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Hercules      June 01, 2017

Beloved Hercules
David Christopher Lewis
June 1, 2017   8:20–8:46 am MDT
Paradise Valley, Montana  

Hercules Stands on Mount Shasta and in the Center of the Earth
for Elohimic Intercession for our Planet and Her People!

I AM Hercules, and I stand in the center of the Earth and also at Mount Shasta to deliver cosmic fire for the equilibrium of the Earth in this hour and for the anointing of souls to come up higher in divine truth. It is a time, blessed ones, for a greater commitment to the light—the light within yourself, the light within the Sun center of your being, where God exists in the totality of the completeness of the radiance of virtue, which you may embody lovingly, consciously within every moment.

I come because the Earth requires the sustaining grace of the Elohim in this hour. And so the seven and the five, with our complements, now stand around the Earth to initiate spirals of cosmic light [connection lost] to deliver [connection lost] the vast star systems within your universe. And this we did lovingly, attending to the details that the Lord God Almighty invested within us.

Now you, as co-creators, as initiates of the sacred fire, can move forward this evolution of light as you choose. It is incumbent upon each of you to attend to your God each day, to the co-creative power of your heart and the fire of God within the secret chamber thereof. Have you truly allowed this to coalesce throughout your entire auric field, blessed ones? Have you determined, come what may as seeming opposition to your soul, to your lifestream, that you will stand firm on the path, that you will give every last vestige of that light within you toward this cause of eternal freedom, planetary liberation, solar system enlightenment? 

If you are one with us in consciousness in this hour, we will provide you with the impetus of light. We will illumine you again and again with our teachings, with those dispensations of grace and with empowerments of light that you, each one, require. Yes, within this dispensation so many empowerments, annointings and illuminative releases of light have occurred. Yet how much have you retained within your soul? How much have you embodied within your life? These are questions you may ask yourself each day in order that each day may be complete with what you choose to offer of self toward God. 

Yes, blessed ones, I come dripping with sacred fire with my beloved friends, the Elohim. And the twelve act this day to bring about a restoration of oneness because of the distortion that has occurred within the minds, souls and hearts of many upon Earth who do not see clearly, who do not understand the dynamics of life itself, let alone their own souls. 

Therefore you must help illumine them through these teachings, through your own witness to the truth. You must move in a constant stream of God-directed attention into the future, knowing that God is your source, God is the directing power of universal light within you. And when you attend to all that comes as intuition, blessed ones, it will mean a greater restoration within you of that God-power that we, the Elohim, are investing in you. It will mean the letting go of the lesser self in completeness. It will mean the embracing of your God Self in its totality. Yes, I raise my voice in order that you may feel this day the currents of God-power that we, the Elohim, are able to invest within the Earth and within our own.

And it is time that many more of the dark ones be taken. Therefore there is an action of light in this hour, directed by the twenty-four elders, for the binding of certain dark spirits upon Earth, in answer to the calls of the sons and daughters of God of all true faiths and movements of light. A certain 144 of the darkest of the dark ones are bound by the legions of Archangel Michael and of Mighty Astrea in this hour. And they are taken to the Court of the Sacred Fire for the adjudication of their lives and their destiny. Some may bend the knee when confronted with the records of the evil ways that they have promulgated in this Kali Yuga, and some may not. It is the freewill choice of each one.

Yet you, each one, dearest ones, must stand firm in your resolve to hold that light, to bear that light, to radiate forth that light in this hour. If you can indeed collectivize that light within the greater auric field of this movement and holy community of the Holy Spirit, there will be a great influx, and especially at the summer solstice event in just two short weeks. Blessed ones, we will be there behind the scenes working with the Divine Mothers in their messages, their dispensations and releases of light. There will be greater empowerments for many of you than you have ever known in this lifetime if you choose to make your presence physical in Livingston, Montana. For the greatest amount of light may be inculcated within you when you are physically present and centered in your heart, sitting upon your seats, the new chairs that you will witness if you come. 

Dearest ones, we support beloved Kuan Yin, the blessed Mary and all the Mothers of heaven in their merciful works, in their dispensations of grace and in all that they do as mediators for the Earth and for each of you. If you only knew how much they give and give and give in order to save souls from the diabolical inclinations of the evil ones, you would give greater reverence toward their work and engage, engage, engage again and again in your holy prayers of light.

 Now I would speak of holy prayer itself. Holy prayer is prayer uttered from the heart of the humble one who seeks only God's will, wisdom and love to manifest within self and around the world. Sometimes we observe that even your dynamic decrees are not invested with the level of holiness, sanctity and God-consciousness that they could be in order to invite even the Elohim to respond. We respond to the humblest of the humble, to the most loving of souls who offer the totality of their beings within the words that they speak with God-consciousness and Solar awareness. Therefore if you would have us respond, even to the other prayers that do not mention our names, blessed ones, center fully within your heart and allow the light to flow through you unabated, with great reverence and with great joy and with great God-intention. 

As many have stated before, it would be better for some of you to take that time to fully go within, to meditate and contact the God-fire within before you pray so that your prayers may reach the highest heights of heaven rather than skim the surface of many things because you see speed as more important than focus and love. 

I am riding with this messenger through Paradise Valley in order to also bless this entire region with light and holy grace as you witness to this release, which is personal for you if you make it so. It can be a life-changing dispensation, as every HeartStream is, if you make it so through your focus, through your receptivity, through your love.

 The God-graces that are now bestowed around and within the Earth by the twenty-four, the twelve-times-two, form an alchemical matrix and formula that shall find many around the world and allow them to utilize the higher energy fields and frequencies of God-consciousness, which will truly facilitate the dawning of the great Golden-Crystal Age of Aquarius. Thank you, blessed ones, for your hearts of fire, your attentive spirits, your great love. 

Now, in a moment of timelessness, we also place our attention upon the new Vastu temple that is coming to the conclusion of its building. We, the twelve-times-two, place foci of light within the Earth around this temple—deep, thirty-three feet beneath the surface of the crust. These foci will be generators of God-power so that all who come to this temple in future days, months, years, decades will receive this impetus of fire and all that it will facilitate as cosmic transformation within. Therefore prepare self so that when you come to Shasta in August, you will be prepared to fully receive and embody these graces, these light-energies. For they will be stupendous, and for some of you even bring about greater abundance and an opportunity to serve at a much higher level than you have in recent years. 

We thank all those responsible for the funding and building of this sacred focus, especially Robert Beese, Cathleen, Jackie Fleder and the Hearts Center Council and all donors and tithers who have given to the building fund that was used for this endeavor. You see, blessed ones, when you give selflessly, God gives the totality of his/her being unto you in many ways, some of which you do not fully understand in the moment. And yet in future years and even future lives, you will see the record and witness to just how God does multiply and accelerate the light that you offer within your sacred gifts.

Many of you have just received, or will soon, a letter from The Hearts Center regarding tithing. Please read it carefully and consider all that is within it as personal to you as an initiate of Melchizedek, of Abraham, your beloved El Morya, and realize that if you truly would serve at the highest level as a servitor with the Master M, you must engage at this level of givingness in order that the abundance bestowed unto you may be multiplied for the greater good of humanity in general and this community specifically. 

Dearest ones, The Hearts Center dispensation is one of the three greatest upon the Earth in this hour in terms of what it facilitates in the release of God-light, of the highest frequencies upon the Earth. If you truly would engage at the level that you could, then consider everything that is shared by the ascended masters, the angels and archangels, and the Elohim in our releases of light. Each one is carefully prepared for you as a feast of light and love, of wisdom and truth. And if you take each one to heart and seek to embody the essence of that release within self—absorbing it, assimilating it, becoming it—then you will be the great beneficiary of all that we release. And you will receive the opportunity to ascend at the close of this life, or, for a few of you, in the next. 

Now we also release a certain quotient of light for your physical bodies, their healing and their wholeness. Release all sense of unwholeness now into the fire, the blue-fire radiance of Hercules and Amazonia. The empowerment that we release into your physical cells, into your marrow, into every organ and system within your body is great in this hour and may bode, for many of you, a relief from pain—if not fully in the physical, then at least a tempering of it in the emotional and mental planes so that you may bear it with greater equanimity and understanding of its cause and its purpose.

Yes, every pain, every discomfort has a cause and a purpose. The cause may be karma, personal or planetary. The purpose may be for you to know greater compassion for yourself and others and to bear even the sins, the karma, of mankind, to hold that balance and to sustain the grace where you live, move and have your being. 

Truly, dearest ones, when you understand all of these dynamics, you will bear all with great kindness and understanding, looking to the example of your Lord Jesus the Christ and what he bore for you all and for the entire Earth, and decide that you can bear just a little bit more of that discomfort in order to mitigate certain potential events and occurrences around the world, to save souls so that more may embrace the path of light and come to the fruition of their God-identity and truly the salvation of their soul, their spirit, one with God. 

O holy ones of God, we the Elohim care for you, everything about you, even your human personalities, which at times you see as getting in the way of your divine plan. And yet even with the foibles and the little annoyances that you cause others, there is a certain creative energy of who you are that even the Elohim lovingly see as the uniqueness of your soul. 

Do not despair when at times you falter and say things that you shouldn't or do things that you know are not in your own or others' best interests. Simply hold your head high, call upon the law of forgiveness and move forward with grace and joy. For this is the path of the conquering ones. This is the way of the anointed, those called by God, whose hearts are perfect in love, even as their human personalities are imperfect. 

So, dearest ones, prepare for all future events with intention. Support them as you can with prayer, offerings, high intentions and love, and the victory will manifest. Yes, the victory is manifest this day, by God's grace, through you, each one. Thank you for listening. Thank you for being who you are, my beloved heartfriends.

David's Comments:

            Thank you, Cathleen. Sorry for the car noise, yet this is probably a very unique HeartStream that I will always cherish. And it just goes to show that sometimes when a master calls, no matter what I'm doing—at Chico Hot Springs or wherever—that I have to be obedient and receive what the master has to share. So take care and have a great day. Bye-bye.

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