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David Lewis      November 04, 2016

David Christopher Lewis Discourse
November 4, 2016   9:05–9:35 am MST
Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart
Livingston, Montana 


Benefits of the Tithe by El Morya

            Good morning, everyone. God bless you and thank you for being at our service today. Today is the fourth of November 2016, and El Morya would like me to share some concepts on the tithe that he gave me two days ago, which I am bringing to you because it is an important subject for all of us to consider in terms of the nuances of the path that we partake of when we enter into this alchemy that is the tithe. So here are twelve points from El Morya on the benefits of the tithe:

1.  Tithing establishes a direct relationship between the Divine and you through the Law of the One. The Law of the One allows us to enter into the unity field of beingness, which is this glorious array of light that is precipitated in our octave, in our dimension, in our plane of being through a shaft of radiance that illumines our lives, illumines our auras and provides many divine quintessences through the oneness of our soul and our spirit with God—God's eternal Oversoul, God's eternal Spirit.

Tithing, although it is a monetary matrix, is also a law, and it is part of the Law of the One that connects us and establishes this direct relationship. Why? Because we are interacting with God through our monetary resources, through that which we earn on Earth or receive as benefits in our life, the firstfruits of which we then give back to the Divine.

2.  Tithing creates flow, which keeps energy that is manifested or precipitated as money moving. It creates the flow and it maintains that flow. It keeps the energy that money represents moving. If we do not tithe or give graciously, as a gracious giver does, we stop the flow. There is no interrelationship or exchange between us and the Divine through the nexus of currency—current-cy. In other words, currency provides an opportunity for the current of energy to be maintained.

3.  Tithing creates an automatic return on our investment. We know the law of the tithe: when God receives the tithe through emissaries on Earth—churches, spiritual organizations or institutions that we tithe to—he/she returns the investment according to a sacred quotient, a mathematical equation of light and energy and physical money or abundance. So the tithe establishes and creates this return on the investment. Tithing is an investment; it's not just a cost that we consider as an expense. It is an investment in our own future, the future of the Earth, God's work on Earth. So through this wonderful investment of our energy, as the money that we give, we are entering into this alchemy.

4.  Tithing allows God to reinvest divine light within the Earth. God is continuously reinvesting divine light within our plane of being because of all those upon Earth who tithe through whatever church, synagogue or religious organization or just through givingness in general. The tithe is a very specific type of givingness, offering and donation. It is exactly one-tenth of either the gross or the net income of an individual, and you can choose whether to tithe before or after taxes. It's not giving 10 percent after you've purchased everything that you desire. It's a tithe on what you have before you begin to pay other expenses, and that it is why it is called a tithe—one-tenth.

5.  Nature reinvests through seeds. A tithe is the reseeding of 10 percent of the harvest, the profit of what we earn through our work and service which we then reseed through the alchemy of our gardening upon Earth. So nature reinvests in itself through the seeds, which are the fruit of every plant, and those seeds come back to the earth in a natural way or people take those seeds and replant them. Heaven, nature, God constantly reseed the original creation and its investment back into the earth, and so we do likewise. We are reinvesting the seeds of our own beingness in God—God's work on Earth through a particular spiritual organization or religion. And we are seeing to it that the harvest will continue year after year after year through this alchemy. 

6.  Through obedience to the law, one stays right with God. To be right with God is to enter into the righteousness of God, the “right use” of God's energies, God's currency, God's light, God's beingness. Once you know about the opportunity of tithing, once you know the law of the tithe, there is an obligation, through your wisdom, through your understanding of this law, to enter into obedience to that law so that you stay right with God, right with the Creator, right with the Divine One. Many people do not know outwardly of this law because they've never been taught it, and so we can teach them. We can share with them the wonder of the alchemy of giving back to the Lord, to God through an institution, an organization, a spiritual movement from which they receive divine value. So, again, through obedience to the law, one stays right with God. And I, for one, desire to maintain that state of righteousness through the right use of my energies, including my abundance. 

7.  Tithing is fun—testing the law and joyously watching for the increase. It's like a game of expectancy. You are like an expectant mother, a pregnant mother waiting for a new birth. How is God going to continue to reinvest in the world and in life through you when you tithe? This is a fun game. And those of us who have been involved in tithing for a long time are always amazed at some of the wonderful alchemies that occur when we give graciously and we engage in this law. It doesn't have to be drudgery: “Oh, woe is me. I'm giving my tenth because David or El Morya or Melchizedek or the masters mandate it.” No. It is all about graciousness, about gratitude, about thankfulness.

8.  Tithing moves us beyond selfishness to selflessness, which is one of the primary virtues that we must develop in order to reach our enlightened, Self-realized and ascended state. Selflessness is one of the virtues of the ruby-ray path. And tithing is about self-emptying; it's about giving. When we are enlightened to the point that we know that it's always better to give than to just receive, receive, receive, we have to keep the flow going by receiving and giving, receiving and giving. Then it's enlightened self-interest for us to maintain our state of enlightenment and Self-realization by tithing. We are selfless in this regard. We offer self to the Divine. We are lesser-selfless; there's less of our lesser self and more of our Divine Presence, our Divine Self. So we are selfless in the sense that our lesser self is becoming less and less as our greater Self, our Higher Self, our inner Divine Self, becomes more and more and acts more and more through us. It's quite an alchemy.

9.  Tithing supports the work and vocation of spiritual teachers and ministering servants, good shepherds who support the enlightenment of their disciples and students. Why do we tithe? Because we know we are investing in the work of spiritual advocates, teachers, ministers, priests, rabbis, imams, whatever, and that tithing allows there to be the support of those whose primary mission on Earth is the spiritual edification of people through their spiritual teaching, their ministering, their giving. These servitors require assistance to do their work. They cannot be supported unless people give, because this is their work, their mission, their vocation. We are directly supporting spiritual teachers, the vocation of ministering servants, ministers, priests, imams, rabbi's, the good shepherds of our society. And so we must find those whom we consider to be good shepherds, who are shepherding their people righteously, living appropriately. If we give to an organization that we feel is not giving back to us, then maybe we can change our mind and give to one that we know is truly giving back. And every 501c3 that is a church should be primarily using most of its funds to give back to its constituency, those whom it professes to serve.

If we see individuals who are receiving huge, huge salaries and they're not doing the work of God, they're living in luxury, we should question their motives, their modus operandi, and possibly find a movement, a teacher, an organization that is primarily giving the wealth of divine wisdom and truth to its people. Our movement gives away probably 90 to 95 percent of what we do every day through the HeartStreams, the free broadcasts. We charge for some events and Meru courses, but as a whole, 90 percent of what we do is free on a daily basis—the two-and-a-half-hour morning broadcasts, the two-hour broadcasts on Sundays, the evening broadcasts, save the ones that are very special, where we have extra expenses and have to recoup those expenses.

How many movements are like this? Many so-called new-age organizations charge a lot more than we do for their events, and I can think of a number of them. So most of what we do is free, and this supports our heartfriends, our servitors, our spiritual brothers and sisters and compatriots around the world. We love supporting you, praying for you, edifying you. Every day we receive prayer requests, and those who like to pray and support one another do so. And there are many emails going around here and there for people who require prayer and those whom we are praying for, and this is one of our primary missions and what we do. It's like that commercial on TV: “It's what we do,” doers doing what they do. What we do is support God, support the ascended masters' teachings. As Helen and Estelle Marie were reading the mission and vision statements first thing this morning, I felt a surge of energy in me, and, having memorized it, I was saying it with them. So tithing supports the mission and the vision of our movement, which is a great and glorious mission and vision.

10.  Tithing builds the kingdom of God on Earth, as it allows the foundation of a new Solar civilization to manifest and then to be maintained. We are co-creating something grand and glorious through our spiritual work, our services, all that we do. We are about the building of this new Solar civilization and we are foundational in our work in doing this, giving day after day. How many spiritual organizations have a two-and-a-half-hour free morning broadcast to spread the good message of the good teaching, the good Word, the gospel around the world? We have been doing this now for about twelve years. I see this continuing.

Through all of this work, we are building the kingdom of God on Earth. As Jesus said, “Thy kingdom come…on earth as it is in heaven.”1 It already exists in heaven. We are lowering it into manifestation on earth. We do this through our prayers, our decrees, our songs, our services, our teaching, and we give so that this foundation can be built, sustained and maintained.

The maintenance of what we have co-created thus far is important. And tithing offers us the opportunity to pay or staff and some of the leadership of our movement—which changes regularly through the election of new board or council members. All of this is about maintaining and then gaining and maintaining the new level of awareness of work that we are accomplishing, and then gaining more. If everyone who touches the hem of the garment of our movement, who watches YouTubes, who sees our services were to tithe 10 percent of their income, either before or after taxes, we would have much more than we have now, and we would have the ability to hire one or two additional people almost immediately.

Part of the reason El Morya is bringing this message today is because we desire to hire—he desires to hire—a couple more individuals as soon as possible, one in particular that has all of the skill sets that we really require right now to maintain our website. And yet we don't quite have the funds to approve this and do it. And so the message today.

11.  Tithing brings both spiritual and material wealth, riches and a return on investment to the grateful giver. God appreciates and loves the grateful, gracious giver—those who give from deep within their hearts because it is their desire to see this wisdom teaching spread across the Earth, God's kingdom come upon the Earth, both through our movement and through a number of spiritual organizations and enlightened teachers, servitors and ministrants. In fact, there are many, many, many around the world. There are righteous people everywhere in every religion. There are enlightened people around the world in many spiritual movements and some outside of spiritual movements. When we are grateful and gracious and thankful in our giving, it accelerates the energy within that gift to be received by God or God's emissaries in a way that evokes an instantaneous response from heaven.

            If there is ingratitude in a gift, what do you think that does? It colors the gift. Have you ever received a gift from someone who was not really giving it to you in a gracious or loving manner? Maybe they felt an obligation. And maybe the gift was more about what they desired than what you desired or what you could use. How often have we done this ourselves, given things that we really liked to people? Maybe it wasn't that useful to them, and when they opened the gift or received it, they kind of went, “Hmmm.” And you were smiling, but maybe they weren't, because it wasn't really about gracious giving. So we have to consider what the other party really requires. And if God, as the party, requires our generosity, our graciousness, our gratitude and thanksgiving, make sure you energize the gift, the tithe, the offering with the fullness of your inner being, with that gratitude that will invoke instantaneously a response from heaven. And through the energy of that givingness, there will be such a response that a blessing will come upon you that will move you beyond your current state of awareness to a higher level of beingness.

12.  Tithing allows us to connect to the greater purposes of the Great White Brotherhood, as their work cannot be fulfilled without economic stability through the movements, the organizations, the teachers that they have established, confirmed and anointed upon Earth. The Great White Brotherhood first establishes, confirms and anoints leaders, divine teachers, sponsored individuals to carry their message forward, to complete a portion of the greater portion of their work upon the Earth. The tithing allows us to connect to it, to be invested in the serious and yet loving and joyous work of the Great White Brotherhood, or the Universal White Brotherhood, upon the Earth. They require economic stability. Can you imagine if they were to receive a dispensation from great cosmic councils to sponsor a teacher, and there are a few individuals here and there and then it just kind of dissipates after a few months or years? That's not a great investment. When there is economic stability, when there are certain individuals who make a little bit more money and can tithe more, this helps that process to occur.

            We are grateful for every tithe. It doesn't matter how much you make, how much you earn. When you tithe, that is your tenth. That is your investment, your gift and your energy. And heaven knows it, feels it, whether it's the widow's mite or the magnate or millionaire's larger gift—it is all a tenth. It is the quality rather than just the quantity that matters. The quality is invested in the graciousness of the giver, the love of the tither. And all of these gifts, large and small, feed into the pool of the divine resource that we require as righteous leaders of our movement, good shepherds, the council, the team leaders, the local Heartfriend team leaders and Hearts Center leaders who are working locally to expand this work. Their righteousness is all part of the puzzle, all part of the entire pot, so to speak, of the givingness.

I've shared before that when you have a local Hearts Center, you can give 10 percent locally, and then that Hearts Center can give 20 percent to the central Hearts Center. You have to actually have a Hearts Center to use this process, I believe. A Heartfriend Group is a smaller group of two or three, and they may not have the ability or the faculty to set up a bank account to receive donations that are actually authorized to be considered tax deductible. Donations to the central Hearts Center and to local Hearts Centers that have their own 501c3 are tax deductible. So if you give locally and the local Hearts Center is not a tax deductible organization, then technically it is not tax deductible for you. You have to have that 501c3. That is why many people give to the central Hearts Center, because every gift you give to us is tax deductible, at least for those of you who live in the United States. For those of you in other countries who have established your own national organization that is recognized as a spiritual or religious organization in your nation and you have received that certification or approval, your local tithes to the local Hearts Center in your nation are tax deductible, which can help you and your taxes.

            These are El Morya's points for us to consider. It is all framed around and based on a spiritual teaching that we are entering into the Law of the One through the law of the tithe, reconnecting to God, establishing that direct relationship, working the alchemy of the Lord through our lives. So I pray that you will take this to heart, that you will consider, in your givingness, that you truly are tithing. And there are some dispensations that have been offered by the Master for those who are seniors, 80 and above, and others who have hardship cases.  We don't in any way desire for you to be bereft of what you require to live. There was, I believe, for those who are in pretty dire straits, the approval of a matrix where you can, before you tithe, deduct your housing, your accommodation expenses—either your mortgage or your rent—because we do not desire to see anybody on the street because of hardship.

          Of course, you have to do what is prudent for you based on your own inner attunement. My inner attunement has always said 10 percent no matter what, as soon as I receive my paycheck. For me, it's deducted automatically. We have the ability to receive your tithes, if you choose, either directly out of your bank account once or twice a month or whenever you desire and/or to bill your credit card. Some of you earn miles on your credit card, so it can be to your benefit if you travel a lot. So whatever works for you, we will work with you. We appreciate every one of you who is tithing. It is something that I know has benefitted you, both spiritually and materially, and will continue to benefit you and your heirs and future generations of the Hearts Center movement for years and years, decades, and hopefully centuries to come.

            So God bless you. Thank you. Have a wonderful weekend. Remember, Sunday morning we set our clocks back; we go back to the regular time rather than Daylight Savings Time— Standard Time, as they call it here in the United States. I look forward to the delivery of a HeartStream tomorrow morning from beloved Kuthumi through South Africa at 9:00 am our time, if that is correct with the time change. I hope it is—9:00 am Mountain Time. We can confirm that with Ralph in South Africa. And then Sunday, of course, tomorrow night beginning at 6:00 pm Mountain Time and going through Sunday, 6:00 pm Mountain Time, we have the twenty-four-hour vigil. And I will be delivering a very important special message from Cyclopea and Virginia sometime between 10:00 am and noon Mountain Time during our broadcast from Livingston.

So I look forward, in the cycle of Scorpio, to that message from the great Elohim of the fifth ray, the Silent Watchers for the Earth, Cyclopea and Virginia, on Sunday. We have a lot happening and coming up—many, many services and many HeartStreams coming up this month and next month through, especially, our international broadcasters.

It's been a privilege to serve you, to be with you, to love you, to cherish you, to pray for you. If any of you require prayers, please send a message to, or you can go online and you find the prayer request page and send a prayer request and that will go to our prayer-warrior team, who diligently prays for everyone who requests prayers. God bless you and have a wonderful day. Bye-bye.

1. Matthew 6:10.

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