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David Lewis      June 19, 2016

David Christopher Lewis Discourse
June 19, 2016   9:30–9:38 am MDT
2016 Summer Solstice Meru University Event
Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart
Livingston, Montana

The Jewel Tree of Tibet Ritual

Giving this ritual is very interesting, and it places us in a state where we can enter Buddhic mindfulness at a very high frequency. Just saying these words is quite an initiation because there are so many concepts, and if we are not really Buddhists and have not been trained in Buddhic practices for decades, we may not fully comprehend it all, yet that's okay. By simply giving the ritual, our Higher Self, our Buddha nature is responding to what we are speaking and drawing forth great light-energy through all of these symbols, words and cosmic suggestions. And the Buddhas that we are asking to bless us and to whom we give this mentor devotion appear before us in space and respond with their light rays, their energies, their peace, their love, their wisdom, their higher truths, and they themselves are blessing all of life on the Earth for whom we are praying.

So even if you feel a little out of step with all of these phrases and words in terms of your normal spiritual practices, by giving this ritual periodically you draw forth great, great golden light to the Earth where you live, move and have your being and wherever you engage in this ritual. And the alchemy that I'm seeing manifesting is that we are bringing this magic of Buddhahood to the Earth.

Most people, even if they have a college degree, probably have never said many of these words. They really are insightful and speak of the depth and the spiritual heights of Buddhist teachings and of what has been shared down through the centuries through the lamas, through the mystical teachings of the East, both through the Tibetan tradition and other streams and lineages.

I think many of us in The Hearts Center movement have been a part of one or more of these lineages in past lives and we feel a resonance with the Buddhist teachings because they are universal. They are enlightening and they do bring us to a state of mindfulness and of having the many lotuses within our crown chakra fully illumined—those buds that you see in the crown of the Buddha. All of those buds are activated and expressing these light rays of enlightenment.

Many of you have studied the Buddhist teachings through various traditions more than I have in this life. I think that many of us, having studied them in the past, still carry them within our causal body and can access these higher truths and these essences in our meditation practice. And sometimes, almost automatically or magically, these essences are flowing through our Higher Mind, the universal mind of the Christ and the Buddha, and they are benefiting sentient beings.

All of this wisdom teaching will one day displace the unreality and the false teachings that have been perpetrated around the world over time through the perversions of various religions and through orthodoxy, whereby the original teachings have either been mistranslated, misrepresented or misunderstood by the devotees. And these religions have become so tragically caught in a box of orthodoxy that they no longer carry the living essence and life energy of the original prophet, avatar, teacher, master or God-man or God-woman.

What Robert Thurman has done is absolutely phenomenal in terms of how he has brought these concepts to the West in such a descriptive, energetic and powerful way. And I have to give this man credit for being able to translate all of this from Tibetan. And this is only one small portion of this book that he has written and translated from Tibetan. So you can imagine what a scholar he truly is and how he was able to really capture the deeper essences of this Jewel Tree of Tibet teaching and understanding. It really makes me desire to get to know him more, to go to New York to Columbia University and sit at his feet and listen to him. I did interview him during one of our radio shows. And the masters would like us to play part of that right now as part of this broadcast. Can you access that radio program?|

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