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Buddha of the Maxin Light      June 19, 2016

Beloved Buddha of the Maxin Light

David Christopher Lewis

June 19, 2016   8:30–8:36 am MDT
Maitreya Initiates Disciples in the Arts of Mindfulness, Meditation and Mirth: The Buddha of Loving-Kindness Teaches on the Aquarian Path of Love

2016 Summer Solstice Meru Uuniversity Event

Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart

Livingston, Montana

Expect the Most Awesome Manifestations of God within Your World
and It Shall Be So by the Fiery Nature That You Manifest as Godly Beings

I AM the Buddha of the Maxin Light, and I alight here in your midst because you have drawn forth my Presence through your deep focus on your inner being and that which within you is God's replica of the eternal Maxin light in the Great Central Sun.

I hold the field of that sacred essence on behalf of Earth and her evolutions. And now, having my name, you may call to me any time you desire to have the amplification of your own threefold flame and a new, radiant stream of beingness, which you may perfume throughout the cosmos, as you did this day, to bless life, to charge the atmosphere with God's eternal wellspring of fire. And in this alchemy of beingness, you too are graced with that eternal essence of God-good.

Blessed ones, I work with Gautama Buddha. I work with the Buddha of the Ruby Ray as he maintains his vigil within the center of the Earth. And I too often commune with this great being to make suggestions on how the radiance that he himself expresses may be expanded by the eternal light in the Great Central Sun. It is I who also fans that flame within every retreat of the Universal Great White Brotherhood. For there is that focus of light within each one, representative of that God-essence that every master, every divine being enjoys and honors as that light-energy field that is life itself, that is the Spirit Most Holy manifest as eternal fire.

That fire is within you, and you may choose this day and every day to experience the radiance of that light within your world, within your being, within your life and to fan that flame again and again until you are consumed and only God resides where you are. Conceive and reconceive of your purpose within the context of eternal fire. For as fiery beings, your destiny is eternality as a spirit-spark of the One Eternal God.

It is my privilege to serve you as you serve others, to savor the light within you as you savor the light of God within all life-forms and essences. Cosmic expectations bring divine revelations and new initiations in light and fire. Therefore expect the best, the brightest, the most awesome manifestations of God within your world and within you, and it shall be so by that fiery nature that you manifest as godly beings—true mystics, magic magicians and masters of divine, fiery alchemy.

Thank you, blessed hearts, for the vigil that you will choose to keep with Gautama this day and every day as you keep that flame fully manifesting and charged with cosmic reality within you. I thank you.

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