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Jesus      March 08, 2017

David Christopher Lewis Discourse (overshined by beloved Jesus)
March 8, 2017   7:12–7:27 am MST
Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart
Livingston, Montana

Jesus Says, “We All Can Choose to Learn to Be Happy with Ourselves”

Jesus says that we all can choose to learn to be happy with ourselves. Now, this may seem like a trite thing. Yet this happiness, which we can elect to live in through our Higher Self and within our everyday experience, is very important because when we are happy with ourselves—first with our God Self and then with the totality of our being—we can emanate that happiness unto everyone and everything. And it really helps life all around us to be in this state of being.

Within the Declaration of Independence of the United States it says that every person has the right to pursue happiness. When the founders put that in there, they were tuning into something very important. It is not about pleasure, although pleasure can bring temporal happiness. In my opinion and in Jesus' opinion, it's about divine happiness, not the temporal thrills and vanishing ecstasies of those things that do not last. It's the happiness that comes from a deep space of inner peace. When we are truly happy, we are nonreactive because we live in the integrity of this sacred space, where we are set in that perfect mode of being, where nothing moves us from our focus, our center, that causal state of centeredness.

If we find that we lose happiness or we lose the sense that we are worthy to be happy, that we are able to be happy, that we are valuable to the universe in our happiness, then we have to go deeper and find a new core that we may not have fully embraced. We may have reached very near the core of our true reality through all of our spiritual work, yet if we can't sustain happiness, then have we truly reached that core of beingness in God? We may have temporarily experienced deep states of what we consider perfection or harmony or inner beauty or grace. Yet if we find happiness vanishing from our lives, then we have to look at the core of why this may be occurring.

What brings us true happiness? Not outer achievement, not doing things, not just making other people happy or making them smile or laugh. What makes us happy is our connection with our Source and feeling God's love and light from deep within us, and then breathing within that, sustaining that through our breath, mindfully considering God, God, God within us throughout our day. And if we find that that connection is there, then all of the other beautiful little things in our life will help us to sustain that outer happiness, which truly is able to be manifest through the joys of our daily life experiences. And when people seek to bring us joy or happiness, we will recognize it, appreciate it, value it as a part of this greater aura of happiness that we, as sons and daughters of God, deserve to live within. It really is our natural state.

You look at children and they are happy, carefree, energetic, full of life, full of that élan that leads to self-discovery and all kinds of experiences of learning and having fun in the process of learning, laughing through the learning experience. Because when you learn something, there is always a little bit of fun that hops within you, and naturally you laugh.

I think most of us are constantly learning things. And in that learning, there is a little leap of a flame inside of our hearts when we discover something new that's a part of this greater happiness, and it brings us joy. When precious and careful words are spoken between people, it's an opportunity for happiness to bloom, to expand and to give birth to something beautiful in that sharing, in that giving and receiving.

When we are in nature, which is God's happiness field of light and life, we almost instantly come into that state of being happy, because birds, nature spirits and the plants are all humming and singing and expressing their own state of beingness. And that part of God's happy field in nature is soothing to our souls and encourages that which within us is pure, undefiled, holy and graceful to come forth, emerge and then be expressed. So the drudgeries of life through work, if it becomes toil, can take us from the sense of this deeper field of happiness, if we allow it to happen.

Yet we can always choose—no matter what we are doing, what work we are engaged in, with whom we are conversing or temporarily living or abiding with—to enter the field of God-happiness through the inner song that sings within us. In that way, no matter what is transpiring around us, it doesn't transform us into something that we are not. Rather, it engenders who we are and elicits that deeper state of peace, higher joy, divine joy from deep within us so that we can maintain our spiritual integrity, our life, our love for everyone, for everything and for ourselves.

If we lapse into unhappiness, we lose the inner joy-field, which is part of the integrity of who we are, and that's a dangerous thing. So what do we do when we are caught in this web where we have lost the sense of happiness? We have to assert ourselves and say, “I choose to be in the joy-field of light with God and God's love living within me, spinning within me, emanating from within me this pure happy field of light.” Then bring that into your outer circumstances, work, service and what temporarily seems to be toil, yet which is just a part of your duty to initiate cycles and complete responsibilities.

If we are deeply centered in beingness, nothing can move us afield or afar from God's joy-field of light. If we move our location, if we change our job, if we change a relationship, we're still going to have to deal with having not fully maintained or fully accessed that inner core reality where God exists in the ever-present Now, where happiness is the truth of who we are, where joy is a living entity or beingness field. And so even if we change things around us, God and the universe will conspire to challenge us to go within again and find a new and higher level of inner happiness and then to sustain it.

Praise God for those who, even while they are suffering outwardly in body, mind or emotions, learn the transformative art of transmutation through joy and are able to bear their burdens and not burden others; able to offer a kind word, a loving embrace or glance, or a mindful joke that shares that love-field, that light-field and that joy-field with others. If we are too moody or brooding in our sense of burden, we burden others, even if we don't speak of it. It creates an energy field around us that reminds me of that character from the Peanuts cartoons, Pig-Pen, emanating that dirt all around him.

Most of us on the spiritual path probably live in this happiness field 70, 80 and even 90 percent of the time. It's the 30, 20 or 10 percent of the time that we miss the mark or lose that sense of happiness that we then have to work on. So to requicken and reawaken in ourselves that beautiful field of joy and happiness, we have to assess and reassess.

Jesus comes with his joy today to speak to us on this topic so that we can all together progress to a new level, because when one among us is burdened, all of us are burdened. When one among us is flying high, that light of levity helps all of us to go higher, because we are one and we feel what all are going through, at some level.

God Ling (who was Moses), Fun Wey, Laugh-a-Lot, Levity and the Angel of Joy are beings that we can invoke, and they will come and answer our prayers. They can't do the work for us, though, of sustaining our state. We have to choose a higher walk and a deeper field of happiness to live within and to sustain. And if we must set the table of our daily life with opportunities to experience what brings us happiness, then set that table. Set aside five minutes here, three minutes there, a half hour there to exercise, to be in nature, to dance, to sing. Do that thing or those things that bring you the temporal happiness that can lead you to or remind you of the deeper state of inner joy.

Playing the piano instantly brings me to that state of happiness. And my wife has reminded me and I forget and don't always play. In fact, I rarely do it now. So I'm going to have to recommit myself to spending five minutes a day, whatever it takes, to play the piano. Our songs in our Hearts Center movement are there to help all of us engender this field and bring us—through music, the liveliness of the rhythm, the rhyming words, the crescendos and the excitement of sound, which is sacred sound—to that mystical field of inner and higher joy and love. This is what music, song, can do. It is one of the most awesome and best ways to access that joy-field.

Prayer, when done slowly, appropriately and with great devotion, also somehow sparks the flame deep within us so that that flame burns brightly. Someone recently emailed and said they were concerned about some of the prayers being given at too fast a clip. They couldn't feel the state of devotion because they couldn't say the words that fast, and therefore they couldn't make the contact. So they encouraged us to slow down, and this is a great thing. Occasionally the masters will lead something fast, yet in our activity we're not droning on for hours and hours at a high speed just to get a certain number of decrees done. In fact, recently the Master said through me that all previous requests (for various numbers of certain prayers to be given) were not thrown out, but basically changed so that we could get back to that state of feeling the prayer, the words, so that we could emanate the light within those prayers.

So what I'd like us to do today is to go around the room and choose a song or a prayer. And if you would like to appreciate Jesus, you can say one or two sentences—not a paragraph, not a litany, not one or two paragraphs—or make your own prayer or tell a quick little story, if it is very short, that will illumine us, inspire us about Jesus or something that happened in your life. Just two or three minutes. And let's share today in this love-field of joy, levity, laughter and happiness to generate/regenerate it so that those who have been burdened of late through the pressures of life can have an uplift and support from our hearts and again access that state and that flame.

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