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Sanat Kumara      June 20, 2016

Beloved Sanat Kumara and Lady Master Venus

David Christopher Lewis

June 20, 2016   10:26–10:37 am MDT

Maitreya Initiates Disciples in the Arts of Mindfulness, Meditation and Mirth: The Buddha of Loving-Kindness Teaches on the Aquarian Path of Love

2016 Summer Solstice MU Event

Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart

Livingston, Montana

We Infuse Your Community with Greater Divine Love to Carry Forward Your Mission

Blessed Hearts,

You have co-created with us a community of love empowered by God's love, rich in the offerings of Spirit to anchor within the Earth that which will return to this planet all that God envisioned long ago and which you are accessing through your hearts of fire in cosmic collaboration with the divine Spirit of love.

The community initiations of love are great and require that each of you understands the nature of godly love first and then expresses it between one another through gracious loving-kindness. This you have done in your rituals of appreciation and gratitude, in revering one another as limitless eternal beings, as God-men and women and children. This you have done in your offerings, where you have shared the imagery of many loving and joyous souls as they are experiencing the light and honoring true love in all of its manifestations.

Now we would infuse your community with greater divine love so that you may carry forward, through your mission, the love of Venus and many other divine worlds and stars of beingness. And this infusion will allow you to proceed graciously forward on your journey with loving-kindness so that many more who have begun to touch upon these love-fires of the Divine within their worlds and in their life experience may join you and assist you in fulfilling this mission of love for the Earth.

When the hundred and forty-four thousand came with me to Earth to rekindle the fires of beingness within the hearts of those who had let go of love within them, we envisioned many ways and means of honoring our view and our understanding of divine love and impregnated it within the Earth in many ways so that in future decades, centuries and millennia that love would sprout forth and grow within the hearts of awakening ones. And so you have awakened. You have brought forth this quickening aspect of the Holy Spirit's grace through loving-kindness to express it, to be it, to manifest it in all of its glory and divine purpose.

Every community of the Holy Spirit is sustained by and through divine love at its core, within its midst. And if you will sustain the grace of the Holy Spirit within you as conscious ones, you will always find recourse through that love to be expressive of it in co-creative work and service to bless life, to honor life, to encourage one another to live in the integrity of that pure state of being where love resides.

Your community is expanding one by one through hearts who have caught fire through this love. And so long as you maintain that fire within your heart, kindling and keeping it with us as keepers of that flame and fire, of that light and lightning, then we will work many alchemies of love through you as initiates. We will co-create with you—through the scientific application of spiritual grace and through loving-kindness—miracles untold, glories unbounded, mysteries unheralded or lost and now regained through that fire, that devotion, that praise of the One Light.

The alchemy that I ask you to engage in now is that each of you come forward to the microphone and speak of love in some way—of whom you love, what you love, how love has changed you, how love has renewed and restored you to your true path of beingness within your Buddha nature, with Lord Maitreya, the Great Initiator, the one who loves the Earth so much that he laid down his life for all mankind as the Planetary Buddha and Cosmic Christ. Yes, speak of love, for this love will grace the Earth and loving-kindness will transform everything. And you shall see the new world dawning that you have desired to manifest and that we together have envisioned for many millennia through the ages, through eons of time and beyond time and space unto eternity.

Therefore come forth, blessed ones, and share your love with the Earth; share loving-kindness with one another. Express it, sing it, dance it or poetically orate it, if you choose. For love is the key and love wins the day, every day, for you.

We are your Sanat Kumara and Venus. We love you and share our love as you share your love with all. Thank you.

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