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Metatron      August 11, 2017

Beloved Metatron
David Christopher Lewis
August 11, 2017   12:41–12:58 pm PDT
2017 Meru University Event
I AM the Light of the World: Jesus and Saint Germain Share New Aquarian I AM Teachings with Their Disciples
Mount Shasta, California

A Cosmic Clearance of the Solar System 

Precious Hearts,

We will participate together in the clearance, the cosmic clearance, of this solar system. And we begin in the sun, in the center of this family of planets, of moons, and all that traverses through this system and family, and all of the evolutions on these planets, including you.

As we begin in the sun, we emanate light, the light of God that always prevails. And there is the demagnetization through the Great Central Sun Magnet within the sun of all that is unreal, all that is lazy, infirm and diabolical. All is repolarized in light; the darkness transmuted, returning to the light from whence it came.

Now, precious ones, as we move outward through the orbits and the space around the planets—beginning with Mercury, then Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and beyond—I encourage each of you to see yourself as a spinning top of light with your own orbit around the sun, which begins in concentric rings and then moves from near the sun gradually outward. And as you traverse these orbits of light, you are a part of the alchemy of the clearing of darkness and the instauration of light.

You see and behold what is not in perfection, temporarily, and now you see it transformed into light, beauty and harmony. Through your own mighty I AM God Presence, there is the delivery of great cosmic frequencies wherever you behold something less than what is love, what is faith, what is wisdom.

Michael, Jophiel, Chamuel, Gabriel, Raphael, Uriel, Zadkiel, Uzziel, come forth now with your legions! Hear me, as Metatron, and send these legions to each planet and moon, to the asteroid belt and far beyond, to every comet and temporal body that enters this solar system family. Blaze the light of God through, O legions of the eight rays.

All choirs of angels participate now in this clearance, in this realignment, in this alchemy of divine joy. And as these devotees align themselves with you, O angels of the sacred fire, there is a new dispensation of grace established, both on Earth and wherever these traverse. Earth is light! I aver it! I declare it! And in the I AM name it is manifest.

Now, precious ones, make your own invocations, if you would, as a part of this clearance. And if you choose to arise from your seats, you may even spin, as the whirling dervishes do, in the aisles and in the spaces provided for you. And see yourself as the solar system itself, spinning and winning and even grinning in light.

So we will have the music of Holst from The Planets, as chosen by our AV technician, as we meditate on this clearance together and feel the light flowing, expanding and manifesting this alchemy. [Nicholas Carter plays harp music instead for six minutes.]

Now repeat after me, blessed ones: Yod He Vau He! [Audience repeats with Metatron 6 times.]

In addition to being a formula for Yahweh—a name of God in the Jewish tradition—these four syllables also are a formula for the clearance of darkness everywhere. Therefore, dearest ones, at the behest of the masters of East and West, when you desire to be clear and to clear anything, you may declare Yod He Vau He as a fiat of light, the name of God through one tradition. And light is manifest; darkness is dispelled. And in this, you invoke the angels of Metatron, the angels of heaven, and there is light, there is light, there is light.

Now your solar system is harmonized and balanced. And life on Earth, as well as on all spheres, may dwell in peace, harmony and love. So it is.

Together: And so it is. [Audience repeats with Metatron three times.] I AM THAT I AM THAT I AM. [Audience repeats with Metatron two times.]

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