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David Lewis      June 26, 2016

David Christopher Lewis Discourse
June 26, 2016   9:39 ̶ 10:00 am MDT
Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart
Livingston, Montana

Special Announcement of Upcoming Holy Spirit Soul Raising Sessions

          Good morning, everyone. God bless you and thank you for your service to the light. And thank you, Philip, and all those participating today in our broadcast.

The Maha Chohan is initiating a new cycle and dispensation of healing grace through our movement. And he is lowering upon me, by God's grace, a new mantle of the Divine Physician, as of summer solstice 2016. Three days after I return from Africa, we will begin what he would like to call Soul Raising Sessions with David Christopher Lewis.

These sessions are sponsored by the Holy Spirit, and they will consist of what the Master would like to call Holy Spirit soul readings, aura cleansings and wave blessings in twenty-minute sessions, where an initiate, a disciple or a devotee may ask one question of the Master and then the Master will respond, the Holy Spirit will respond. And in this twenty-minute session, there will be the soul reading by the Holy Spirit, the aura cleansing and the wave blessing.

There will be a charge for this, which is $144. There are no exceptions and no discounts. I will have an assistant to coordinate my schedule. El Morya shared that I can spend up to ten hours per week with these sessions when not engaged in other important events, travel, et cetera. The coordinator will get your information, receive your payment in advance and then schedule the session based on my availability and set it up for me to call you. These are the details that we know right now. People can receive more than one session; however, not more than one consecutively. In other words, you can't have two twenty-minute sessions one after another. You can have one twenty-minute session, and then after many other people are afforded the opportunity to have their sessions with the Holy Spirit, you may have another later.

Now, there are no guarantees for personal healing. However, the Holy Spirit will do what she desires to do in these sessions, and fire will be released and divine radiance and healing grace will descend. Those of you who have experienced the fiery baptisms by the Holy Spirit, I believe have received some semblance of what may transpire. Although I also desire and hope that these will be very wonderful in the way that comfort is brought unto you by the Holy Spirit and that divine grace and the possibilities for healing do come.

The soul reading is not a psychic reading. It is not necessarily an akashic reading, although the Holy Spirit can tune into the akashic records. I am not here just to do readings. This is not what this is. It is a combination of a soul reading, the aura cleansing and the wave blessing. The wave patterns of light released through the agency of the Holy Spirit will be such that you will receive initiatic cycles of light, divine spiritual grace flowing unto you. It will be personal for you in a private setting, rather than something that is public that others can see. Therefore it is important that you understand this dynamic and give the Holy Spirit license, by your free will, to perform this alchemy with your soul.

El Morya says that this is an initiation for me as well as for all of us. And this could only come after basically twelve years of our work together in The Hearts Center community and movement, whereby I could be entrusted with this mantle of the Divine Physician. And note that this is not necessarily just for physical healing.

Now, we will begin with those of you who are devotees, who are constant in your devotion by attending these sessions. And therefore I am announcing it at the behest of El Morya and the Holy Spirit today so that we can prepare and have a full schedule for me three days after I return. I return, I believe, on the ninth of July, so the sessions can begin on the twelfth of July. And I will operate, as far as I know, from my home, although, I am open to the possibility of even having these sessions in the sanctuary. And I'm asking the Master if it is okay to do the sessions personally for those who live locally, and the answer is yes. Those would not be in my home. They could be in the sanctuary and it would be private. For those of you not in the Livingston area who would not like to travel directly to this area, these will be on the phone. And we will figure out how that phone system will work, and the greater details will be forthcoming.

We had hoped to announce this later when we had the details worked out of how it will all happen. However, El Morya came to me this morning and said it cannot wait. This is imperative for our movement, for you, for the encouragement that will come forth by the grace of the Holy Spirit, through the comfort flame and all the releases of light that you require and we all require.

Of course, this will be a financial boon to our movement over time. After those of you who are dedicated and consecrated to this movement, who tithe, who regularly attend events and Meru University courses, who have met me and who are engaged in the work have had your sessions, if you choose, we will then release this knowledge to others. So I encourage you at this point not to necessarily tell a lot of people about this outside of the immediate circle of Knights and Ladies of the Flame and those who are completely dedicated to our cause. You are the firstfruits of the Holy Spirit's work and will receive this opportunity first. And then once we have perfected all of the details around it, we will release it to a greater audience.

El Morya says that I can do these sessions in person when I travel. And we will have the same type of matrix at the Expos that I will be attending. However, those will be shorter and they will be only five or ten minutes long. Yet I can tell you that even in five minutes the grace and the power of the release of light through the agency of the Holy Spirit will be tremendous, and people will be afforded great relief from ancient patterns, from diabolical entity possession, even in the subtle fields and folds of their subconscious and unconscious minds and beings. And there will be change, transformation and elevation.

This mantle of the Divine Physician can only be maintained by me through complete devotion to God and by maintaining a vegetarian diet. So I encourage all of you to move into that matrix of being a complete vegetarian. I've asked the Master if we can have fish, and the choice is ours; however, no red meat and other forms of meat. I prefer a diet without dairy. I do have honey, even though vegans don't have honey. I no longer consume eggs, so I'm almost a vegan. This mantle will be maintained through that discipline and other disciplines of the Spirit, my own devotion to God while maintaining a hallowed lifestyle, and simply by being in tune with God and the masters through doing all that I have been doing for these many years now.

I expect this dispensation to last for the duration of my lifetime, by God's grace. Eventually I see this opportunity expanding to even wider audiences at other events worldwide as we are inspired to hold them, to conduct them and to offer the opportunity of the Holy Spirit to work through me and to work through you to allow for this grace of these soul readings, the aura cleansings and wave blessings to occur in these twenty-minute sessions.

Hopefully you will tune into a question to ask that is important for your soul. I will not, and the Holy Spirit will not, field questions like, “Who is my twin flame?” or “What is my divine plan?” or “What should I be doing with my life?” The answers to these are for you to discern through introspection, meditation, deep reflection, contemplation, stillness and silence. The Holy Spirit may do what she will do, in any case. However, it is important that we understand that it is not the purpose of this to give you wealth or to give you some key into your love life. That is something that is between you and God and you and your twin flame, soul mate, et cetera. And the Holy Spirit will not interfere with this or direct you to one particular individual.

So I hope this is clear. I have given the masters many opportunities to share when people have asked the question “What is my divine plan?” And we can give this teaching and present this teaching in transcript form so that people always have what I have already shared from the masters on this subject so that they don't continue to ask this question, which is really almost demeaning to the point where they have no sense of who they are and have not really meditated upon their purpose, mission or vision. People have to do that work. It is something that they have to find out, discover, self-discover, work on.

If you give your power over to any teacher, guru, whatever, and say, “You do it for me,” or “Tell me this, tell me that,” there is not the self-empowerment that must come to you by your own work, effort and putting in the time and the energy. So in our movement, we work on personal Self-realization, enlightenment. And this comes because we know we are initiates. We know that we have to do the work, put in that time and make the effort. Many upon the Earth simply like to be told what to do, how to do it, when to do it, with whom to do it, why to do it. Why? Because they have not integrated all the aspects of their inner being within themselves to self-discover who they are as godly beings.

Now, of course we all require guidance, support from the masters. And we can ask the divine world and God questions that will allow us to be on the razor's edge, the cutting edge of the most clear, beautiful and transcendent path. And so we are constantly assessing, going within, asking the questions of what to do, when to do it, how to do it and with whom. And yet we receive that guidance from within. It is not something that we always have to seek from without. In fact, the more we seek it from within, the more we attune to our Divine Presence and the more we receive that instruction through intuition, the greater our sensitivity becomes and the greater the sacred gifts of the Holy Spirit that may be endowed upon us, vouchsafed to us so that our lives may truly be sublime. We can live gloriously in oneness with God in our Divine Self.

I hope that this clarifies this issue because I don't desire dozens or hundreds of people simply asking, “What should I be doing? Where should I live? Who should I do it with?” Dig deeper. Attune to your soul. Find out from within the questions to ask the Holy Spirit that will elicit an answer, or at least point you in the right direction, and give you the impetus, the divine stimuli to make greater progress on your path. When I find disciples who are like babes, who keep asking these questions and do not really know themselves, I kind of smile because I realize that they may not truly be initiates quite yet. Our path is for the initiates, for those who desire to make the effort.

We receive a number of emails and correspondence from people, especially in Africa, who say, “I want to be a member of this movement.” Well, we have no direct membership in terms of being on a specific roll. You can sign up for an email list and receive all of our wonderful newsletters. That's about the most we have in membership other than the Knights and Ladies of the Flame, which is a holy order that has no membership dues or financial requirements. It simply is about prayer—a half an hour of violet flame a day, pray for the messenger and pray for all heartfriends, all Knights and Ladies of the Flame. It's a holy order of prayer.

These are really the only two things that we have currently in terms of what we could call membership. And yet we don't really have membership. People are free to come and go, to be involved in other movements, to correspond with other spiritual teachers or take classes that they feel inspired to take in other realms. And this is as it should be. It's the Age of Aquarius, of freedom—freedom of choice, freedom of free will to decide what is best for us. We champion this. We encourage it. And we will never condemn people for making choices that are best for them based on where they are on their spiritual path and how they can move forward based on their own attunement.

Now, people come and go. Recently a very devoted heartfriend whom I cherish wrote and said that they are moving on to other climes, so to speak, and doing other work. And that's fine. That is one's freewill choice. People can come back. People can attend whatever they desire to attend. It's really important that we offer opportunities rather than constraining matrices that lock people into some sort of a matrix, where they feel less-than or feel bound by certain requirements to the point where there is not true love or there is a lack of a sense of their own self-empowerment. As our Meru University banner says, enlighten, inspire, empower. That is what we are about.

So my time is up. It's 10 o'clock Mountain Time. This was a very important announcement. For the time being, if you desire a session, I ask you to send an email when I return to Later we will probably have a different direct email for this purpose. This was shared with the council on Tuesday, and today is Sunday, so we've known about it now for five days. And it's time, El Morya says, that it begin.

So God bless you. Thank you. Have a wonderful Sunday and take care. Bye-bye.

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