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Peter Deunov      December 01, 2016

Beloved Peter Deunov Discourse
David Christopher Lewis
December 1, 2016   1:302:05 pm MST
Livingston, Montana

Be a Spiritual Explorer with Me

            Good evening, everyone. The Master Peter Deunov would like me to give a discourse. There are about twelve points, and maybe a few more, that he would like to make and then share on each one. The title of his discourse is “Be a Spiritual Explorer with Me.” He says:

1.  Explore the universe with joyous expectation.

            What this means is that all of us as sons and daughters of God will go out into the universe with our consciousness to reach beyond our current awareness.

2.  Investigate God's creation.

            Now, you can do this physically and you can do it through meditation and imagination. When we investigate God's creation, we find many beautiful new things. We can be in wonder and wonderment about all the amazing creatures and things that God has created.

3.  Discover something no one else has found before.

            If you are a true explorer, you will find something brand new that will bring you and others great joy.

4.  Move outside your comfort zone to new horizons.

            We all have a comfort zone based on our habits, our norms and what we've accepted about ourselves. When we move outside our comfort zone, we challenge ourselves in a way that can be very helpful for our spiritual growth, because our comfort zone at times becomes limiting and it can be a trap that limits our soul growth.

5.  Trek to the farthest reaches of your imagination and mind.

            Remember how as a child you would dream of amazing things and imagine some things that were like fairytales? This imagination is a great spiritual and alchemical tool for you to use as initiates of the masters in order to expand your awareness and to gain entrée into the heaven world. The heaven world is the most amazing place that you can go in your imagination and mind and experience God.

6.  Find new meaning for and purpose of your life within nature.

            We may think that we know ourselves pretty well. However, when we go to nature we always discover something new about ourselves because nature is a great teacher. Nature is the great stimulator of our co-creative powers. Nature is where we are challenged to go beyond what we're used to in our neighborhood, in our city, in our environment. So if you are truly desirous of knowing God, and since nature is what God created before he created us, it's important for us to find this new meaning of who we are and our greater purpose, the purpose of our life, in the context of the natural world.

7.  Rise beyond the usual state of consciousness to access your true being.

            Many people live in a zone of awareness based on the way they've been brought up, the way they've been taught to think. We must really learn how to unthink the unreal that we've accepted as reality. And the way we do this is by rising beyond the normal state of awareness of most people and go into our true Self, our true being, to find the mystical elements of our life and the deeper aspects of our Self.

8.  Go where no one has ever gone before, physically and spiritually.

            In other words, take a different path. The Star Trek TV series and movies tell us to go and explore where no one has ever gone before. Amazing and interesting things happen when you do that; you learn something new. You may enter a different universe, a dimension, a plane of awareness. And so long as you are safe in God's hands with Archangel Michael and you pray to him first, you can go places that no one has gone and have a different perspective, a different view that will bring you new understanding of the universe, the world and yourself.

9.  Reach beyond your perceived limitations in body, mind and soul.

            What the Master Peter Deunov is saying is that we have perceived the limitations. We have set our own limitations based on our perceptions, our beliefs, and these don't serve us very well. So we have to get into a different awareness and a way of perceiving so that we can reach beyond the way that we perceived before. Many of you, before you heard about the ascended masters, lived a certain type of life. Once you were introduced to these divine beings and understood who they are, what they do, it became a new world for you. Everything changed. You now have greater responsibility, because knowing them is just the first step.

            Learning about them is only the foundation. They desire for us to be like them, to be masters of ourselves, masters of our physical condition, our emotions, our thoughts, our memories. And when we master these, then we are reaching beyond our perceived limitations. The masters show us the way to go beyond limitations, and yet sometimes they put us in very difficult situations in which we are challenged to do something very intense, very important in a short time, in a small space or a short length of time. And this forces us to get out of our normal awareness and to accept something higher and more subtle.

10.  Try something that challenges your paradigms about who you are.

            Few of us are willing to change our paradigms until the change happens in spite of our desires, and then our paradigms are completely shifted. Now, if we do an experiment through alchemy to challenge our own paradigms by trying something different, we may discover that we have been living in some unreality and now we awaken to a new paradigm that provides for us many new insights into our divine life, into God, into God's plan for us and how we can use God's virtues lovingly, graciously to benefit all beings and to bless all forms of life.

11.  Travel a different path to gain a new, unique view of others and yourself.

            I like to drive on different streets in order to have this different view, or to ride my bike different new ways, down different streets. Why? Because I always discover something. I remember riding my bike down alleys instead of the normal streets, and I saw what people left behind their houses in the alleys. And on some occasions I found things that I would have really loved to have and that they were probably ready to discard. So I got permission to take them. I got my truck and brought the things back to my property and used them for a project. If I hadn't ridden my bike down the alleyway on a different path, I would not have discovered these opportunities. Sometimes by taking a different route, if we're inspired by God to do so, we can save ourselves from problems, avoid traffic jams and even meet someone new, a new heartfriend.

12.  Learn a different language, a foreign custom and reorient your life to a new field of being.

            When we learn about other cultures through language and their customs, we must rise in awareness to behold how God works through people of other persuasions, other countries and nations, other religions and movements. This is very wholesome, because gaining this different perspective helps to broaden our awareness, makes us more humble, makes us more understanding, patient, and hopefully more kind.

            A wonderful teacher said, “Seek first to understand.” If we can't understand a language, how can we fully understand what someone is saying? So seeking first to understand may sometimes require that we learn how to communicate better, how to actually speak to the person in their own tongue, because if we do that, we honor who they are in their own language. And by humbling ourselves to speak another language and learning how to communicate properly, people will also respond to us. Even if we don't speak the language perfectly and our verbs and our nouns are not said in the right order or the right tense, people will laugh and chuckle and correct us and yet they will also love us for at least trying to speak their language. We become patient with others who are bilingual and know our language better than we know theirs. It's a very beautiful thing to travel, to learn to communicate. And through communication, guess what happens? We get to love people for just who they are. We love them for being sons and daughters of God living in another culture and yet from the same Father-Mother Creator.

13.  Examine life from God's vantage point.

            If we try to see everyone the way that God sees them, this will help us to hold the immaculate concept, to not prejudge them or humanly analyze them, which always creates problems. Now, I have to humble myself and tell you a story of what happened this past week. A video was uploaded to YouTube and I got all huffy about it because I thought it wasn't approved through the normal channels. Well, I found out this video was presented during a broadcast; I just wasn't there that day watching. So I had to apologize for some comments I made. I was not examining this situation from God's vantage point. I prejudged it, and then I was the fool in this situation and had to humble myself and say, “I'm sorry.”

            So sometimes we act very quickly or judge very quickly and we do not wait as we observe things for the right perspective to come into view. It's like having binoculars on without them being in focus; we can't see what we are hoping to see. We have to wait as we focus the binoculars until the bird or the animal or the sight that we desire to see comes into perfect view. So sometimes we just wait; we don't say anything; we don't judge; we don't analyze. We wait and then we find out that waiting is very wise, rather than judging.

            The best way to develop positive relationships with people and have many friends is to learn this science of waiting and observing and not judging. Much will be revealed when you wait. It's an amazing thing that occurs by holding your tongue, holding your thoughts, holding your emotions and being centered in your heart.

14.  Probe your soul to discern why God created you the way you are.

            How do we probe our soul? It's kind of like inspection. How do we inspect our soul? We have to meditate. We go within and contemplate our life, our mission, why we are here. And when we get to the core of who we are by meditation upon our true reality, we will discover why God created us just the way we are. And often it is because we're unique and beautiful and we're also very interesting. We're interesting to God. We're interesting to others by our uniqueness, and it's a beautiful thing.

15.  Prospect life around you to find new heartfriends—angelic, human, animal, plant and mineral.

            Heartfriends are not just people. An angel can be a heartfriend of yours. You can befriend Archangel Michael, Uriel, Jophiel, Chamuel, Raphael, Gabriel, Zadkiel and others, as well as their counterparts, their twin flames. You can befriend many people. You can befriend many animals. You can befriend plants and even minerals. All of these become your heartfriends, and it's a beautiful thing.

            This is the sharing from the Master Peter Deunov for today: be a spiritual explorer with me. That's why I'm wearing this hat today.

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