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Maitreya      June 19, 2016

Beloved Maitreya and Gautama Darshan

David Christopher Lewis

June 19, 2016   10:30–11:20 am MDT
Maitreya Initiates Disciples in the Arts of Mindfulness, Meditation and Mirth: The Buddha of Loving-Kindness Teaches on the Aquarian Path of Love
2016 Summer Solstice Meru University Event

Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart

Livingston, Montana

Maitreya and Gautama: The Art of Mirth and Divine Happiness

We've experienced great joy and divine happiness so far during this broadcast and throughout our Hearts Center activity history. And this joy and this mirth and this happiness are a part of the path, a part of what we call the via gloriosa, instead of the via dolorosa, which is the sorrowful way that some in the Catholic tradition experienced and perceived to be the initiatic path. It may have worked for certain initiates to go through suffering on behalf of others or to transmute their karma. I think that we're now learning that joy unleashes great light and great cosmic love so that we can experience God and God's entire beingness throughout the cosmos, because God is a God of joy, not a God of sorrow.

We create sorrow through suffering and attachment and desire. In our Buddha nature, we can kind of bypass this whole dynamic by entering into the center point of beingness, where that true love is and manifests. And we access that divine estate of perfect peace, bliss, ecstasy, which is, to me, the greatest joy—samadhi—and ultimately, as I shared last night, mahasamadhi, or the last hurrah.

So the last hurrah can be quite a cosmic joke, right? Whether you're Yogananda giving a lecture and then suddenly keeling over in the middle of it, and that's it and you're gone; or whether you choose in this lifetime the portal through which you will exit—not killing yourself, yet choosing that point of entry into the heaven world when you know that your destiny is forthcoming—this can be a great joyous experience rather than a sorrowful experience.

Dannion Brinkley, one of the greatest joy-flame guys I know on the Earth, brings people a sense of the beyond and the understanding that there is no sorrow in the afterworld for those who can release the sense of attachment to the physical before they expire. He lets them know that there will be angels; there will be light; there will be God; there will be infinity and many blessings; and that they don't have to fear death.

I think that in our movement, through our understanding of reincarnation and the path, we have overcome the fear of death, right? [Audience responds: “Right.”] We know that we're going to live on. We know our spirit is immortal and that our soul, hopefully, is one with Spirit in its immortal state, so long as we maintain that oneness with God and the sense of that oneness.

So we can move into this mirth field of beingness, this divine happiness state in a higher reality within our Buddha nature by being expressive of who we are through our gifts and talents; by being joyous on the path and not fearful of initiations or tests that will come, embracing them and realizing it's all part of learning. And though we may stumble and make a mistake, and even if we are exposed publicly, it's just part of the process.

I'll explain something that happened to me the other day. We called the porta-potty guy we are renting from to reserve a porta-potty for the Anastasia class, and it wasn't here the day before the class was to start. So I called and said, “I'm a little upset that you guys didn't deliver this.” And of course nobody was there, so I left a message. Well, they came out and delivered it, and I find out that they want to charge us an extra fifty bucks for immediate delivery. So I said, “Is that really fair?” So it started to get a little heated. The owner of the company had come out to lock the thing because we hadn't paid them yet.

So there I was in my ego, starting to feel this sense of injustice that he's going to charge us this extra fifty bucks. That was my initiation. Finally, when all was said and done, I released it and said, “Just charge us; it's not worth the hassle. However, I think next year we may use another company.” I didn't think it was, in all honesty, really fair for them to overcharge us—$195.00 for less than a week.

Regardless of all that, it just shows that even the best of us, or those who claim to be spiritual, can have this little arising of the fire that Bob Thurman was talking about, when the ego starts to set in. We have to be very careful. We can, as he said, shift into the understanding of our Buddha nature and disassociate from the ego, from attachment to anything, to our self, to our sense of justice about things.

So mirth comes from nonattachment. True divine happiness arises from that state of bliss, where you don't have a need or a cause to be reactive toward anyone or anything. When you start to be reactive, what happens? You get all tensed up. Your emotional body becomes constricted. Your heart is compressed inward instead of being expansive and open. And in that reactivity, you don't have access to your true Buddha nature and the pure fields of joy and the light of divine happiness.

So now your part of this HeartStream comes in, where you can share something that has happened in your life that has taught this lesson to you about how important it is to maintain a state of peace, equilibrium, nonattachment, being devoid from the constrictive sense of “It must be this way”; “It must be that way”; “I must have my way”—you know, my way or the highway, me before you. And then share a little bit about what has worked for you on your path, maybe what you've experienced, even during this event, that has brought joy and liveliness and excitement to you.

So if you'd like to share, come to one of the microphones. We also invite those at home to text in. Or is there any way that we can actually hear their voice, Boyd? Or is that not going to work? Okay, if you understand the technology and you let Boyd know, you can text and say, “I would like to share orally,” then he can make it happen. So who would like to share? __________, go ahead.

Participant:  What happened to me is happening still, right at this confernce. And yet I think I've found resolve. I was asked to tag this afternoon, and I got all up in arms over that, saying, “I came all this way,” reacting to it. And then my friend __________ gave me an out on it, and that's all I needed and then it was fine. But I just felt like, “Mother Mary, I need to be there!”

David:  No taggers are required when we go to Maydell's property, so now you have a pure out. We're going to be in such bliss after this that all darkness will flee, and you don't have to tag. Yay! [David and audience applaud.]

Participant:  Thank you. I'm going to bear my soul. Yesterday we were planning an event for the youth and people in Bozeman, and I had a vision and the organizers had a vision. And I was working with the kids in Bozeman, and the organizers here were working with the kids here. And these two visions didn't match. So, by God's grace, I was able to surrender it, and I had a little reaction. So what I did, by the grace of Padma Sambhava, was just switch to Padma Sambhava and said, “It's worth it to be with you. I just don't' care. I'm going to let go.” And, by God's grace, I didn't really have a reaction other than the thought that, “Well, I'm right.” But other than that, by God's grace I made it through it. That was my little experience.

David: Thank you, __________. Can I say one thing to our beloved __________? We love you. You worked so hard on that beautiful painting that you shared last night. I know you've been through a lot. When you unveiled that painting, it brought tears to my eyes and still does. I can feel the love you put into it, the reverence you hold for Mary and many Divine Mothers. And we honor this beautiful co-creative work. And we'd like your permission to put it up in the sanctuary somewhere after we get it framed. Alright! [applause]

Participant:  I've had lots of opportunities over the years to get upset. And I have learned something that works 100 percent every single time. I say, “Well, I really don't choose to do that” or “I would prefer to do something else,” and then see what the reaction is from the other party. If it looks like they're not going to back down, then I say, “However, we can do it your way,” unless it's something life or death, obviously. And nine times out of ten, they'll say, “Maybe we could try it your way.” That really does work a lot of the time.

And I have a specific example. Beloved __________ asked me to tag during Gautama's HeartStream. And I'm like, “No! Not that one! Please, don't make me do it!” And then I thought, Oh gosh. And then I said, “Alright, __________, I'm going to do it because that's the right thing to do.” And it's almost like Gautama was saying, “What better thing could you do than to tag for me?” And I'm thinking, “You're right.” So I said, “Okay—and do I do it or not? It's not clear if I'm doing it or not. Either way is fine.”

David:  What? [Audience member: “It's happening now.”] This is Gautama. You're not doing it. Don't worry about it. Here, Gautama's going to go around— [Audience member: “And tag you. Okay, tag.”] [laughter] You can tag everybody and then we'll all be tagged and then we're done with the tags. No more tags except this type of tag for this event.

Participant:  It's been twenty-three years since I've been to Livingston. I was at The Summit when I was pregnant with my daughter, who you saw yesterday briefly. It took me that long to come back because I, we all go through our life experiences, trials and tribulations. And sometimes in New York I felt like I was the only one holding up the light because I didn't know that there were any other Keepers of the Flame or Hearts Center members before two years ago. So I felt I needed to find like-minded people.

Then two years ago I found the summer solstice images on the computer, and it brought me to my dear, dear friend Wallace. And he was really so helpful in helping me to come to the event when David was in New York. And I am so grateful. Somehow I had the money to get here—between myself and my daughter. I wanted to bring her. I talk to her about the teachings all the time, and she sort of tunes me out because mom is talking—you know, she's always lecturing. But she wanted to come with me, even though she isn't feeling well right now and she doesn't participate in everything. I said, “I'm going because I need to go.” And she said, “Well, okay, I'm going to come with you because I want to support you because you're going to go by yourself and nobody knows what you're doing.” So she came. I'm hoping that she can join us later on. She's not feeling well. But I just want to say thank you, everyone, for making me feel—

David:  Loved?


Participant continues: Yes. Yesterday when I came into the sanctuary, through the dictations and the songs, there were cleansing tears because I felt like I had come home. I was out in the field for so long and I finally got to come home again. [applause] And I thank you all for welcoming me and making me feel a part of this organization. It's nice to have friends in the light. As you know, New York is a tough place to live. And I'm also grateful to El Morya for welcoming me as a Lady of the Round Table. I looked at Morya in his eyes. Before he used to be very stern, but now his eyes are so tender and there's so much love in his eyes that I want to thank him for loving me with such tenderness that I have not been able to feel from anyone but the Master. Anyway, thank you. [applause]

Participant:  We have big plans for New York, so you're a part of that. Hi, I'm __________, and I have two thoughts. One, I think in December when we were in San Diego I said that I came to a revelation that in order to really love someone I was going to have to drop all my stories. So I'd like to tell you a little bit more behind that. I had written on a dating site that I didn't care for anyone with baggy jeans, raggy shirts or long hair. And this person had all of them at that time. But the thing that works very well for me in any drama situation is something I learned in the book Heaven and Earth and How They Work. And I remember, for those of you who haven't read it—I don't want to spoil if for you—but there's a wonderful segment in there about a woman who at twenty-one did not pass her tests of learning to let go of losses, and so ultimately she caused her maid to kill her. So the maid went to heaven because she was hung for murder, and the woman herself was in heaven. And they met there and they were laughing with one another. And they were talking about how they were going to make a new plan so they could pass their tests next time. That never left me, because it's such a beautiful perspective. You go to ten thousand feet and you see this is just a drama, and it's so simple. And in the future you might find yourself laughing with who you now think is your enemy, saying how are we going to fix this so we can pass our tests? That's it. [applause]

David:  Thank you.

Participant:  I'm known as a cry baby, but since coming here I realize it's a gift. I feel divine love and that's why it touches me so hard. I just feel their love. I just break down. But at home I'm not around people who know about ascended masters, other than Buddha and Jesus because of their religion. They just think I'm crazy and this is a cult. I met David at the San Mateo fair. And a couple of people that I told said I was really brave to come here, since I had known him since only about two months ago. About three years ago Buddha appeared to me, and I did not understand why. I thought he came to kind of punish me because I'm Catholic and I only believe in Jesus. [laughter] That was a very scary but enlightening experience, and I think that's the reason I'm being lead here, to be of service to the world. And I know I have a big mission and I'm just working myself up. I thank you so much for all your love that I've experienced here and welcoming me to your community. Thank you so much.

David:  Well, we will always love you. I grew up Catholic, and when I see someone who's Vietnamese, I think, “Oh, they must be Buddhist.” And then when I found out you were Catholic, I thought “Oh cool, I grew up Catholic too.” So now I'm a Buddhist, Catholic, Hindu, Sufi mystic.

Participant:  I'm being prompted to share a quick story. When I first found the ascended masters when I was twenty, twenty-one, I had several very, very profound experiences. I was brought up Jewish and I basically instantaneously accepted Jesus and whatnot just by the grace of God. And so just about a year or two after that I was in New York—I'm from New York—and had just graduated college and decided I was going to go to California. I wanted to go to Summit University and do all this stuff. So of course I had to tell my parents, and my parents were all up in arms—you know, you're going to be dancing with the Hare Krishnas. This is about conflict resolution, how to surrender it and have God take care of it. They got so upset and we were arguing and fighting. And so what I decided to do was just leave the house. I still remember it so clearly. I said, “I'm just going to go out for a walk,” and I went to a local park.

I left my parents, who were in a state of craziness, and went to a local park and sat in the middle of the park with all this grass; it was just open space. And I sat and meditated and prayed really, really hard. I was new on the spiritual path, but God was so empowering me. And when I went back to my house, I could hardly believe the state of peace and acceptance my parents were in. They were completely transformed, and they were like, “If you're going to go, there's nothing we can do about it.” I was just really blown away. So sometimes just removing yourself and surrendering and making those really deep prayers—it was a just a blessing that I was able to pray that deeply at that early stage in my path and then go back and witness God completely taking over and transforming everything. It was pretty amazing. [applause]

Participant:  You know and you've seen the transformation. But I will tell you that before I came, I had been praying for someone in my family to please, please, please join this cult that I belong to, that I've belonged to since 1993. And I knew Mother Mary and Kuan Yin, El Morya, everyone. I just prayed and prayed and prayed and prayed. And my son—my grand-daughter's father—said to me, because she goes to Catholic school, “You have to stop praying your prayers in the car when you pick up Sophia because you're confusing her. And when she tries to pray, she goes to your prayers instead of theirs. So you need to just stop it, mother.” And I do obey. That's one word that I learned after many, many times of having my teeth fall out of my mouth when I was told not to do something. So I obey him, but in my house I can do anything I want to.

            So, yes, they hear all my prayers because the radio goes on all day. And they know all the songs, and they know all the mantras and they know everything because they immediately pick it up because they are little sponges. And I'm so grateful for my little sponges. So I invited her to come because she had gone with her grandparents from her mother's side to Paris and London for their fiftieth anniversary because they had never been to Europe. And she went to help her mother—her grandfather had been very ill from his heart. She had a very difficult time there. She came back and she said, “They're really high maintenance. They're not like you at all. They don't eat anything; they don't do anything. All they want to do is sit in the hotel and watch TV. I took them to my favorite Indian restaurant and they wouldn't eat any of it.”

So I said, “Sweetheart, you need a vacation. So why don't you come with me to Montana?” “You're going to stick me in your church and you're going to pray all day?” [laughter] No, honey, we'll make arrangements. We'll get you on a tour. We'll see what the people there can bring up.” Well, I took it to my son and then my son said, “No way. She's not going. You're just going to confuse her more.” But she won this magnificent opportunity, because she's brilliant, to be in Brown University for three weeks working with Malala on human trafficking, which is a magnificent thing that came. And I said, “She has just presented you with this magnificent gift and you cannot give her one week's vacation?” End of story. The masters took over and she said she was coming. And the day before, he went and got her those red shoes because she didn't even have tennis shoes to wear because she's as bad as I am; her shoes are awful. So he went to Target and got her shoes and helped her pack. And at three in the morning we were packing to leave at 6:30 in the morning. But it is such a triumph.

And of course when we got here, she immediately said, “I'm not going to go in there. I'm not even going to take my shoes off. I'm not going to do any of that. I'm not going!” So I said, “It's okay, sweetheart. Guess what? We're very free here. Everybody does whatever they want and you will find that out. And then I said, “Please, please, please, please!” [laughter] But, guess what? You've seen the transformation—I mean, you've seen her. Yesterday she stood there and she told you what her heart felt. And, yes, she knows all the mantras and she knows all the songs. And, yes, she loves to sing “Hail, light victorious!” And she throws her sword. So, tell me, am I grateful? She wrote a postcard to her father. I didn't open it on purpose. I was picking up around the room and it fell out of her book. I saw it and I thought, oh, she had pictured David as fat and bald. [laughter] And she said, “I realize that this is a very loving place. Everybody hugs everybody.” She wants to come back next year. And she had already told me that she wanted to go to Bhutan. So I guess we're going to Tibet. What do you think? So thank you, thank you, masters. Thank you, each and every one of you, because she said everybody came to talk to me. Everybody wanted to hug me. Everybody was just there to love me, especially the children. You should see these girls. They knew each other in heaven—I know they did. We went swimming after being here. We were at the pool and I couldn't get them out of there and take them home. I said, “Your parents are going to kill me, Sophie, because it's so late.” They were having such a wonderful time. And she told me, “Abuela, I think I've made friends for life.” So thank you all. God bless you, and thank you, masters. [applause]

David:  So who's next?

Participant:  I have a humorous story. Yesterday I walked over to Albertson's and it was really windy. And about maybe fifty feet from Albertson's, they took my hat and flew it off. So I went and I picked it up, and then I went and did my little bit of shopping. And I'm walking back and I got to the parking lot of the motel, and there went the hat again! And it went like this, head over heels all through the parking lot. I started to laugh and I said, “O sylphs, are you having fun with my hat?” And I said, “Okay, it's time to stop.” And the hat stopped right there and let me go pick it up. [laughter, applause]

David:  __________ has to tell everyone what he told me about the weather the other day. This guy is a very powerful spiritual being, as you may have discovered.

Participant:  The other day we were at David's property and the wind was blowing very fast. And I said, “We need to work with the wind and really connect with it and then we can calm it down.” And I was really connecting at that moment in time, and we could really feel that power. And at that moment, the wind stopped for maybe five or ten minutes. But it really stopped. So it was a really powerful experience to witness.

David:  And then before that, it was rainy. You told me a story.

Participant continues:  When it was rainy? I don't remember that.

Participant continues:  Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah. This was in the morning though. In the morning it was very cloudy and you couldn't see any sun at all. And I went in and I started doing the prayers and connecting. And all of a sudden, the sun greeted me and really opened up the whole sky, and everything was so beautiful. And Boyd's whole house got lit up. But at that point in time, it was like a greeting—just come out and connect with the sun and, whew, all that light. So it was a really powerful day that day—connecting with the sun, connecting with the wind. It was really powerful. Thank you. [applause]

Participant:  On this Father's Day, I feel grateful to my father, who I feel has carried the flame of Maitreya, or mirth, which, to me, is Maitreya. Maitreya on Earth is mirth. And I do acknowledge him. The word in Hebrew for father is Abba. And I look to the sun and I look to my father in gratitude and for the flame of mirth, which they have bestowed on me and everyone here. [applause]

David: Thank you, __________. That was the most serious mirthful thing I've ever heard you say. [laughter]

Participant:  I have too much to say, but I'll try to keep it short. I was really tuning into __________'s experience because I've had this same experience with my grandchildren, that I was not allowed to give them any of the teachings until they were eighteen. And, of course, by eighteen they'd become fundamentalist Christians, et cetera. However, I did get to have the three older ones visit me. I have five grandchildren and five great grandchildren. I had the three oldest grandchildren come to visit me when I lived in Glastonbury. My daughter let them come out just for a visit, and I took them up into the Heart. The second oldest one, Naomi, made it very clear that she didn't believe anything about the messenger. So I said, “Well, that's fine. You don't have to.” And she has become such a spiritual being. She is a fundamentalist Christian, and she's also a doula, which is a person who supports pregnant women through the pregnancy and birth. And she also wants to become a midwife. She really has such a gift in this area. She has such a gift with children. I have much more in common with her now than I do with her mother, my daughter. We seem to have nothing in common, except she was a very spiritual child. She just went in a different direction from me.

And I wanted to mention about the father. My father's name was Elmore. His nickname was Bud. He has passed on now, but I definitely believe he's a disciple of the masters and he really did have the flame of El Morya. I grew up as Catholic and all that. He never got interested in the teachings; none of my family did. However, I really think that he had the flame of El Morya in his character and his beingness in the way he fathered all of us. Thank you. [applause]

Participant:  There's a sharing from __________ in Barcelona. She says, “I would like to thank all of you for this beautiful conference and to welcome these new souls who have come in, who are so beautiful, and they're entering straight into my heart. How beautiful to be able to be communing with you, even if it is at a distance, and to multiply the love in our hearts, forming a great antahkarana of light. May the Maxin light continue to shine on the Earth and in all of us. Thank you, masters, Buddhas, angels and all other beings. Thank you, David. Thank you, brothers and sisters. We will see you in Argentina. Victory!” [applause]

David:  Thank you. Gracias, __________. Gracias. Anybody else?

Participant:  This is from __________ in Argentina.  “I so long to see all of you. We are loving you here, dear ones, dear brothers and sisters. May God bless you immensely, and let us manifest each day more and more of our true, real Self in joy.” [applause]

David:  Thank you, __________. Anybody else? We'll go back to Gautama and Maitreya then.

            Gautama and Maitreya are buds. We just heard the nickname Bud, right? They're buds because they're both Buddhas and they're continually budding like the blossoms on the beautiful trees in the springtime, and like you, as a blossom of God. They have collaborated to bring joy to the world for a long time, along with Jesus. Remember, Gautama's keynote is Ode to Joy. And Maitreya's is The Laughing Buddha. And Jesus's keynote is Joy to the World. So if you really look at these three guys, who are key to the entire planet and its evolution and what's going on, you have to discern that there is a key, there's import in the flame of mirth, divine happiness, joy and laughing.

So the art of mirth— [David laughing] I just saw Maitreya as this tiny, little, wee Buddha. He was so tiny, he was walking and tickling all of your feet. [David continues laughing.] And now he's climbing up your legs and arms and tickling your necks. __________ and __________, you have to come in front of a microphone so we can hear your laughing. And _________, you have to tell one of your jokes so that __________ starts laughing and can't stop. [David and audience laugh.] I'm beside myself in laughter. Okay, now I'm over here. [Laughing continues.]

Participant:  Actually, I don't have to tell __________ any jokes; I just have to look at her. Gotta get closer to the microphone, __________. [laughter]

David:  Maitreya just went in your pocket, __________. Now he's a pocket Buddha. [laughter]

David:  So __________'s whole thing was about this phone call last night. So now you can pocket dial Gautama.

Participant:  All right. This business about letting go—_______ and I must still have something between us because we're sharing the same residence. We just can't shake each other. And actually, __________'s first pilgrimage with our organization was to Egypt, and we were partners. And she survived that initiation with our community. [Wife comments and continues laughing.]

David:  __________'s granddaughter had a vision of me as this fat Buddha. [laughter] And it's true. I keep morphing from this fat guy to something a little less plump. Okay, thank you.

Participant continues: My last word of advice [to his laughing wife], __________, lighten up! [laughter]

Participant:  Do we have time for one more story?

David:  Yes, as long as it's not more than twenty-two minutes.

Participant:  I have to tell a story about my father and __________. __________, if you knew her from The Summit, was a magnificent piano player. And she was at the Chicago Teaching Center for quite a while with me, and I always loved hearing her play. And Mother had said that she could be a concert pianist if she wanted to. Anyway, she came to my parent's house one night and I wanted her to play for my family, and she played all evening. It was wonderful. And then at the end my father pulled out this music of Liebestraum, which he had played all during my childhood. He kept playing this one song, and he never played the whole thing. And I learned later that he was just trying to learn it because it's a very complex piece. And he gave it to __________, who can play anything, and said, “Here, can you play this?” And she couldn't play it. So she borrowed the music to take home so she could learn it. It's very complicated. Even though it's a simple melody, it has lots of notes. If you look at the music, it's very complex. So I sort of got a kick out of that. And when I found out that Liebestraum is the ascension music, I thought my father must have been tuned into that. I never really told him, but now I'm telling him and I'm thanking him for playing that music during my whole childhood. I'm sure that was part of what drew me to the teachings.

David:  Thank you. Speaking of Liebestraum, I commissioned __________ to play that, and he prepared a recording of it and we have it. There are better renditions, yet to have a musician in our community that can actually play that music is phenomenal. Would you like to play it right now? It's one of the greatest meditation pieces of all time. It transports you right to Luxor. You feel like you are walking right into the ascension temple. It's magnificent. It was written by Franz Liszt, who of course is __________, who is the guy who painted that Buddha Nature Chart over there in this lifetime. And he painted the Divine Director up there. He painted El Morya over there. And he painted the cover on the booklet The Jewel Tree of Tibet—a beautiful image. We have many of his images on our website. So let's honor our beloved __________, the dad of our movement, really, and the elder brother on our planet, a very humble guy, who is also Nada's twin flame—we sang to Nada earlier. He's just the most humble, loving guy. He has no guile in his being. We saw him in Tucson at our winter solstice class. So those of you who were there may have met him if you didn't already know him. So let's play Liebestraum. This is __________'s version.

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