ye all, and that the path of discipleship as a path of humility, holiness and self-abasement be known again.

            Remember that at Crotona, the disciples were required to be in silence for a number of years before they could learn the deeper mysteries that I provided as Pythagoras. Would you like a present-day mystery school for arhats-in-the-becoming? I say that the disciplines would be just as intense now as they were then. And those who rail against the disciplines provided, even through this one, asking for sympathy and pity here and there, would do well to go back to first steps and realize what is at stake for your soul when El Morya comes and gives you the fire and expects that, through those words, you will indeed let go of your attachments and make the progress that you could if you would truly listen and obey.

            I can assure you that my training with Jesus under Lord Maitreya was intense and still is. For the regent Lord of the World, working through the current Lord of the World and then through the planetary Buddha, Lord Maitreya, are all consecrated to the burnishing of even newly ascended masters such that they may be fiery stars in the heavens, inspiring mankind to come up higher through all the resources of Spirit that they provide unto their disciples on Earth. If you cannot take the heat here, how do you expect to take the greater divine-light frequencies of the heaven world, where the Solar light is so intense that you must be godly in order to bear it?

            Dearest ones, I rarely raise my voice in this manner, yet I pray that you will see that I too, like Jesus, am determined that you will have your victory; that many of you will be true teachers rather than simply vehicles of information that has no ability to transform the soul by its internal fire—inscribed by angels of light and seraphim who wing their way to the higher initiates when they are ready, having proven themselves through the laws of God and obedience to the One.

            Meditate and let go of your fallacies of who you think you are, and embrace the Divine who you have always been, yet who is elusive to the not-self because of the dichotomies that come through lesser mindfulness and through the schizoid apparitions that seem to be real yet are illusions of not-selfhood that trick you into believing you are much greater in your human nature than you truly are. Resolve the human and the divine through divine mindfulness, and peace shall be yours, and love will always hold sway for you. I thank you.

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