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Heartstreams Database-Messages From the Ascended Masters

DeliveredTimeDelivered ByTitle and EventMedia
3/17/17 1h 15m Serapis Bey Darshan with Serapis Bey and Amen Bey
3/12/17 27m Lanello Lanello's Joyful Sharing of Divine Wisdom
3/8/17 19m Jesus Jesus Says, “We All Can Choose to Learn to Be Happy with Ourselves”
3/6/17 27m David LewisLeadership and Our New Thrust for a Holy Cause
3/3/17 20m Vestrea Vestrea Amplifies the Action of the Fifth Crystal Ray Within Us
3/2/17 45m Vishnu Vishnu's Teachings on the Threefold Light of Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva
3/1/17 7m Kuthumi Kuthumi Graces Us with the Peace of the Buddhas
2/28/17 27m El Morya El Morya's Teachings on Positive Self-Talk
2/28/17 17m El Morya El Morya's Darshan with Spain Heartfriends
2/25/17 1h 40m Lanello Lanello's Darshan with Australian Heartfriends
2/26/17 25m Lanello Lanello's Vision for Our Future Expansion
2/26/17 33m David LewisThe Hearts Center's Annual Report for 2016
2/25/17 30m Lord Ling Lord Ling Provides Keys to Maintaining Joy and Presence
2/23/17 26m Lakshmi Lakshmi Overshines Santiago, Chile
2/22/17 1h 30m David LewisDarshan with Jesus and the Holy Spirit—Follow-up on 2017 LA Conscious Life Expo and California Book Events
2/22/17 16m Godfre Godfre Infuses America with Divine Light
2/19/17 18m El Morya Morya's Comments on the Importance of Meditation and Stillness
2/14/17 1h 21m David LewisWorkshop: Realize Your Divine Nature through the Unity Field of Being — Unity of Santa Barbara, Santa Barbara, CA
2/17/17 8m Suryaji Suryaji Adjures Us to Raise the Mother Light within
2/13/17 46m David LewisLecture at Paradise Found Bookstore, Santa Barbara, CA—Co-creating an Unity Field of Being and Realizing Your Divine Nature
2/8/17 1h 16m David LewisLecture at Mystic Journey Bookstore, Venice, CA—Co-creating an Unity Field of Being and Realizing Your Divine Nature
1/12/17 17m Hierarchs of the ElementalsLove the Earth, Save the Earth
1/11/17 47m Jesus Jesus & Magda: Divine Communion-Holy Marriage
1/5/17 18m Saint Germain The Mysticism of the Violet-Fire Joy
1/5/17 8m Kuan Yin The Magic of Mercy's Flowering Grace
1/5/17 31m Jesus Manifest Your Christ Consciousness
1/5/17 9m Divine Director Fashioning a New World Freedom Now!
2/7/17 26m David LewisSpiritual Etiquette and the Joy of Wearing Many Hats
2/4/17 31m Kuan Yin Kuan Yin Speaks on the Merciful Heart of the Child
2/3/17 29m Astrela Astrela Speaks on the Alchemy of the Use of Photonic Energies for our Spiritual Work
2/2/17 30m Saint Germain Saint Germain and Portia Speak on Loving, Healing and Freeing the Precious Elementals
2/2/17 24m Jackie FlederJackie Goes to India in 2017 to Study Vastu Architecture
2/1/17 8m El Morya El Morya's Comments on the US Supreme Court and the Abortion Issue
2/1/17 12m Buddha of Diamond Crystal LightThe Buddha of the Diamond Crystal Light Raises Us to a New, Higher Level of Emanation
1/31/17 27m Angel Deva of Spain 170131 Angel Deva of Spain Revelation and Meditation
1/31/17 21m El Morya El Morya Enfires Us to Be Men and Women of Action
1/29/17 15m David LewisDavid Speaks on Overcoming Fear and Reflects on Recent Events
1/29/17 14m Rex Rex Speaks to Our Inner Youthful Spirit
1/28/17 30m Saint Germain 170128 Saint Germain on NATO and a 99-day Vigil to Arcturus
1/27/17 2m Steven MillerAn Invitation to Serve on The Hearts Center Council from Steve Miller, President
1/26/17 31m Pallas Athena Pallas Athena Darshan with Chile Disciples
1/25/17 9m Omraam Omraam Comments on Our Progress with Meditation
1/25/17 14m El Morya El Morya on Why We Pray to Ascended Beings as Intermediaries to God
1/17/17 41m Divine Director Divine Director Darshan on Cosmic Love Radio with David Christopher Lewis and Christopher Rudy
1/24/17 20m David LewisGod Bless You as a Divine Alchemical Formula
1/22/17 15m David LewisHoly Spirit Empowerment through Meru University
1/21/17 31m Afra Afra Blazes the Light Throughout Africa and Enlightens Us on Opportunities for 2017
1/20/17 13m David LewisAn Opportunity to Offer Our Causal Body to Safeguard Freedom, Justice, Truth and God's Will
1/20/17 9m Christyla Christyla Blesses Us with Her Divine Quintessence
1/20/17 5m El Morya El Morya Blazes Forth the Light over Washington, DC
1/19/17 33m Divine Director Divine Director Darshan with Chile Disciples
1/18/17 11m David LewisMaximus’s Miracle Matrix
1/16/17 24m Divine Director The Divine Director Speaks on Accelerated Soul Raising Opportunities
1/15/17 12m David LewisA Prose-Poem by Kahlil Gibran
1/15/17 18m David LewisThe Importance of Upcoming MU Courses
12/19/16 11m Lanello Lanello Invites Us to Tell Jokes and Laugh
12/20/16 10m Divine Director The Divine Director Reveals the Ascended Masters’ Sacred Etheric Retreat for Families and Children over Cuernavaca, Mexico
12/20/16 10m El Morya El Morya Assigns a Legion of Angels for the Divine War on the Drug Trade within Mexico and Many Nations
12/20/16 6m Mother Mary Mother Mary Anoints Us with Light
12/20/16 9m Krishna Krishna Emanates His Consciousness to Our Hearts
12/19/16 6m David LewisDavid Reflects on John the Baptist’s HeartStream
12/19/16 24m Mother Mary Mother Mary: All Souls Aspire to Be Free and Loved
12/19/16 13m John the Baptist John the Baptist: Spiritual Water as the Living Essence of God as Mother Washes You Clean
12/18/16 14m Saint Germain Saint Germain: Teaching on Divine Indifference
12/18/16 10m Jesus Jesus: Be One with the Christ Light within
12/18/16 33m Jesus Accepting Jesus as a Friend and Mentor
12/18/16 15m Juan DiegoJuan Diego's Invitation to Be Called a Son or Daughter of the Lady of Guadalupe
12/18/16 46m Mother Mary 2016 Winter Solstice Prayer Vigil
1/1/17 29m El Morya El Morya's New Year's Day Message
12/31/16 40m Saint Germain Saint Germain's Prophecy for 2017
12/31/16 9m Gautama Buddha Gautama Buddha Releases the Thoughtform for the Year 2017
12/30/16 30m Alpha Alpha's Maxims
12/29/16 28m Goddess of Light Goddess of Light's Maxims
12/28/16 27m Queen of Light Queen of Light's Maxims
12/27/16 28m Goddess of Purity Goddess of Purity's Maxims
12/26/16 25m Rose of Light Rose of Light's Maxims
12/25/16 2m David LewisAnnouncement of Saint Germain’s Prophecy for 2017 on Julie and Wayne’s Radio Program
12/25/16 3m David LewisAkiane Kramarik's Painting of Jesus
12/25/16 12m Thor Thor's Maxims
12/25/16 10m Jesus Jesus' 2016 Christmas Day Message
12/25/16 6m Mother Mary Mary's 2016 Christmas Day Message
12/24/16 12m Clare de Lis Clare de Lis' Maxims
12/24/16 19m Lanello Lanello's Christmas Eve Message
12/23/16 27m Lady Kristine Lady Kristine's Maxims
12/22/16 29m John the Beloved John the Beloved's Maxims
12/21/16 28m Laugh-a-Lot Laugh-a-Lot's Maxims
12/20/16 14m Portia Portia's Maxims
12/20/16 12m K-17 K-17's Maxims
12/19/16 17m Ray-O-Light Ray-O-Light's Maxims
12/18/16 14m Hilarion Hilarion's Maxims
12/16/16 28m Grace Grace's Maxims
12/15/16 21m Jesus Jesus Speaks on the Original Virtue of Love
12/15/16 25m Virgo Virgo's Maxims
12/14/16 26m Kuan Yin Kuan Yin's Maxims
12/13/16 27m Fortuna Fortuna's Maxims
12/12/16 29m Yogananda Inspirations from Yogananda for Today
12/12/16 26m Djwal Kul Dwjal Kul's Maxims
12/11/16 26m Lanello Lanello's Maxims
12/10/16 24m Queen of Light Whisper a Prayer and I am there!
12/10/16 29m Kuthumi Kuthumi's Maxims