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Grace      December 16, 2016

Beloved Grace
David Christopher Lewis
December 16, 2016   9:00–9:30 am MST
Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart
Livingston, Montana

33-Day Ascended Master Wisdom Series

Grace's Maxims


            Good morning, everyone. God bless you and thank you for being with us today. Today we have the privilege of receiving twenty-four maxims from the beautiful Grace. Grace is one of the virtues that hopefully we all desire to outpicture in our lives. And so let us listen to her sharings.

1.   The face of the Eternal One epitomizes the purest grace.

2.   Grace descends as a gentle waterfall to the humble heart in love with God.

3.  Your heart emanates your spirit's essence and your soul's grace.

4.  Grace uses angelic communication to convey her love for the souls she desires to save.

5.  The mission of the angels of grace is to inspire and raise the human race.

6.  Grace allows all to transcend the excesses of gravitas and prudishness.

7.  A fragrant heart wed to a graceful spirit results in a life of loving-kindness.

8.  Grace is especially fortuitous in alleviating self-abnegation and soul suffering.

9.  The vision of Grace is a harmonious world, a peaceful civilization and loving families.

10. Grace teaches the art of spiritual etiquette, which involves the conscious comportment of one's entire being through loving interactions and diplomatic communications.

11. The agency of the Holy Spirit employs many Graces.

12. Buddhic mindfulness exemplifies the divine graces of the higher mental body.

13. Grace is replete in those who, in God, are complete.

14. The heavenly splendor of grace wafts through the Holy City's sacred atmosphere.

15. The Holy Spirit shares with devotees of divine love both the fire and the grace of the Trinity's beingness.

16. Grace is alive everywhere, for she appears simultaneously wherever holy prayer is uttered.

17. When grace is present in your life, your shining Presence is evident to all.

18. The authority of Grace is displayed through her power of true piety, and the dignity of Grace is evident in her conscious movements.

19. There are regions of cosmic space in every galaxy where grace is concentrated and focused through a sacred portal from the heart of the Infinite One.

20. Accept every cell of your being as a habitation place of grace.

21. Snowflakes embody heaven's crystalline grace, each one spirited and unique.

22. The graceful have discerned the natural modus operandi of the Divine Mother.

23. Wherever you discover holy grace, living love and holy harmony are also present.

24. A heart-centered life always leaves a legacy of grace.

25. To know the divine embrace, trace grace across the pages of your thoughts and within the pools of your feelings.


That was twenty-five and we already had twenty-four, so I don't know why I did twenty-five. I guess we are getting an extra one today. I'll read it again. [David repeats number twenty-five.] Helen texted that I'm going in and out, so I apologize if you've had some issues with the Internet—were having the issue. We've had winter storms here in Livingston now for a number of days; it's snowing right now. We probably have at least twelve to fourteen inches of snow on the ground and it's continuing.

I'd like to share a little bit more about some of these, from my perspective.

Number six: “Grace allows all to transcend the excesses of gravitas and prudishness.” You may wonder, “What is gravitas?” It's a seriousness. It comes from the same root as the word grave. So if something is very grave, it's serious, it's intense, it's not always fun and exciting and joyous. It's being very anchored, but very serious. So the excesses of gravitas are when we take things too seriously in our life, especially in our spiritual path.

Prudishness, of course, is where we are a prude. We snub our nose at others and look down upon others as not being good enough or holy enough or smart enough. There are too many prudes in the world, and of course we don't require that. So when we're graceful, we don't even get into those vibrations where we're too intensely serious and where we enter into this state of prudishness, where we also think we're holier than thou—it's a holier than thou attitude. So let's be humble, because humility is what allows grace to enter our worlds and to be sustained in our lives.

Number eight: “Grace is especially fortuitous in alleviating self-abnegation.” Self-abnegation is putting ourselves down and criticizing and flagellating ourselves spiritually. We are continually our own worst enemy, because we're critical of who we are, and that results in soul suffering. Grace alleviates that. It helps us to have a higher image of our self and to hold the immaculate concept of who we are, which alleviates soul suffering. How? Because grace is that ointment, that aloe of light and love, that soothes everything and nurtures the soul so that it doesn't have to suffer.

I love number eleven: “The agency of the Holy Spirit employs many Graces.” What is this agency of the Holy Spirit? It's the vehicle through which the Holy Spirit manifests or, in this case, the movement or organization—the agency. The Holy Spirit has her agencies among mankind through various spiritual organizations, movements and teachers. And when a particular teacher has the Holy Spirit, that one becomes a vehicle through which the Holy Spirit can move and employ Graces of many types. So there are many types of grace, many fashions of grace, many outpicturings of grace. And the Holy Spirit is behind all of that, because grace is a feminine virtue, or God-quality, and the Holy Spirit is feminine. So obviously, many of these Graces that the Holy Spirit employs through her agency are feminine beings who come to people when they are down, when they require a boost. Today we did the Rosary of Divine Quintessence, and all of these beautiful female archangels are anchoring a type of crystal-ray grace to the Earth. They bring those graces into our lives. They exemplify them and then they show us how to utilize them.

Fifteen: “The Holy Spirit shares with devotees of divine love both the fire and the grace of the Trinity's beingness.” I see this as the intensity of the Holy Spirit that comes as that fire that rekindles us in God's holy light in a very powerful, dramatic way, and also as comfort, the grace of the Trinity's beingness. God's not just blue fire all the time, and God's not just yellow fire all the time, as teaching and illumination. God as the pink fire of divine love is both intense fire, the ruby love of the path of the initiate; and the comfort flame, which all of us require at times when things get intense and we require a little respite and a deep communion, a deep beingness inside of ourselves.

Twenty-two: “The graceful have discerned the natural modus operandi of the Divine Mother.” How does the Divine Mother operate? What is her modus operandi? What is her means of bringing about her plan for the salvation of Earth? Well, when we are graceful we can discern that. We can tune into the Divine Mother and what she is attempting to do on the Earth through devotees of light. We give our rosaries in order to make our attunement with the Divine Mother in all of her appearances or apparitions through many lady masters, because many ascended lady masters are representatives or outpicturings of an aspect, an angle, of the Divine Mother. Mother Mary, of course, and Kuan Yin are two of the most preeminent ones. And yet there are many archeiai, many feminine Elohim and other ascended lady masters who project great light to the Earth. And all of them are a part of this natural expression of the Divine Mother and her desire to woo our souls back to her for our salvation, for our oneness.

I love twenty-four: “A heart-centered life always leaves a legacy of grace.” I think we are leaving our legacy through the tracings of light that emanate from us when we pray, when we decree, when we sing, when we engage with the Holy Spirit in these sessions, pouring our love to God, to the ascended hosts, to the universe so that that light itself may save people who are caught in the web of illusion and maya, who haven't awakened quite yet to their divine reality, to who they truly are.

So the legacy of grace that we are leaving is this cosmic glow that descends upon the Earth, which, when it alights upon people, does sparkle and glow and stimulate their souls. And this sparkling effect is very evident especially in this Rosary of Divine Quintessence. Those of you who really tune into the five crystal rays know that this sparkling activity is part of the outpicturing of the Holy Spirit's prana, objectified and manifest within these virtues of the crystal rays—the wave patterns, the frequencies, the divine energies of ether manifesting in five ways, interpenetrating, glowing and exciting the cells, and rejuvenating the soul and the being of the people. First we are rejuvenated in these frequencies.

I love what David Keil has done, with the help of others, in this video of the Rosary of Divine Quintessence. It really brings heaven to earth in a very crystalline way through the depiction of these amorphous frequencies, which seem to be somewhat hard to define and not so easy to grasp, codify or objectify because they're always moving and morphing and changing. Though the videos are still very powerful.

When I received the two HeartStreams recently requested by the heartfriends in Canada, of Celena and the one before her, through her Presence I was moved into an altered state of her being that was magnificent. I felt like I was morphed into a different dimension. And I think that when you experience the crystal rays, you will know what I mean. They're very effective in instantaneously transporting our souls to another dimension, almost like a parallel universe, so that we can get out of modes that we are stuck in. We can experience a higher reality beyond the concrete world that we live in physically on Earth, yet we can still remain spiritually grounded in doing our work. And there's a new aliveness to it, a new energy in it, a precious grace of these quintessences that move right through us and recreate us. This is one of the things that I think those who have had near-death experiences try to describe—the feeling of that amazing divine love in heaven, which is so transcendent that they can hardly describe it; no words can really capture that feeling and that essence. So grace is what flows in heaven.

This is one of my favorite ones: “The heavenly splendor of grace wafts through the Holy City's sacred atmosphere.” This is what is in the air in heaven, what is breathed in. It's the heavenly splendor; it's the sense of Godness, goodness, perfection and beauty. Every virtue is objectified in this atmosphere. When you breathe it in, you're enlivened and enriched. You can retain your immortality when the atmosphere itself is composed of these heavenly graces.

Thank you very much for listening today. I hope that the broadcast was a little better after we experienced some of the issues. A lot of love to you all. Helen mentioned the upcoming event that starts in just a couple of days in Mexico at Rocky Point. Please pray for the mitigation of the snowstorms here in Montana, especially in the Bozeman area and in Salt Lake City, so that there aren't any delays, and also from the D.C. area. We have a couple of devotees coming from that area potentially. I know at least one, and hopefully two.

I was thinking about the $33 recommended donation for the registration fee. There are eleven HeartStreams scheduled for three days—eleven HeartStreams. So that's $3 a HeartStream. And how much do we spend going to a movie? Probably $8.50, $9.50—in some areas it's probably over $10. So for $3 for a HeartStream, I think it's a pretty good deal. And I know Boyd will do his best to have us broadcast in the best way that we can. So I really encourage you to register, if you can, and we'll see you very soon from Rocky Point in Mexico, on the northern shores of the Sea of Cortez.

God bless you and take care.

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