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Methuselah      August 10, 2017

Beloved Methuselah
David Christopher Lewis
August 10, 2017   7:30 ̶ 7:49 pm PDT
2017 Meru University Event
I AM the Light of the World: Jesus and Saint Germain Share New Aquarian I AM Teachings with Their Disciples
Mount Shasta, California

The Universality of Consciousness within the Great I AM

Gracious Devotees of the One Light Eternal,

Methuselah I AM, ancient in year, yet here now with you to proclaim, in the I AM name, the oneness of all life, the beauty of God, the greatness of eternality within one and within all, within the mighty I AM God Presence and within every life-form created by the Source of all that is.

I AM of this Source; you are, in your I AM nature, of this Source, of this light, of this Presence; and the universality of God-consciousness within your I AM Presence is available to you now and forever to utilize in your life to glorify God, to magnify the Lord, I AM THAT I AM.

How is it, you ask, that we lived to such an old ripe age, nearly a thousand years of Earth time? It was because we were attentive to the light of the I AM. We stood within that light; we lived, moved and had our being within that universal awareness; we retained the memory of our origin; and life itself was transcendent, magnificent because God—God's energy, God's beingness—flowed through us.

This can be true for you too, as initiates of the sacred fire, when you put the light first in your life, when you put God front and center within your being, attending to that voice of the I AM within you and nurturing your true essence every day through focus, through beingness, through love.

We lived for love in the land of love, even long before Lemuria, when many of you had your origin upon this planet eons ago. We were prototypical archetypal beings, fashioned of that I AM essence, that original God Reality in which all were created in the beginning and yet which many have now forgotten. It is up to you, blessed ones, as devotees of the I AM, to remind all of their eternal nature, to help all return to their origin in God. For when the pressure of the light comes upon the soul and that one feels the connection with the Source of light and life, then the true adventure of life begins; then the true magnificence of the prototypical creation, the Atman, manifests; and one's true nature unfolds in blessedness, gracefully, harmoniously, reverently, beautifully.

You know these truths because you are all students of the I AM, and throughout the ages that thread of contact has always remained within you. And now strong in spirit, courageous in your hearts, it is time to wed your soul fully to your God Presence in the mystical union of the great wedding betwixt heaven and earth within your heart. For this is the altar of being; this is the center of the universe within you. When you resonate with the altar of the I AM THAT I AM in the Great Central Sun, that light blazes upon that miniature altar within you, blessed hearts. And born of this same essence, this same light, this same divine fire, you have what it takes to live in eternality, one with God.

And whether or not you ascend physically or etherically, you know that day is coming, and for some that day is now. Why wait for the mystical union in some future that has yet not arisen, when you can experience this oneness state in the unity field of beingness now? Why procrastinate your oneness with God, when God has always been inside of you, and a part of you has always been inside of the Eternal? Put off not—now or at some future time—this divine equation, where one equals one—you equal God; God equals you.

The qualities of God reside within you, and your qualities born of God reside within the Source of all. For you see, this is the key to self-mastery: oneness, alignment, union, the yoga of perfection in the OM and the I AM.

You have embodied East and West; you have learned the art of meditation and the science of the spoken word. Yet now you must deliver all who you are to this universe, to this world, as artisans and scientists of the Spirit, and anchor that light deep within the Earth for all to see the results of alchemy—love made practical through you.

Enoch, Adam, Noah, Hermes, Melchizedek—these names you know. These flames you may become when you too, like them, are aligned with the oneness state of love and when you have given your all each day and laid upon the altar the precious gifts of your heart, your mind, your will, your soul as that love that sings to God throughout the day, that nurtures life through your voice, your song, your keynote.

Oh, how much more ye are, O souls of light, than you have yet realized. You have had glimpses of who you are, your divine reality, in those flashes of enlightenment and Self-realization, which now must become a pure and continuous stream of God-consciousness, Solar awareness, through resonance with the I AM.

Utilize what you know to become who you are. Expand love, for love brings you to the fount of divinity. For you, each one, there is no more excuse for your lack of becoming and being your I AM Self. You have studied, and some of you have even been surfeited in the teachings to the extent that any more that may be said is as fluff or feathery, wispy substance. For the core essence of the teaching has always been locked within your heart. And those who are sensitive—those who access that mystery through stillness within the Great Silence—have become their true nature through that love.

Whatever path you have walked, look upward to the highest new path, the greatest trajectory of light, and begin to soar as the great Eagle—Sanat Kumara himself—to the Sun Presence of pure beingness in light. And determine, come what may on your initiatic path, that you will serve; that you will be that light of God-power, wisdom and love in balance; that you will be that love fulfilled through your dharma, your mission, your sacred work.

Ask yourself upon arising each day: “O Lord, how would you use your son/your daughter in these sacred hours vouchsafed to me in this twenty-four-hour cycle to benefit and save sentient beings, to bless and encourage life, to nurture the souls of mankind? O my beloved I AM, use me throughout each moment and bless all as you bless me; raise all as you raise me; teach all as you teach me; co-create with me, O my Maker, O my Source of light and love. And let this our offering instill among all of the cultures of mankind a new sense of oneness, the precious oil of beingness, the artistry and the grace of mercy and kindness. O my God, I love thee with all my heart, mind, strength and soul. I am yours, you are mine, we are one, and now we live forever as one breath, one heartbeat, one life. I now know and feel, my Lord, that oneness state. And I thank you for this day, for this opportunity to love you again and again forever, forever, forever.”

I AM Methuselah, your friend of old, and maybe a new friend for your future within the eternal Now. Let us play hide and seek as children again, for you know my secret to a long life is my childlike self. Jesus discovered this, Melchizedek taught him, and who do you think taught Melchizedek? Yours truly.

I love you, my children, my many beloveds, and I bid you good night in the I AM name.


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