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Nada      August 08, 2017

Beloved Nada
David Christopher Lewis
August 8, 2017   12:00–1:00 pm MDT
Livingston, Montana 

Nada Speaks on the Spiritual Science of Givingness

I AM Lady Master Nada, and I am your friend. Dearest ones, you have many friends in heaven. Many angels watch over you every day and every night, and many ascended beings also tend to your soul.

This tending of your soul is a sacred science. It takes great attentiveness to tend the souls of mankind. This tending of your souls is a type of spiritual nursing. For those of you who have been nurses, you know exactly of what I speak. Many nurses upon heaven share great love with their patients as they tend to their physical needs, and many spiritual mothers in heaven tend to your soul's needs.

What are your soul's needs, dearest ones? From our perspective, your soul is required to be in affinity with God. We help souls affinitize their hearts with the heart of God, and this is quite an art in itself. Many have forgotten God, and their hearts have waxed dark and hard. In order to inspire them to get closer to God, we have many resources at our disposal, and, of course, the angels are our dearest friends in this alchemy.

Often we have to work with the hearts of individuals to make them more open and affectionate. We have to soften hearts so that they feel more light and love within them. If people are too mentally oriented, it is more difficult to do this. We have special ways of bringing greater joy to the hearts of people upon Earth; for when people feel true joy from within them, then their hearts are open.

So, what is this true joy? Joy comes through attentiveness to the inner voice of God. When one can hear and know the voice of God inside, this brings great excitement and happiness. So part of our work is to help people to hear the voice of God inside of them. Also, dearest ones, we provide a resource of miracle light. Sometimes it requires special happenings before people realize that God exists. Sometimes it requires miraculous occurrences so that people can break out of their old habit patterns. We work through very advanced disciples upon Earth to inspire people to get closer to the light, for when souls can get close to the light, they can absorb that light.

Now, your prayer sessions, your songs, your devotions invoke great light. And this divine light is very alchemical in the possibility for your soul advancement, to bring about and to help you advance on your sacred journey. Sometimes when people come into proximity with the light, they do not understand it; it can be very startling to their soul. They have never felt this type of energy in their beings before. So some of you have to learn to translate the understanding of this dynamic for these people, and some of you are very good at doing this already. Bring to them the divine science of light so that both their minds and their hearts can discern what is at play.

So you see, dearest ones, some of you are already spiritual nurses upon Earth. You work with the masters and angels of the sixth ray to serve many souls. And you sensitize your hearts to theirs to provide the proper words and understandings to help them. This, as I have shared, is an exact science and a beautiful art. So the more you bring joy and light into the equation and the more you help people to develop inner mindfulness and sensitivity, the more they can advance on their spiritual path in the light, the quicker they can make progress on their journey.

Now, I have asked beloved Aurora to come today to be with you also. She is the archeia of the sixth ray of peace, of service and ministration. She works to help everyone to learn more of what the sixth ray is all about. And this day she comes to provide a gift to each of you.

Because you have been very diligent in giving your rosaries and prayers, she comes to serve you a type of spiritual communion today, and within this communion is a sacred gift from her heart. It is like a beautiful lotus, which is now opening within your heart. It is refreshing your heart and transmuting your burdens. Through its beautiful perfume, it is erasing certain ancient memories that have burdened your soul. And, most importantly, it is providing you a resource to be a greater giver of love to all. The spiritual essence within this gift will be with you for the rest of your life if you simply ask that it be so and that it remain with you. And I recommend that you give that beautiful prayer in the sixties section of your prayer book: “We live to serve; we love to serve, for service is our flame.”1

When you say these sacred words, angels of the sacred fire join you. They expand your heart so that more light can flow through it to others. They expand the light within the gifts that you give to others, and they bring great happiness and joy to your own soul as you give to others. Sometimes you may even wake up early in the morning and are already saying these words of this prayer. And then you decide that your entire day will be one of givingness and of offering your heart to others. You decide that no matter what your own burdens are, you will put these aside and give your greatest gifts to humanity.

Now, this is another secret of the sixth-ray masters: the easiest way to overcome and transmute your own burdens is to give to others. When you are in the mode of offering your heart to others, there is a divine magic that occurs, where miraculously your own burdens seem to dissolve instantaneously. You no longer think of your own burdens, cares and problems. You are so focused on giving something to another who needs love and light that you forget your own issues. And in this divine forgetfulness, there is a type of transmutation. And magically, you have greater joy to deal with any situations that come into your life.

Now I will tell you another secret, dearest ones. Even while beloved Jesus was walking the path to Golgotha, he was not thinking of his own pain and burdens. He was only seeking to give love to everyone on Earth, knowing that his own sacrifice would be a great gift to many millions of people. He was seeing in the present moment and into the future all who would follow him on the path of light. And though his physical body was wracked with great pain, his heart and mind were focused on the Divine and the light within every son and daughter of God. The mercy, love and forgiveness within his heart was so tremendous, and you know that he even forgave his detractors and those who crucified him. And in this sacred act of forgiveness, there was divine absolution, and the souls of many were then turned toward God again.

So, dearest ones, there is magic in this type of sacrifice. Miracle light is released through the heart of those who give unto all. God's love bursts forth and provides great light to many of his children upon Earth. And you, as a special soul, can participate in this drama and alchemy by being, like Jesus, a great giver, a great lover of all.

I pray that you will learn more of this science and art of givingness, that you will always consider what your gifts and graces are, what your talents are to provide to humanity at large. And if you feel that you don't have that many talents, don't worry about it. Everyone can love others. Everyone can comfort others in need. Everyone can share words of kindness and encouragement. It doesn't take an advanced degree or a PhD to be a great giver of love. It simply takes a heart that is willing to feel very deeply and then share love.

This is the key for initiates on the path of the ruby ray: to maintain an open heart, trued to God always; to listen to the cries of mankind and respond to every cry and every need; to pray with all your heart; and to give with all of your strength. When you do this, you fulfill all cosmic laws because you are then one with God's eternal heart, which of course is the greatest giver of all in the universe.

So, my precious ones, I pray that you will receive this gift from Aurora and use it wisely every day, that you will share the essence of your heart over and over again in many beautiful ways, that you will shower God's light and love upon many, many souls whom you will meet in this incarnation. And for those who are the greatest givers, I will see you in our retreats. And I will continue to share more secrets on the path of givingness. I will continue to teach you of this beautiful science and art of love.

Now, before our darshan, I have just a few more words to say. I am spreading my spiritual wings over all of Barcelona. To every neighborhood, every street and every home, I spread love. Today this is a healing love, because love is the greatest healer. And I use this divine love to heal relationships between people, to transmute all argumentation and disagreements, to resolve all conflicts and major problems and issues. This love is an alchemical gift from the chohan of the sixth ray, who I AM.

And now I sing a song to the souls of mankind in Barcelona. It is a song that everyone knows. The melody you know, yet the words now are new. And the words will raise the souls of all closer to God. You have many songs about human love, dearest ones. This song is about divine love. And the words that I sing will bring many, many hearts closer and closer to God. They may hear my voice within their soul singing to them, calling them back, back, back to the heart of the One Eternal God. So let us be silent just for one minute as I sing this song unto all, silently. Here is my silent song now, my precious hearts.

            [Nada silently sings her song for one minute.] 

David:  Okay, Nada sang her song. For our darshan, I received one question. 

Question:  Beloved Lady Nada, teach us to help our sons and daughters, our family members through the flame of our hearts, just as Charity taught you. Teach us to master that. Visit us and teach us to be nothing and God the All.

David:  This is exactly what Nada just did. She heard your request, and this entire HeartStream was about givingness and love. Charity is heart-givingness. Charity is active love made practical. Again, charity is active love made practical. So this is the definition of charity: active love made practical.

What Nada says today is to find ways and means of making love active and practical. And then that love becomes charity. When love becomes charity, it's anchored tangibly in the world. It's no longer just a feeling in the heart; it becomes real in the Earth. It's okay to experience love as this deep spiritual feeling first; however, then, as initiates, we must put that love into action. When we do this, we prove that we are truly spiritual lovers. If we're not sharing charity, then we're not true spiritual lovers. We have to put love into action.

Now, charity and compassion are very similar; however, we can have compassion, yet not actually engage in making it active. So charity brings compassion into physicality also. Charity doesn't mean that we give away everything that we have indiscriminately. It means that we truly attune to the inner soul needs of others and we provide a resource that will help the entire individual move forward.

Initially, we may help to bring some type of relief to others. However, as time moves on, teaching becomes very important too. We may temporarily relieve a burden that others are carrying. We may even carry their burdens for them for a little while, but eventually our spiritual work is about helping them to strengthen who they are and for them to develop the resources to be able to carry their own burdens, to make their own living through righteous work. So we teach others to fish rather than just fishing for them. And the greatest charities are those that are involved in educational work as well as relief work.

For instance, the Red Cross is a great relief organization. However, in addition to relief, it also teaches people how to provide first aid and CPR. And as more and more people are trained in giving relief, then it expands the reach of the Red Cross. And then many, many more people have learned the science of first aid and CPR—cardiopulmonary resuscitation. So it's one thing to relieve people who are caught in a storm or hurricane or an earthquake; it's another thing to help teach people to help many, many others.

Likewise, in The Hearts Center we have our prayer sessions and our decrees, and these are helping many people spiritually. We also have our Meru University, which helps to teach others all these spiritual truths. And then it is up to the local Hearts Center communities to do the work locally in their areas, to have wonderful events that draw new people to their centers. You nurture their hearts and their stomachs too; you feed them spiritually and physically. And then you teach them how they too can be servitors and help others.

Part of the sixth ray is ministration and service. This is the purple part of the sixth ray. But remember, the sixth ray is also gold, and that's the teaching. So we have purple and gold—service and teaching. This is the wonderful balance of the sixth ray. Remember that both Jesus and Kuthumi have served on the sixth ray and they are now both World Teachers. Often we go from being servitors, through service, to teachers and trainers. And in doing this, we follow the World Teachers.

Does anyone else have a question?

Translator:  __________ is asking Lady Master Nada and Aurora if they can give her some help in relation to time. She needs more time to help her patients to heal, more time to be with each patient. 

David:  What we're going to do is collapse or expand time. When we expand time, we stretch time through love, and we concentrate more love into the time that we have. This is a science also. What you do is, when going to see a patient, pause for ten seconds before you go in the door. Close your eyes and concentrate all the fire from your mighty I AM Presence into your heart. And you ask Nada and Aurora to help you to expand time within the time that you have so that people will feel this concentrated love over a greater length of time, so that your essence remains in the room even after you are physically gone. People may actually feel that you're still there. And when you touch their hands and maybe gently touch their face or caress them, they feel this beautiful love flowing to them, and that love creates a gigantic flaming heart around their body. And it holds their entire being in that love of God that you carry in your heart. So what you do is you concentrate greater love in the time that you have, and then that love expands to expand time. This is the answer to your question. And patient by patient, you will see tremendous, fiery love being with them all day long.

David:  Okay, that was nice. I loved that answer. 

Translator:  Thank you; they also loved the answer. 

David:  Thank you. 

Translator:  __________ says that she actually doesn't have enough time because of her baby. She wants help in order to do both things, spiritual work and to tend to her baby.

David:  Okay, well, tending her baby is her spiritual work right now. She's helping create another generation of great lovers of God. So while she's with her baby or her baby is with her, she's consecrating all her spiritual fire within that relationship. And she's sending light to the soul of her child, and this is to help the child develop greater spiritual sensitivity. And eventually, that sensitivity will be so great that the child will be amazing.

Nada says to imagine Mother Mary with baby Jesus. Mother Mary was a physical mother. She had to nurse Jesus; she had to change diapers and wash him and take care of him. They had different types of diapers in those days; now it's much easier. So imagine that Mother Mary is always with her and that her beautiful child is always with baby Jesus.  She can have an ongoing conversation with Mother Mary and invite her child to have an ongoing conversation with baby Jesus. And they can each share secrets with each other that they learn from Mary and Jesus. Now, you may have to share some of these secrets telepathically until your baby understands your language. However, remember that every communication shared with love, even if it is telepathic, is still amazing. And your child will understand on the inner, even if you don't know outwardly that your child understands.

So believe that your communication works, and it will. And then later when your child begins to speak, you'll be amazed at some things that the child shares with you. And remember to write down some of the amazing things that your child tells you, especially before the child turns four years old. Because many of these beautiful children are so sensitive that they can see angels and elementals and fairies. And if you encourage them by having beautiful pictures of angels, masters and fairies around them, it will be very natural for them to feel free in that environment.

You can have flash cards with the masters' images and their names. So you would say, “Here is Jesus,” and then have the spelling of Jesus in Español. “And here is Mary, and here is her name in Spanish, Maria. Here is Saint Germain, and here is his name. Here is Archangel Michael, and he is a great warrior for God.” You can share so much teaching with your child, and then you will learn at the same time.

Nada tells me to share that when my first son was born, I showed him flash cards before he could even crawl. And he learned how to read when he was very, very young. And now he has a phenomenal memory. So make sure you're doing those spiritual flash cards and teaching language and also spiritual concepts. You can study the books of Glenn Doman. There are many beautiful concepts in his books. So use flash cards every day and you will be amazed at how magnificent your child will be as a student. And don't forget Maria Montessori's teachings. Read her books and use her teachings with your child. Okay? 

Participant:  Thank you.

1. See The Hearts Center—Prayers, Decrees and Mantras, prayer 60.008, “We Live to Serve.”

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