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Cyclopea      December 05, 2016

Beloved Cyclopea
David Christopher Lewis
December 5, 2016   9:00–9:30 am MDT
Livingston, Montana 

33-Day Ascended Master Wisdom Series
Beloved Cyclopea Maxims

Good morning, everyone. God bless you. Today's offerings are from Beloved Cyclopea, the Elohim of the fifth ray.

1.      Empowerment comes to the humble. Enlightenment comes to the studious. Enrichment comes to the generous. Ennoblement comes to the compassionate.

2.      Decide to be godly and all spiritual blessings will ensue.

3.      The most fortuitous spiritual gift is discernment, as a lack thereof is a major stumbling block for many disciples.

4.      Intuit why discipleship is preparatory for adeptship.

5.      God-vision flows from the Singularity, which always sees perfection, beauty and harmony in all.

6.      Truth and beauty are akin. Wisdom and gnosis are of one kind. Mercy and justice are kindred spirits.

7.      Kindness kindles compassion everywhere.

8.      Sharing love and mercy are the greatest investments.

9.      See clearly, clear illusion and be clear.

10.  God is radically immutable.

11.  There are never forgone conclusions among saints.

12.  Let your response to every injustice be understanding—both of the infraction's cause and of the perpetrator's soul.

13.  As you behold perfection in others, it is simultaneously highlighted and strengthened in you.

14.  The joy of immaculate vision is the relish of the pure in heart.

15.  Every pre-pregnant woman must be tutored in the sciences of the immaculate concept and visionary co-creation.

16.  When you speak to your soul, God listens.

17.  Heaven's borders are faith and trust, and its circumference love and understanding.

18.  Grace is merciful love applied and thus always alchemically transformative.

19.  Infuse all your relations with joy and all your relationships with the same.

20.  Love is compelling you to open your eyes to Spirit and your mind to Truth.

21.  The synthesis of you and God is a new divinity.

22.  Errors are simply awakenings to easier paths next go-around.

23.  The heart-reflective understand God; the soul-reflective feel God; the spirit-reflective know God.

24.  Let your brawn and braininess morph into blessedness and beingness.

            I'd like to reflect on some of these beautiful statements from Cyclopea. Number seventeen was “Heaven's borders are faith and trust, and its circumference love and understanding.” I feel that the borders are more the masculine aspect of the area prescribed within heaven as the blue energy of faith and trust. And then the circumference, which is more circular, is love and understanding. It's more of the feminine, the Mother. With this understanding, I think that heaven incorporates both the Father and Mother aspects of God in the totality of the geometry of its reach into the cosmos. And really, in one sense, there are no borders, because when we have faith and trust there's nothing that separates us. There are no borders between nations, really, if we can trust in each other and if we have faith that we are all one and we're all neighbors, all of one race. And likewise, there is no prescription or prescribed circumference per se when there's love and understanding. So the walls, the fences, the borders, the circumference kind of disappear with these beautiful virtues of faith, trust, love and understanding.

If we can engender these within the earth, as they are already existent in heaven, we would have heaven on earth. Implicit within this one statement is a message of how we as humanity can live as one, how we as many separate peoples can resolve conflict, our issues and our differences within the matrix that heaven itself displays and exemplifies in its own geometry. So it's also a statement about our geography. Geo is earth, right? So geography is the study of the earth and its land masses, the positioning of states, continents and nations and the structure of the earth itself. There's also potentially a study of heaven. So what would this word be? Instead of geo or terra, it would be a word that symbolizes heaven, elysia or something else that maybe one of you could come up with, a part of a word or a phrase that is heaven.

If we had the study of heaven along with the study of earth geography or other sciences, it would be quite a study. It would take us beyond just looking at our dimension, our issues, our planet into a much wider, more illumined approach to understand the nature of life and how we can bring that divine essence into play in our world. Because, as Above, so below, earth is reflected in heaven; heaven is reflected in earth. So maybe it would be deography or something with deo, the Latin for God. God is a little different than heaven, but you get the picture. We could come up with a word and it would be our study of heaven.

Our study of God is important. Theology is the study of God, theos meaning “God” in Greek. But this would be the study of heaven, more as a sacred dimensional place, if we could call it that. It's more of a consciousness, really, than just a place. It's an energy field. Maybe one of you could come up with a term that is based on the derivation of words from a particular culture, and we could say that in addition to studying the earth sciences, we study heaven. And the ascended masters give us a new approach in our spiritual studies that help us to understand the nuances of the divine worlds. I love that one. It was very subtle and yet there's a lot of truth there.

            Number five was “God-vision flows from the Singularity”—and he capped the word Singularity, which means God in this instance. God-vision flows from the one point of all creation, the Singularity, “which always sees perfection, beauty and harmony in all.” We know this through our understanding of holding the immaculate concept—it flows from the Singularity. So what this statement connotes is that God-vision is not something that's glaring; it continues to flow out. God is continuing to illumine all life with these essences of perfection, beauty and harmony as God's vision flows to everything from this Singularity. So as a flow, it's an interesting dynamic. It's not something that's just observation. There's actually the energy of that flow that clothes and blesses the creation with God's perfection—the joy, the beauty and the harmony, as well as the love, of that vision—which enfolds, recreates and continues to illumine, guide and cherish what God has created.

God-vision isn't just some mental thing, and it's not just an impersonal modality. It is envisioning something. When we envision something, there's a part of us that's invested in that envisioning—of our future, of our future life, of our projects. And so God-vision becomes this recreative force that's very important in the sustaining of the creation. It's an amazing alchemical thing that takes place. It's the profusion of God's beingness into the creation that sustains it, and we do the same with our lives, with our relationships with loved ones, our families, our homes, our community. Every day as we meditate, a part of us, through our inner vision, is there perfuming the atmosphere around us with this essence of our godly nature, of our true Self. And that alone can help to sustain peace, brother/sisterhood and generate understanding and new communication techniques that will help people resolve conflict and encourage dialogue, discussion, interaction between different cultures.

It's really a dynamic thing when you understand the way God, the Singularity, holds the creation in his/her perfect vision. We learn to do the same through the essences that flow through us, which can be these very powerful, flowering, enriching, enlivening, joyful virtues and God-qualities that are necessary for the Earth right now. I think each of us incarnates and perfuses different gradations of these essences through our vision. So the more that you meditate and you intuit how you as an initiate can bless the Earth and caress the Earth with your love and your light, your vision becomes grander and more refined and more powerful. Your vision center begins to glow and to expand. And in the auras of those who are true visionaries, I've seen this pulsation, which is the continuation of their spiritual work, and the holding of this immaculate concept for life.

I believe that all of us in The Hearts Center movement are visionaries. The spiritual work that we do through the spoken word is important, and yet remember that we've heard that 70 to 75 percent of the effectiveness of our decrees depends on our vision. If you really understand that and you meditate upon that, you will understand why this holding of the immaculate concept is so important as we pray. It's not just about the rhythm of the prayers. It is about the heart-centeredness that we have as we effuse love through our prayers, because that is what is naturally empowering that vision. And yet the holding of that vision and the enfolding of that vision upon and within all life is so essential for us to be successful and victorious in our daily morning sessions.

Some of you are more involved in the leading of the sessions. Some of you are more receptive, and hold in your mind's eye the visuals that our Creative Arts team has created. Yet through all of that and within all of that is the guiding light that comes through our vision center, which Cyclopea so beautifully displays and renders and which we can take to heart and take our cue from in order to really utilize this amazing center right here to instill the warmth of Spirit, the blessings, beauty and harmony of the Divine Mother everywhere through our vision.

            And finally, I'd just like to touch on number twelve, “Let your response to every injustice be understanding—both of the infraction's cause and of the perpetrator's soul.” In this one, it didn't go into the effects on the victim. I know that in Montana we have a victim's law, which came up in a recent election, or in the voting that we did there was a law that was trying to strengthen the victims' rights, which I think is also very important. Yet here, when we truly understand and try to get into the cause and core of what injustice is in a given situation, where somebody has been unjust or has wronged another, we look at the infraction's cause. And we see that there are pre-causes from past lives, where people have gone back and forth hurting each other, doing things to each other.

So we understand the greater dynamic of the infraction's cause and the perpetrator's soul. What is best for the perpetrator's soul? This is something that our criminal justice system must continue to refine so that we're not just locking people up without working to help them to change their ways and to reform. There's a lot of recidivism, where people go back after they've been incarcerated and they perpetrate other crimes. There is psychological work that we can do to help in this process. It's something that I think we will all figure out as we move forward with Kuan Yin, especially, and the merciful masters of the Karmic Board, including Pallas Athena and the more intense ones, so that we can have more reformation of our criminal justice system and people can really come to terms with what they've done. We can have Ho'oponopono. We can teach them and they can work on themselves, transform and heal.

            So that's just a little bit extra today. God bless you. I think I'm going to wrap things up now. It's 8:30. Thank you so much, Dwinn and Ron and all of you in Mount Shasta, Cathleen, Robert, Patricia, Valerie and William, wherever you are in the cosmos. I appreciate all of you for your constancy, and have a wonderful day. Bye-bye.


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