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Hilarion      August 02, 2017

David Christopher Lewis Discourse (overshined by Hilarion)
August 2, 2017   6:15 ̶ 7 pm MDT
Livingston, Montana

Hilarion on Soul Healing through Radical Forgiveness

The first part of this is just a discourse, some information that he gave me earlier today, which I'll share and then I'll field the questions that I receive from some of you.

This teaching tonight is on solar healing, soul healing. To the masters and to their true disciples upon Earth, working on soul healing is more important than just working on outer physical healing. We do have our issues, troubles and physical ailments, especially as we age, yet what is ultimately the most important thing to deal with while we are upon Earth is our soul. Are we right with God? Are we making progress on our spiritual path? Are we accelerating in consciousness and fulfilling our purpose upon Earth, our divine plan or our mission?

To heal the soul requires greater focus upon the soul. Many people don't really access who they are in their soul essence because they haven't considered themselves as a spirit and a soul primarily, and as an individual and human being with a physical body secondarily. So there must be more focus upon our soul, our consciousness and our essence. The soul is our essence of godliness, our particular individualization of a portion of God within us as human beings in the veils of flesh, in this mortal coil.

When we focus on the soul, we begin to understand the inner dynamics of what life is about. Now, I trust and believe that all of you are on a path of light since you are here tonight and you have sought the true teachings of the ascended masters, the higher initiates East and West, the Buddhas and bodhisattvas, the living Christ and the deeper, more esoteric teachings taught by both Jesus, the Buddhas and other great lights who have incarnated upon Earth in this and past ages.

What Hilarion says tonight is that some of our soul parts have been temporarily lost through our past karmic choices in both past lives and even in this life. Now, how can a portion of our soul be temporarily lost? Well, when we get angry, when we lose it, when we do things that we know are not right, or even bordering on evil or fraught with darkness or a certain density of consciousness, part of our essence goes with that decision to misqualify energy, because where our attention goes, there we go in our consciousness.

So when we focus upon God and upon the light, our energy, our consciousness goes there, and then we absorb that light, that God-consciousness, and we become lighter and brighter and more beautiful, more radiant. If we have made unfortunate choices in this and past lives and we chose to outpicture something of darkness or we did something that the Catholic tradition (which I grew up in) would call a mortal sin, then we have to understand that there are consequences from those decisions. Sometimes we lose those essences or portions of our soul through those choices, and then we have to decide, once we turn fully to the light, to retrieve them.

You may have heard of soul retrieval, and in various activities they do what are called soul retrievals. These can be very powerful, reintegrative experiences in which we recapture those essences that we've lost and that we require now in this time in our lives for us to be our total self, our complete self and to have, through that reintegration, the completion of our mission and the flowering of our divinity.

So how do we recapture and reintegrate these soul parts? Well, through divine intercession. God has to be at the center of the equation of this dynamic for it to occur. God wasn't there when we lost those soul parts, yet has to be there as light, as energy, as divine radiance for us to recapture them. We do this through prayer, meditation and service, and especially through a very dynamic form of loving God with our entire heart, mind, strength/will and soul.

You may remember the commandment that Jesus spoke of: to love the Lord our God with our entire heart, mind, strength and soul.1 To retrieve these soul parts, we have to love God with all of our soul. Yet, of course, parts of our soul are gone. So we have to love God with the parts that we have at our disposal. And then as we reintegrate the parts that have been lost, we'll be able to love God more fully. We'll be able to do more spiritual work and we'll be able to fulfill our reason for being with greater power, energy and dynamism.

We can call back our lost soul parts by transmuting the causes and cores of the karmic choices that we made in the past and by reconciling any issues that we have with others who may have been involved in these dynamics. Do we know all of these individuals? Well, maybe not outwardly, because if they were from past lives, we're not sure who was involved—unless we're totally clairvoyant, illumined and awakened—or when and where it happened and all of the dynamics around it. Yet we don't necessarily have to know all the details outwardly.

We can pray and we can invoke the violet transmuting, consuming flame to erase, consume, dissolve and transmute the causes and cores of these issues. And then we can accelerate this process through what Hilarion calls today—and you may have heard this term—radical forgiveness.

Now, we use Ho'oponopono, a Hawaiian methodology—“I love you, I'm sorry, please forgive me, thank you”—as a form of radical forgiveness. We go directly to God and ask for the total dissolution, through this radical form of forgiveness, of the karma, the cause and core of the issue. And when we do this with great, great fire in our hearts because we desire to resolve everything and make things right again, then miracles do ensue and transformational changes can occur almost “in the twinkling of an eye,” as the Bible says.2

When we truly desire to be one with God, when we truly desire to love God with our entire heart, mind, strength and soul, anything becomes possible. “With God, all things are possible.”3 How though? When we surrender our human and accept the divine within. So the divine intercession that occurs to retrieve these soul parts is made by our allegiance to God—our alignment with God, our communion with God, our oneness with God, yoking ourselves again to Spirit, to the Divine One, to our Creator, our Source, the All-in-all.

Many of you have used I AM affirmations in this life, and some of you in past lives, whereby you invoke the name of God, I AM (in the English language), which is a shortened form of I AM THAT I AM. This was the name given to Moses on Mount Sinai at the burning bush. What you say after I AM then has the empowerment of the name of God. So you have to be careful when giving an affirmation, because you're saying “God in me is.”

Now, Hilarion gave me some I AM affirmations to invoke radical forgiveness, to accelerate this process of soul-part retrieval so that we can get on with our work, fulfill our mission and make greater progress. I think we all desire to make greater progress on our path. We desire to be more illumined, more understanding, more conscious, more aware and eventually, by God's grace, even receive, through mercy, the gifts of the Holy Spirit, greater intuitional understanding, and maybe clairaudience, clairvoyance, clairgustance or clairsentience.

Here are a few I AM affirmations that Hilarion gave me, which we can consider using:

 In the name of God, in the name I AM THAT I AM, I now radically forgive all whom I have ever wronged and ask that they also radically forgive me through divine love, accelerated by Maximus's miracle matrix. (Maybe another time I will explain who Maximus is—some of you know, and we received this blessing of Maximus's miracle matrix within the last year.)

I AM the reintegration of all lost soul parts now. I humbly ask Archangel Raphael and Mary, along with all the healing masters, to help with this divine process. I feel these elements of my being returning unto me and reuniting with my soul, making me whole in all ways.

I AM the simultaneous reintegration, by God's grace, of the soul parts of others whom I have wronged in my past, as they are able to receive and accept these elements unto their beings. By mercy light and radical forgiveness, I now see others whom I have hurt or judged in the past completely reintegrated and whole. They are free to be who they truly are as God Self-realized souls, even as I AM becoming a Self-realized soul.

I AM, through radical forgiveness on a cosmic scale, sealing and accepting the reintegration of the soul elements of my family, my community, my nation, my culture, our Earth and the planets within our solar system and beyond. I AM, through radical forgiveness, accepting the liberation of us all and the Self-realization of every soul evolving on our Earth and on all systems of worlds.

I AM planetary peace, positivity and prosperity manifesting everywhere through the agency of the Holy Spirit's gift of healing, through radical forgiveness with the Master Hilarion, whom I lovingly now refer to as Holy Hilarion. I victoriously wield this gift of soul healing now and pledge to use it always to glorify God and magnify the Lord.

These I AM statements, or affirmations, five in number (although some are fairly long), are our formulas for soul retrieval through radical forgiveness. Radical forgiveness accelerates the possibility for these soul parts to be retrieved and reintegrated into our soul, and we can then become more soulful, or full of soul. And when we are more soul-full, we are rich in spirit, rich in divine energy and the frequencies of our higher nature, and we can do those things that we came to Earth to do with greater love, joy, harmony and adventure.

The adventure of the initiate is exciting when we participate with our Higher Self and the ascended masters, who are there to goad us to access our true nature. They're never there to displace our attunement with our own inner God Presence. They are only there as reminders, as elder brothers and sisters who can show us the way and teach us so that we can become Self-realized, enlightened, illumined, liberated and ascended.

We have to remember this, that the masters are there simply as our wayshowers, our divine guides and guardians, those who have gone before us and mastered time and space and the initiatic path. They are not God Almighty, although they represent the voice of God in many ways. They always lead us to the within—to the Christ, the Buddha, the Divine Mother inside of us—where we then have what we require through that attunement, through that union to come to our full enlightened state of being: liberated, free, ascended.

This teaching on radical forgiveness and soul retrieval is so essential. After our broadcast this morning in Livingston, Montana, some of us went out to breakfast (I think seven of us), and I asked at the table if anybody had a request from the masters on a topic that they would love to hear more about. And the first response, from a person whom I love, was, “I'd like to know more about the soul.”

So I think that on this Wednesday, Hilarion, who is the chohan of the day, heard that. When I got home, I engaged in some physical work on my property and then sat down to meditate in preparation for tonight, and what came forth? The topic was soul healing. I think it was very interesting that the masters listen to us, respond and help us. And I think this teaching, as much as it is for you tonight and for me, is for this person who desired more. And maybe we'll have much, much more about the soul, which is our true essence, which is the individualization of our feminine nature, even as our I AM Presence is the individualization of our Spirit nature—Spirit/Father, Soul/Mother, Spirit/Alpha, Soul/Omega, Spirit/masculine, soul/feminine.

So when our soul reunites with God, our Divine Presence, we have the integration of Alpha and Omega, Father and Mother, masculine and feminine. And then there is the flowering, through that union of Spirit and Matter, of the Christ consciousness within us. We become like Jesus—a living, enlightened, awakened and anointed one. Christ means “anointed one,” even as Buddha means “awakened one.” And so we're enlightened, illumined, anointed and awakened in this Buddha/Christ state of being, and we have all of our soul parts. We've reintegrated everything; we're one with God; we're back home at last.

            So soul healing is so important. And my most recent book, sponsored by the Master Afra, whom many of you know, was called Living a Soulful Life. And part of that entire tome deals with what the soul is—the essence of ourselves; our inner child, as it has been called; the essence of our nature.

            I was a little surprised that someone desired more teaching on the soul, when there is so much in that book on it. The whole focus is on living a soulful life, and yet this person felt there wasn't enough. So I think Hilarion gave us a little more tonight.

            Now we will address your questions during this last portion of our session tonight.

Question:  Can the optic nerve be regenerated, and if so, how?

David:  Everything can be healed. If you don't believe that something can be healed, then it won't be. Faith is preeminent in all healing. Jesus could not heal in certain places because of people's lack of faith. Yet when they had faith, he could heal lepers, the lame, the dumb, the deaf. He could heal, by God's grace, anyone from anything when they had enough faith and they requested help, health, healing, wholeness and they prayed and surrendered to the possibility of the miracle. And this is just cosmic law—Jesus' ability to access cosmic streams of light through divine law, which is above human law.

So can the optic nerve be regenerated? Yes. If so, how? Through light. We take in, we observe through our eyes. And as I understand it, even though I haven't studied it lately, the image that we take in is actually turned upside down and the light goes through the lens, then the iris, and then the images display on the optic nerve. And if there is damage to that optic nerve, of course light has to be there to correct the damage.

What do they use in most eye surgery nowadays? Lasers, right? What is a laser? Light amplification by stimulated emissions of radiation. So what can heal the optic nerve? Spiritual laser light.

Now, how can you do this physically? You can pray to Cyclopea and Virginia and the healing masters for a miracle, and you can focus on what a whole optic nerve looks like, a whole eye of a person, and what perfect vision looks like. Secure an image of your eye. Maybe you can have someone take a picture of you. And if you can find someone who does iridology, you can talk to that iridologist. Secure an image of your eye and find out what other things are going on with your eye, which actually shows what's going on inside your body. That iridologist may be able to tell you some interesting things and help you to visualize your eye as perfect.

Now, optometrists and ophthalmologists are typically trained in the more mundane or common ways of dealing with the eyes, which are not always ideal. We know, for instance, that solar gazing can actually improve our vision if it's done correctly—not gazing at the sun for long periods of time in the middle of the day, but using the teachings of HRM, as inspired by Babaji and others. And we can do that early morning solar gazing.

If you decide to study that teaching and science and look into that opportunity, do it in consultation with a health practitioner. This is what Hilarion is saying to prevent some of you from doing something that would not be good. You may desire to talk to a naturopath or an iridologist, and then you can see what the sun will do to regenerate your optic nerve.

The sun itself is pure energy; the sun is the representative of God for our solar system. It wields tremendous light and power—the power of creation, co-creation—to give life to everything on Earth. Without the sun, we would not have life upon Earth. So the sun can provide this light that then provides life. When we understand what the sun is, who the sun is, it can also assist us in healing and regenerating what has gone wrong with us, both internally and within each organ, within our system.

I know a guy who lived in Bozeman, Montana, who had leukemia. He found out about solar gazing and moved to Phoenix, where the sun is visible for 330 days a year out of the 365¼, and he did solar gazing. He healed himself of leukemia through that, plus right diet, a good healthy diet. He did not use drugs and the more conventional or, let's say, the less conscious ways of dealing with leukemia, which involve the cancer treatments of today, using drugs and radiation, which are not enlightened treatments.

What type of radiation is good for us? Divine radiation and solar radiation. However, we have to do it in the right way, the smart way. And I will always tell you to consult a licensed healing practitioner, preferably someone who deals with the more natural (though what used to be conventional) forms of treatment. Now they are more unconventional because of the influence of the pharmaceutical companies, the big drug companies, and the AMA.

Spiritually, yes, any part of us can be regenerated through light—spiritual light first and then solar light second—through light that we visualize, light that we accept, light that we glean through our meditation and spiritual practices. Using these spiritual practices in combination with the highest and the best of the New Age or more recent revelatory health practices, including solar gazing, we can heal anything.

Question:  Is there a way to heal brain cells from drug abuse and trauma?

David:  As I just said, anything can be healed through divine intercession and through light. How is this done? First of all, you have to detox your body, including your brain, from what was in those drugs, and this is a process. It typically is not done overnight. If you were to do it overnight, it would have to be through a miracle, through divine intercession.

I don't think we should always expect the masters to just intercede for us when we have abused our bodies through drug abuse and expect that they're going to heal us. We made those decisions to do that, and we have to then choose to right our lives and to transmute everything that is out of alignment, by God's grace, through the use of the violet-transmuting, consuming flame and through meditation, right diet and other spiritual practices.

I know people who have been dumbed down by certain drugs, who took certain drugs in their youth. And because of all the drugs they took, they were opened up to the astral plane. And it seemed like the only way to deal with the effects of those drugs was to take one of these prescription drugs that makes them kind of dumb.

I believe anything can be healed. What will it require? A lot of spiritual work and divine intercession. If you are asking for this on behalf of someone else, it will require a lot of prayer, calling to Astrea and Purity. Yet the cleansing is all-important. Anthony William, in his book Medical Medium, gives us many, many keys to transmuting, through right diet, the errors of our past and what we've taken in through our diets and what we have sometimes just inherited through our environment or our parents and what they were exposed to. One of the most important things he says to eat is wild blueberries from Maine. He also recommends dulse, lots of organic fruits, some vegetables and organic dates. You can make smoothies in the morning.

You can gradually detox from the drug abuse, which left certain negative phytochemicals—not the good ones, but the perversion of the good phytochemicals. I'm seeing that these have accumulated both in people's lungs and in their brains. It has dulled their brains to have kind of a grey overlay. This soot on the brain from drug abuse has to gradually be cleansed through deep breathing and through purification of the blood, which then goes to the lungs. We can cleanse a lot through the breath and then by drinking plenty of clear, pure, unadulterated water, which gets across the blood-brain barrier. And it can gradually loosen some of the toxicity from the brain that the drugs left, even the traumas, and then gradually, through the right level of fluidity and level of water in the brain, bring us back to balance.

Hilarion says that the water in the brain is very, very important. If you grow old quickly, it's because you are not drinking enough water. So research pure water and its effect on the brain. If you desire to heal anyone from drug abuse and trauma that has affected the brain cells, make sure, number one, that they are drinking pure, unadulterated water, which gets through the blood-brain barrier to then nurture the brain with the right amount of fluid, H2O, to help heal the brain.

So that's number one. And the solar gazing, of course, can be helpful, as well as detoxing and deep, deep pranic breathing over time. Now, when you do deep breathing, you have to drink water afterwards, the Master says, because when you do that level of deep breathing, where you have super-oxygenation of your blood, then you detox. And how do you get the toxins out? Through excretion—through sweat, urine and also through the bowels. So you have to drink lots of good water.

So the amount of water in your system is crucial for healing the brain cells from drug abuse and trauma. Now, if there was other trauma—let's say a blow to the brain—then you have damage to the physical cells, and that's a whole other story. And that may take a type of massage, is what I'm seeing. If you massage your scalp, it will stimulate certain nerves in the area of the brain. You have to visualize the stimulation of those nerves that were hurt or compromised or even destroyed.

Now, can brain cells, neurons, be regenerated? Science tells us no, that we have a limited number of neurons. However, that's the conventional thought. With God, all things are possible. How would we regenerate neurons? Through a type of energization that comes through deep, deep connection with God as light. And I do believe that if the pineal gland of a solar gazer, such as HRM, can grow to be two or three times the normal size through solar gazing over many weeks, months and even years, then I believe and I accept, and Hilarion confirms, that brain cells can also be healed.

The pineal is a very important gland, which is stimulated by solar light. Study that; watch HRM's presentation. We have it on our Hearts Center website through the videos on YouTube. If you google “Solar Gazing HRM Hearts Center,” you can find his presentation given in Bozeman in 2006. I think it's over an hour long. It was fantastic, and you'll learn a lot and be able to find some more of the secrets to this.

Question:  Please tell me what else I can do to exorcize and eject from all levels of my being those elements that make me vulnerable to psychic and diabolical activities, especially when I close my eyes for deep meditation and visualization. Something or someone tries to overtake me. It constantly interferes with my spiritual work. It matters not where I go physically, even out of the country. It follows and suddenly appears. Also, several years ago I was awakened in the early morning by a person sticking my foot, and I saw someone injecting my foot with a long needle. There was a battle, and it left and returned a second and again a third time. Last time it aimed at my head. My feet have been left with a type of numbness and a dark coloration. My scalp was slightly affected. Is there something I can do to restore health?

David:  These are astral attacks. This person may have in a past life opened him or herself up to the astral plane through certain practices—through psychicism or mediumship. And I'm seeing, without getting into too much detail, that this is the case. In certain parts of the globe, especially in Haiti and also in other regions, Santeria is practiced, which borders on witchcraft, black magic, voodoo, those types of practices. It can be a cultural thing that influences everybody, and so it becomes almost embedded in the psyche and in the subconscious. So you have to bind the voodoo entities that you may have been exposed to in past lives and that are still impacting you in this life. No matter how pure a life you've led, if you've opened yourself up to these influences in the past, they can remain there until you clear them permanently.

Now, Astrea and Purity can clear any demon or discarnate entity. Yet once this happens and you have a clearance, you have to accept it. If you doubt that it was real or that it made you whole, then you're back to the dynamic of accepting all of this darkness. Jesus said, “Sin no more, lest a worse thing come unto thee.”4 If you get cleared by a master or a divine being, an Elohim, you have to totally accept that clearance and that exorcism and never again entertain the consciousness of darkness. However, since you continue to experience this, then you're going to have to self-exorcise by calling to Astrea and Purity, communing with them, seeing light and never talking about this again, dredging it up, revisiting it and recreating it in your mind and being.

What I find with some people is that they recreate their ailments, their ills, even after they've been given so many blessings by the masters, because there is a certain energy of sympathy that they get by talking about them again. Do you know people who do this? They like to talk about their ailments. I don't know that this is totally the case in this case, because I know this person desires to be permanently rid of this. Yet it's going to take prayer and fasting, as Jesus said. Some demons do not come out except through prayer and fasting.

Seven people can help you with a prayer session, an exorcism that's ninety minutes long. They all have to be completely dedicated to help you. They do Astreas and the old ritual of exorcism. They have a picture of you, they love you and support you, and they are there to bind the forces of demons and discarnates that are taunting you. So find these seven souls who are willing to help you do a session for ninety minutes. Call to Astrea and Purity, give those powerful fiery calls, call upon my causal body and Archangel Michael and the hosts of the Lord, and see what this can do for you.

Question:  Can you tell me what more I can do that would mend, heal and seal the fissures, fractures and cracks in my aura and through my body?

David:  Well, the same thing. It's the same answer. These occurred because of past choices. You have to live with your choices until you strengthen yourself through spiritual warfare and spiritual activity to where you can deal with them.

Question:  My one desire is to return to the [unintelligible] where I was and be the best possible, dependable instrument for God, for the masters.

David:  Well, yes, we all desire to be the best, though we let our guard down. So do Leto's meditation before you go to bed at night for twenty-one days, as I told someone in a Soul-Raising session just within the last few days. Get a momentum on that so that you are free, and you will not be taunted by demons and discarnates at night when you sleep. You will wake up refreshed, reinvigorated, free, ready to go in the morning.

So that is the teaching for tonight. Boy, that was a quick forty-five minutes. It's seven o'clock my time, nine your time. I'd like to thank you all for being here tonight. I hope this information and this teaching was helpful for you.

I am here as your servant, and you can call to my causal body and the I AM Presence of David Christopher Lewis to help you if you require anything. I know that, just as Jesus felt virtue coming out of him when the lady with the issue of blood touched his garment,5 if you call to my I AM Presence, my Holy Christ/Buddha Self, by God's grace you will receive healing light and energy from my Higher Self, my causal body, just as you will from the various masters, such as Hilarion.

So thank you, __________. Thank you, all. God bless you, and I'd like to just say good night. Okay. Take care. [Thank you.] You're welcome.

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