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Jesus      June 19, 2016

Beloved Jesus

David Christopher Lewis

June 20, 2016   12:32–12:36 pm MDT
Maitreya Initiates Disciples in the Arts of Mindfulness, Meditation and Mirth: The Buddha of Loving-Kindness Teaches on the Aquarian Path of Love

2016 Summer Solstice Meru University Event

Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart

Livingston, Montana

Jesus's Abundance Blessing

Beloved I AM God Presence of all life, I, Jesus, now place my hands over your hands, devotees of light; your hearts, devotees of love; your minds, devotees of wisdom. And through this infusion of my love through you, there will be the multiplication of what you give by a certain factor of divine alchemy, which will bring to you and to your loved ones, your families, your communities greater light-energy from heaven.

For I am releasing from the Holy City now a stream of cosmic energy through this offering and through this blessing. And you will benefit greatly by your givingness, by the alchemy of your gratitude, made physical through what you offer to heaven through this dispensation, sponsored by me and many other ascended masters.

This dispensation is real; this dispensation is vital. And the energy that you impress within your giving shall be recorded in akasha and serve you well when you stand before the Karmic Board at the conclusion of this life and affirm and reaffirm what you have done to support the work of the ascended masters upon this Earth.

Every dollar that you give means much to our cause. Every sacrifice that you make is essential for the victory of the light. And I, Jesus, am here to affirm and reaffirm that which you offer, by God's grace, as more than the widow's mite. It is truly a fountain of light that will enrich many in decades and even centuries to come through these teachings, these HeartStreams, these messages of love.

Thank you, blessed ones, for hearing the call and answering today. I thank you.

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